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they want. Well, there are ways to protect them . . . Ryan felt a little left out. His sale on ray ban sunglasses education was in history and economics, and he hadnt quite learned the language of the physical sciences yet. Three years, General Parks breathed as he poured some coffee. At least three years ahead of us. Only in power throughput, Graham said. Jack looked from one to another, sale on ray ban sunglasses knowing the significance of what they were worried about, but not its substance. Gregory came back in twenty minutes. I make their peak power output something between twenty-five and thirty million watts, he announced. If we assume six lasers in the transmission assembly, thatswell, thats enough, isnt it? Its just a matter of racking enough of them together and directing them at a single target. Thats the bad news. The good news is,

with good humor. The driver even looked like his Corporal Romanov. How would you like to be an officer someday? Thank you, Comrade Colonel, but I wish to return to the university to study. My father is a chemical engineer and plan to follow him. He is a lucky man, then, Sergeant. Lets get moving. The car pulled up to the proper building in ten minutes. The sergeant let his Colonel out, then parked in the reserved spaces from which he could see the doors. He lit a cigarette and opened a b sale on ray ban sunglasses ook. This was very good duty, better than tromping around in the mud with a motor-rifle company. He checked his watch. Old Misha wouldnt be back for nearly an hour. Poor old bastard, sale on ray ban sunglasses he thought, to be so lonely. What miserable luck that a hero should come to this. Page 122 Inside, the routine was so fixed

friend inMoscowcan deliver. like the man. I hope our friend inMoscowcan deliver. Success and Failure ONEof the problems with surveillance of any individual is that one must determine how he or she spends an ordinary day before one can establish what resources are needed for the operation. The more solitary the person or the activity, the harder it generally is to keep a covert eye on him. Already, for example, the KGB officers trailing Colonel Bondarenko hated him thoroughly. His daily jogging routine was an ideal activity for a spy, they all thought. He ran about entirely alone on city streets that were largely vacantvacant enough that everyone out at that ti sale on ray ban sunglasses me was undoubtedly know sale on ray ban sunglasses n to him by sight, and vacant enough that he would immediately notice anything out of the ordinary. As he ran

parents, and food, and friends. The boys were already playing with toy guns?and with the older ones, they were not toys. He accepted that with a degree of regret that diminished on every trip. The losses among the mudjaheddin demanded replacements, and the youngest were the bravest. If freedom required their deaths?well , their deaths came in a holy cause and Allah was beneficent to those who died for H sale on ray ban sunglasses im. The world was indeed a sale on ray ban sunglasses sad place, but at least here a man could find a time for amusement and rest. He watched one of his riflemen helping his firstborn to walk. The baby could not do it alone, but with each tottering step he looked up at the smiling, breaded face of a father hed seen only twice since birth. The new chief of the band remembered doing the same for his son . . . now being

Thats how far up the chain he isif its a he, but it probably is. How do I know youll keep your word? In the intelligence business one must keep ones promises, Platonov assured him. Then tell your Chairman that I want to meet him if he can arrange it. Man to man. No bullshit. The Chairman? The Chairman doesnt Page 237 Then Ill mak sale on ray ban sunglasses e my own legal arrangements and take my chances. Im not going to jail for treason either, if I can help it. sale on ray ban sunglasses Thats the deal, Comrade Platonov, Jack concluded. Have a nice drive home. Then Ill make my own legal arrangements and take my chances. Im not going to jail for treason either, if I can help it. Thats the deal, Comrade Platonov, Jack concluded. Have a nice drive home. And he had his own decision to make. Was Ryan genuine? Cassius said so. He had run Agent

question did not exist was not pertinent to the test. The ground mirror did, and it responded to instructions from the computer, sending the imaginary laser beam to the relay mirror eight hundred kilometers overhead. This mirror, so recently carried by the space shuttle and actually in California, received its own instructions and altered its configuration accordingly, relaying the laser beam to the battle mirror. This mirror wa sale on ray ban sunglasses s at the Lockheed factory rather than in orbit, and received its instructions via landline. At all three mirrors a pr sale on ray ban sunglasses ecise record was kept of the ever-changing focal-length and azimuth settings. This information was sent to the score-keeping computer at Tea Clipper Control. There had been several purposes to the test that Ryan had observed a few weeks before. In

rul sale on ray ban sunglasses es , damn it! When you get down to it, theres only one rule, doc: Win. Does U sale on ray ban sunglasses SIA still have that global TV operation going? Worldnet, you mean? Sure. Its a hell of a program. If we dont get him back, I will personally break the Red October story world-wide, and fuck the consequences! Ryan swore. If it costs my career, Ill do it. Red October? Candela had no idea what he was talking about. Trust me, its a good one. Tell your KGB friendshell, it might even work. Even if it doesnt, Ryan said, more in control now. Its your fault, Jack , he told himself again. Candela agreed; Jack could see it. The funny part, the state police thought, was that the press wasnt given the real meat of the case. As soon as the FBI team arrived, the rules were established. For the moment, this was a simple case

it.Clarkgrinned. Im not cleared for that myself. If it makes you feel any better, yeah, Im scared, to sale on ray ban sunglasses o, but this is what they pay me for. But if You get the hell out of here. I have the authority to give you that order, Captain, remember? It hasnt happened yet. Dont worry about it. I do enough worrying for the both of us. sale on ray ban sunglasses 25. Convergence MARIAand Katryn Gerasimov always got the sort of VIP treatment that they deserved as the immediate family of a Politburo member. A KGB car took them from their guarded eight-room apartment on Kutuzovskiy Prospekt to VnukovoAirport, which was used mainly for domestic flights, where they waited in Page 350 the lounge reserved for the vlasti . It was staffed by more people than ever seemed to use the facility at any one time, and this morning the only others