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thought about that one and nodded approval. The aircraft and crew were new enough that everyone needed the practice. The camera system was put in the MTI-mode. A computer that registered all the energy sources the telescope found began to search only for targets that were moving. The technicians on the screens watched as the Moving-Target Indicator rapidly eliminated the stars and began to find a few low-altitude satellites and fragments of orbiting space junk. The camera system was sensitive enough to detect the heat of a human body ray ban wayfarer rubber black at a range of one thousand miles, and soon they had their choice of targets. The camera locked on them one by one and made its photographic images in digital code on computer tape. Though mainly a practice drill, thi ray ban wayfarer rubber black s data would automatically be forwarded to

West, but so far they dont have that. Until they do, they cant use the ground-based laser as we have, that is, relaying the ray ban wayfarer rubber black beam by orbiting mirror to a distant target. But what they have now can probably do great damage to a satellite in low-earth orbit. There are ways to protect satellites against that, of course, ray ban wayfarer rubber black but its the old battle between heavier armor and heavier warheads. The warhead usually wins in the end. You cant stop progress, Parks observed. Alien snorted. Progress? Hell, we have a draft treaty on the table now to reduce weapons by half. Thats progress, General. In the test you just ran over theSouth Atlantic, you missed with half your shotsI can take out as many missiles as you can. Ryan thought the General might come off his chair at that one, but instead he adopted his

despairing moan, wondering if she had imagined the voice, wondering if it was only getting worse . . . or might there be some hope . . . ? Svetlana . . .Slightly more than a whisper, enough to detect emotional content. The voice was so sad, so disappointed. Svetlana, what have you done? I didnt, I didnt she sputtered, an ray ban wayfarer rubber black d still could not hear her own voice as she called out from the grave. She was rewarded with renewed silence. After what seemed an hour ray ban wayfarer rubber black she screamed: Please, please come back to me! Svetlana, the voice repeated finally, what have you done . . . ? Im sorry . . . she repeated in a voice choked with tears. What have you done? it asked again. What about the film ... ? Yes! she answered, and in moments she told all. Time eleven hours, forty-one minutes. The exercise is concluded.

established no correlation between his death and the movement of foreigners. He was carrying nothing incriminating except some false papers that looked amateurishly done, but probably good enough for the Page 187 outlying republics. If he was murdered by CIA, it was a remarkably complete job. No loose ends. None.outlying republics. If he was murdered by CIA, it was a remarkably complete job. No loose ends. None. The Altunin case is a dead end, the Major answered. There are still a half-dozen things that we have to check out, but none has the least promise of an important break. He paused for a moment. Comrade . . . Go on. I believe this was a coincidence. I think Altunin was the victim of a simp ray ban wayfarer rubber black le murder, that he tried to get ray ban wayfarer rubber black aboard the wrong railcar at the wrong time. I have no evidence

looked at,Mooresaid. Well, the technical matters can sort themselves out. They generally do. The politica ray ban wayfarer rubber black l question, on the other hand, has created a bit of a bother with the PM. Theres trouble enough when we bring down a government that we wish to bring down, but to do so by accident . . . We dont like the consequences any more than you do, Basil, Greer noted. But theres not a hell of a lot we can do about it from this end. You can accept their treaty terms,Charlestonsuggested. Then our friend Narmonov would have his position sufficiently strengthened that he might be able to tell Alexandrov to bugger off. That, in any case, is the unofficial position of Her Majestys government. Page 227 And thats t ray ban wayfarer rubber black he real purpose of your visit to us, Sir Basil, Ryan thought. It was time to say something:

awake. That is easily done. So we should wake him up now and No. The doctor shook his head. Not in REM sleep What? Rapid Eye Movement sleepthats what its called when the patient is dreaming. You can always tell if the subject is in a dream by the eye movement, whether he talks or not. But we cant see that from here, another officer objected. Yes, perhaps we should redesign the observation system, the doctor mused. But that doesnt matter too much. D ray ban wayfarer rubber black uring REM sleep the body is effectively paralyzed. Youll notice that hes not moving now, correct? The mind does that to prevent injury to the body. When he starts moving ray ban wayfarer rubber black again, the dream is over. How long? Vatutin asked. We dont want him to get too rested. Depends on the subject, but I would not be overly concerned. Have the turnkey get a

country, where one could catch a plane toCuba, and from there a direct flight toMoscow. After that, this team of the First Chief Directorate would have a months rest. It would be good, Bob told himself, to see his family again. It was always lonely abroad. So lonely that once or twice hed been unfaithful to his wife, which was also a violation of standing orders. Though not a violation that many officers took seriously, it was something of which he wasnt proud. Perhaps he could get a new posting at the KGB Academy. He had the seniority now, and with a mission like this under his belt . . . Traffic started moving again. He was surprised to see the mini-vans blinkers go on. Two minutes later he ray ban wayfarer rubber black was horrified to see why. A jackknifed tractor-trailer blocked the entire road, ray ban wayfarer rubber black with the remains

wasnt here merely to kill Russians. He was here to hurt them in a way that the simple loss of soldiers could never do. But there was a mountain to climb, and he was now grossly behind schedule, and all the consolation anyone could offer was Allahs will. Where was Allah when the bombs fell on my wife and daughter? Where was Allah when they took my son away? Where was Allah when the Russians bombed our refugee ray ban wayfarer rubber black camp . . . ? Why must life be so cru ray ban wayfarer rubber black el? It is hard to wait, isnt it? the Major observed. Waiting is the hardest thing. The mind has nothing to occupy it, and the questions come. And your questions? When will the war end? There is talk . . . but there has been talk for years. I am tired of this war. You spent much of it on the other The Majors head snapped around. Do not say that. I