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inCuba, where they would be placed on an Aeroflot flight direct toMoscow. 7. Page 91 Catalysts Catalysts Comrade, Bright Star may be the most important program in theSoviet Union, Bondarenko said with conviction. He handed over forty handwritten pages. Here is the first draft of my report. I did that on the airplane. Ill have a pro ray ban wholesale per copy typed today, but I thought that youd You thought correctly. I understand that they ran a test . . . Thirty-six hours ago. I saw the ray ban wholesale test, and I was allowed to inspect much of the equipment both before and after. I was profoundly impressed with the installation and the people who run it. If I may be permitted, General Pokryshkin is an outstanding officer, and the perfect man for that post. He is decidedly not a careerist, but rather a progressive officer

and ray ban wholesale moved out of the station as quickly as anyone else in the crowd. For his part, Foley didnt even look out of the trains windows.. It was nearly inhuman but he managed it, fearing above all that he might endanger his cutout.then dumping it in the nearest trash receptacle. That had happened twice before that he knew of, and in both cases the cutout had gotten away cleanly. Theyr ray ban wholesale e trained how , Foley told himself. They know how. C ARDINALwould be warned, and another film would be made, and . . . but this had never happened on Foleys watch, and it took all of his discipline to keep his face impassive. The courier didnt move at all. He got off at the next stop anyway. Hed done nothing unusual, nothing that didnt appear normal. He would say that hed found this funny little thing with the was

explained why, and it is hard to ray ban wholesale fault his reasons. Is anything being done about it? Gerasimov asked. The officer who was sent out to discuss the matter was killed in a plane crash inAfghanistan. Another officer will be sent out shortly, they tell me. The bath attendant? We are still looking for him. No results as yet. Everything is covered: airports, train stations, everything. If anything breaks, Ill report to you immediately. Very well. Dismissed, Colonel. Gerasimov went back to the papers on his desk. The Chairman of the Committee ray ban wholesale for State Security allowed himself a smile after Vatutin left. He was amazed at how well things were going. The masterstroke was the Vaneyeva matter. It wasnt often that you Page 164 uncovered a spy ring inMoscow, and when you did so, the congratulations were

range and course of the Soviet frigate. There wasnt much activity on the surface. The other three sonar contacts plotted were all single-screw merchantmen. Though the weather was decent today, theBaltic Seaan oversized lake to Mancusos way o ray ban wholesale f Page 202 thinkingwas rarely a nice place in the winter. Intelligence reports said that ray ban wholesale most of the oppositions ships were tied alongside for repairs. That was good news. Better still, there wasnt much in the way of ice. A really cold season could freeze things solid, and that would put a crimp in their mission, the Captain thought.thinkingwas rarely a nice place in the winter. Intelligence reports said that most of the oppositions ships were tied alongside for repairs. That was good news. Better still, there wasnt much in the way of ice. A really cold

assure the West that his policies will continueI can even live with the arms agreement if you insist. Alexandrov paused. It does make sense to avoid alarming them undul ray ban wholesale y. All that concerns me is the primacy of the Party. Naturally. Gerasimov knew what was to follow, and leaned back to hear it yet again. If we dont stop Narmonov, the Party is doomed! The fool, casting away all we have worked for. Without the leadership of the Party, a German would be living in this house! Wi ray ban wholesale thout Stalin to put steel in the peoples backbone, where would we be, and Narmonov condemns our greatest heroafter Lenin, the academician added quickly. This country needs a strong hand, one strong hand, not a thousand little ones! Our people understand that. Our people want that. Gerasimov nodded agreement, wondering

son would be raised in the alien, infidel ways of the Russians, and all he could do was pray that Allah would come to his son before it was too late. To steal children, surely that was the most heinous of all crimes. To rob them of their parents and their faith . . . well, there was no need to dwell on that. Every one of his men had reason enough to hate the Russia ray ban wholesale ns. Families killed or scattered, homes bombed. His m ray ban wholesale en did not know that this was the usual business of modern war. As primitives, they felt that battles were affairs for warriors alone. Their leader knew that this had stopped being true long before any of them was born. He didnt understand why the civilized nations of the world had changed this sensible rule but he only needed to know that it was. With this knowledge had come

the main thug agency of a country that allowed itself to be controlled by thugs. He knew that it was a simplistic, dangerous ray ban wholesale way to think, but he was not a field officer, though he was now acting like one, and hadnt yet learned that the world which he ordinarily viewed from the air-conditioned safety of his desk on CIAs seventh floor was not so well defined as his reports about it. Hed expected that Gerasimov would cave in to his demand after taking time to evaluate his position, of course, but still cave in. It hit him that hed t ray ban wholesale hought like a chess master because thats how hed expected the KGB Chairman to think, only to be confronted with a man who was willing to throw the diceas Americans were wont to do. The irony should have been entertaining, Jack told himself in the marble lobby of

the American defensive systems? Alexandrov asked. What of them? Heads turned again, now to the KGB Chairman. Our efforts to penetrate the American Tea Clipper program continue. As you know, it corresponds very closely to our Project Bright Star, though it would se ray ban wholesale em that we are further along in the most important areas, Gerasimov said, without looking up from his scratch pad. We cut our missile force in half while the Americans learn to shoot our missiles down, Alexandrov groused. And they will cut their force in half while we work to the same end, Narmonov went on. Mikhail Petrovich, weve been working along these lines for over thirty years, and much harder than they have. We are also further along in testing, Yazov pointed out. A ray ban wholesale nd They know of it, Gerasimov said. He referred to the test