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they definitely had b sunglasses ray ban cheap looming problems. They only delivered peak power on target for the first few thousandths of a second. Then it started blooming out on them. Their average power delivery was between seven and nine megawatts. And it looks like they had an aiming problem on top of the blooming. Either the mounts arent shock-mounted properly or they cant correc sunglasses ray ban cheap t for the earths rotational jitter. Or maybe both. Whatever the actual reason, they have trouble aiming more accurately than three seconds of arc. That means theyre only going to accurate plus or minus two hundred forty meters for a geostationary satelliteof course, those targets are pretty stationary, and the movement factor could count either way. Hows that? Ryan asked. Well, on one hand, if youre hitting a moving target and low-

that Misha could have done it asleep. After undressing, he got his towels, and slippers, and birch branches, and moved off to the steam room. He was earlier than usual. Most of the regulars hadnt shown up yet. So much the better. He increased the flow of water onto the firebricks and sat down to allow his pounding head to clear. Three others were scattered about the room. He recognized two of them, but they werent acquaintances, sunglasses ray ban cheap and none seemed in the mood to talk. That was fine with Misha. The mere act of moving hi sunglasses ray ban cheap s jaw hurt, and the aspirin were slow today. Inside, the routine was so fixed that Misha could have done it asleep. After undressing, he got his towels, and slippers, and birch branches, and moved off to the steam room. He was earlier than usual. Most of the regulars hadnt shown

around the residential blocks in this part of Moscow, the three agents assigned to keep an eye on him lost visual contact with him no less than five times. The sparse trees they might hide sunglasses ray ban cheap behind were bare of leaves, and the apartment buildings stood like tombstones on flat, open land. In any of those five times, Bondarenko might sunglasses ray ban cheap have stopped to retrieve something from a dead-drop or could have made one himself. It was more than frustrating, and added to this was the fact that this Soviet Army Colonel had a service record that was as immaculate as a field of freshly fallen snow: exactly the cover that any spy would contrive to acquire for himself, of course. They spotted him again turning the corner for home, his legs pumping vigorously, his breath marked in the air behind him as small

taught to walk a very different path . . . He looked around. Some of his men had sent their families to this place of safety. The refugee camp was crowded and noisy, but a far happier place than the deserted villages and towns bombed flat by the Russians. There were children here, the Archer saw, and children were happy anywhere they had their parents, and food, and friends. The boys were already playing with toy guns?an sunglasses ray ban cheap d with the older ones, they were not toys. He accepted that with a degree of regret that diminished on every trip. The losses among the mudjaheddin demanded replacements, and the youngest were the bravest. If freedom required their deaths?well , their deaths came in a holy cause and Allah was beneficent to those who died for Him. The world w sunglasses ray ban cheap as indeed a sad place, but at

Cassius for three years. Peter Hendersons data had always checked out. Theyd used him to track down and arrest a colonel in Strategic Rocket Forces whod been working for CIA, had gotten priceless strategic and political intelligence, and even inside American analysis of that Red October business of the previousno, it was two years now, wasnt it, right before Senator Donaldson had retiredand now that he worked in the GA sunglasses ray ban cheap O, he had the best of all possible worlds: direct access to classified defense data and all his political contacts on the Hill. Cassius had told them some time before that Ryan was under investigation. At the time it had been merely a tidbit, no one had taken it seriously. The Americans were always investigating sunglasses ray ban cheap one another. It was their national sport. Then a second time hed

validating the system architecture, they had also received priceless empir sunglasses ray ban cheap ical data on the actual functioning characteristics of the hardware. As a result they could simulate real exercises on the ground with near-absolute confidence in the theoretical results. Gregory was rolling a ballpoint pen between his hands as the data came up on the video-display terminal. Hed jus sunglasses ray ban cheap t stopped chewing on it for fear of getting a mouth full of ink. Okay, theres the last shot, an engineer observed. Here comes the score . . . Wow! Gregory exclaimed. Ninety-six out of a hundred! Whats the cycle time? Point zero-one-six, a software expert replied. Thats point zero-zero-four under nominalwe can double-check every aim-command while the laser cycles Page 275 And that increases the Pk thirty percent all by

of a police shooting. The federal involvement was to be kept secret, and if it broke, the word would be that an international drug-trafficker was on the loose and that federal assistance had been requested. TheOklahoma authorities were told to tell any inquiring journalist that theyd merely provided identification help to a fellow police force. Meanwhile, the FBI took over the case, and federal assets began to flood the area. Citizens P sunglasses ray ban cheap age 311 were told that nearby military bases were conducting routine exercisesspecial search-and-rescue drillswhich explained the abnormal helicopter activity. People at Project Tea Clipper were briefed on what had happened and told to keep this secret as close as all of the others.were told that nearby sunglasses ray ban cheap military bases were conducting routine exercisesspecial

present kept to themselves. An attendant took their hats and coats while another walked them to a couch, where a third asked if they wanted anything to eat or drink. Both ordered coffee and nothing more. The lounge staff eyed their clothing with envy. The cloak-room attendant ran her hands over the silky texture of their furs, and it struck her that her ancestors might have looked upon the czarist nobility with the same degree of envy that she felt toward these two. They sat in regal isolation, with only the distant company of their bodyguards as they sipped at their coffee and gazed out the plate-glass windows at the parked airliners.the lounge reserved for the vlasti . It wa sunglasses ray ban cheap s staffed by more people than ever seemed to use the facility at any on sunglasses ray ban cheap e time, and this morning the only others