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orbit was slowly decaying, with a current perigeethe lowest point in its orbitof one hundred eighty kilometers. It was now approaching perigee, directly over Bright Star. Tracking cameras on line, one technician reported. The wall speakers filled the room with his voice. Cryogen flows nominal. Mirror tracking controls in automatic mode, reported the engineer sitting next to Morozov. Th ray ban wayfarers polarized e young engineer was on the edge of his swivel chair, eyes locked to a television screen that was as yet blank. Computer sequencing in aut ray ban wayfarers polarized omatic, a third said. Bondarenko sipped at his tea, trying and failing to calm himself. Hed always wanted to be present for a space rocket launch, but never been able to arrange it. This was the same sort of thing. The excitement was overpowering. All around him machines

technology we already have. Its just working out ray ban wayfarers polarized the nuts and bolts. Youre a very confident young man, Major, Allen said professorially. Yes, sir, I am. I think we can do it. Mr. Allen, our objective isnt all that different from yours. You want ray ban wayfarers polarized to get rid of the nukes, and so do we. Maybe we can help you, sir. Zing!Ryan thought with a hastily concealed smile. A discreet knock came at the door. The President checked his watch. I have to cut this one short. I have to go over some antidrug programs over lunch with the Attorney General. Thank you for your time. He took one last look at theDushanbephoto and stood. Everyone else did the same. They filed out by the side door, the one concealed in the white plaster walls. Nice going, kid, Ryan observed quietly to Gregory. Candi Long caught the car

embassy, where the canteen served beer. He made his report toLangley, then over the next five hours, sitting alone at a corner table he left only for refills, he got himself thoroughly and morosely drunk. Ed Foley could not allow himself tha ray ban wayfarers polarized t luxury. One of his couriers had disappeared three days earlier. Another had left her desk at GOSPLAN and returned two days later. Then, only this morning, his man in the dry-cleaners had called in sick. Hed sent a warning to the kid at the baths, but didnt know if it had gotten to him or not. This was not mere troub ray ban wayfarers polarized le in his CARDINALnetwork, it was a disaster. The whole point of using Svetlana Vaneyeva was her supposed immunity from KGBs more forceful measures, and hed depended on several days resistance from her to get his people moved. Warning

for the government which ruled her grandfathers land were completely framed by the murder of Nicholas II, his wife, and his five children. Intellect, she told herself in reflective moments, had very little ray ban wayfarers polarized to do with the way people feel.New York and remarried after ray ban wayfarers polarized establishing a small business. Hed lived to the ripe old age of ninety-seven, outliving even a second wife twenty years his junior, and Mary Pat never forgot his rambling stories. On entering college and majoring in history, she learned better, of course. She learned that the Romanovs were hopelessly inept, their court irredeemably corrupt. But one thing shed never forget was the way her grandfather wept when he got to the part about how Aleksey, a brave, determined young man, and his entire family had been shot like dogs by the

intended to give ray ban wayfarers polarized the D.C. elite a chance to meet him up close and personal and hear his sax in greater privacy. Actually, as with most power parties, it was really for the elite to see and be seen by one another, confirming their importance. As was true in most parts of the world, the elite felt the need to pay for the privilege. Jack understood the phenomenon, but felt that it made little sense. Byeleven oclockthe elite ofWashingtonhad proved that they could talk just as inanely about just as little, and get just as drunk, as anyone else in the world. Cathy had held herself to one glass of white wine, however; Jack had won the toss tonight: he could drink and she had to dr ray ban wayfarers polarized ive. Hed indulged himself tonight, despite a few warning looks from his wife, and was basking in a mellow,

make of that? I think shes a lesbian, Agent Jenn ray ban wayfarers polarized ings said after a moment. Nothing like that in her file, Peggy, Will Perkins observed. The way she looks at Dr. Long, the way she acts around Gregory . . . thats my gut feeling. But Yeah, but what the hell can we do about that? Margaret Jennings noted as she drove away. She toyed briefly with the idea of going after Taussig, but the day had been long enough already. No evidence, and if we got it, and acted on it, thered be hell to pay. You suppose the three of them . . . ? Will, youve been reading those magazines again.Jenningslaughed, breaking the ray ban wayfarers polarized spell for a moment. Perkins was a Mormon, and had never been seen to touch pornographic material. Those two are so much in love they dont have the first idea of whats going on around themexcept

continued on a different r ray ban wayfarers polarized oute, taking the road over the crest of the hill, where he was able to look down and see another highway. Perhaps if he went south on this one, it might connect with the road hed been on . . . It was worth a try, he thought. To his rig ray ban wayfarers polarized ht, Bill gave him a questioning look, but Lenny in the back was too busy with the prisoner to know that anything was badly wrong. As they picked up speed, at least the air through the windows allowed his eyes to clear. There was a traffic light at the bottom of the hill-but there was also a sign that saidNO LEFT TURN. Govno !Bob thought to himself as he turned right. This four-lane road was divided by a concrete barrier. You should have spent more time studying the map. You should have taken a few hours to drive around the area.But

was letting them use it. You know ray ban wayfarers polarized who I work for? I seem to recall youre one of t ray ban wayfarers polarized he intel guys, but Im just your driver, remember? I leave the important stuff to the folks in soft clothes, the Colonel said. Not anymore. I have a job for you. What do you mean, a job? Youll love it. Jack was wrong. He didnt. It was hard to keep his mind on his official job. Part of that was the mind-numbing boredom of the negotiating process, but the largest part was the heady wine of his unofficial job, and his mind was locked on that while he fiddled with his earpiece to get all of the simultaneous translation of the Soviet negotiators second rendition of his current speech. The hint of the previous day, that on-site inspections would be more limited than previously agreed, was gone now. Instead they were