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pronounced himself satisfied with his systems, and placed everything on stan ray ban wayfarer optics dby. over a fixed point on theIndian Ocean. Its huge cassegrain -focus Schmidt telescope was permanently aimed at theSoviet Union, and its mission was to provide first warning that Russian missiles had been launched at theUnited States. Its data was downlinked viaAlice Springs,Australia, to various installations in theUnited States. Viewing conditions were excellent at the moment. Almost the entire visible hemisphere of the earth was in darkness, and the cold, wintry ground easily showed the smallest heat so ray ban wayfarer optics urce in precise definition. The technicians who monitored the DSPS inSunnyvale,California, routinely amused themselves by counting industrial facilities. There was the Lenin Steel Plant at Kazan, and there was

exact light frequency you generate. Then you can recycle the electrons back into the linear accelerator and shoot them back into the lasing cavity again. Since the electrons are already in a high-energy state, you gain a lot of power efficiency right there. The bottom line, sir, is that you can theoretically pump out forty percent of the energy you pump in. If you can achieve that reliably, you can kil ray ban wayfarer optics l anything you can seewhen we tal ray ban wayfarer optics k about high energy levels, sir, were speaking in relative terms. Compared to the electrical power that this country uses to cook food, the amount needed for a laser defense system is negligible. The trick is making it really work. We havent done that yet. Were still learning how to make the laser work, sir. The fundamental problem is in the lasing cavitythats

and no ray ban wayfarer optics w its efforts turned destructive. She wept without sound. The fear she felt now was worse than mere panic. At least panic was an escape, a denial of what she faced, a retreat into herself. But there was no longer a self that she could find. Shed watched that die, had been there when it happened. Svetlana was without a present, certainly without a fut ray ban wayfarer optics ure. All she had now was a past, and her imagination selected only the worst parts of that . . . Yes, were in the final stage now, the doctor said. He lifted the phone and ordered a pot of tea. This was easier than I expected. She fits the profile better than I realized. But she hasnt told us anything yet, Vatutin objected. She will. She watched all the sins of her life. That helped her to understand what was happening. This was the hell

Center. That wouldnt be so bad, he thought. On the other hand, if Gerasimov succeeded . . . head of Two perhaps? And that wouldnt be ver ray ban wayfarer optics y bad at all. And you actually believed that you could advance your career without becoming political.But that was no Page 186 longer an option. If he tried to get out, hed be disgraced. Vatutin was trapped, and knew it. The only way out was to do his job to the be ray ban wayfarer optics st of his ability.longer an option. If he tried to get out, hed be disgraced. Vatutin was trapped, and knew it. The only way out was to do his job to the best of his ability. But how the hell do we prove that? How do we even investigate it properly without the cooperation of the Defense Minister? That was the other rub. If he failed in his investigation, then Gerasimov would not look kindly upon

Hello, Arthur. Its not often I have a knight chauffeur me about, even in London. The head of SIS took a chair while Ryan summoned Moores department chiefs. Hi, Bas, Greer said on entering. Ritter just waved. It was ray ban wayfarer optics his operation that had triggered this crisis. Ryan took the least comfortable chair available. Id like to know exactly what went wrong, Charleston said simply, not even waiting for the coffee to be passed around. An agent got arrested. A very well-placed agent. Is that why the Foleys are flying out today? Charles smiled. I didnt know who they were, but when two people get ejected from that delightful country, we generally assume We dont know what went wrong yet, Ritter said. They should be landing ray ban wayfarer optics at Frankfurt right about now, then ten more hours till we have them here for the

serious indeed after the problems that had occurred earlier, but there was little evidence of activity on this Saturday morning. Jack walked to the proper door and knocked. He knew it was locked. Youre Ryan? Thats right. The door opened to admit him, then was closed and relocked. Grab a seat ray ban wayfarer optics . His name was Tony Candela. What gives? We have an op laid on. News to meyoure not operations, youre intelligence, Candela objected. Yeah, well, Ivan knows that, too. This ones going to be a little strange. Ryan explained for five minutes. A little strange, you say? Candela rolled his eyes. I need a keeper for part of it. I need some phone numbers I can call, and I may need wheels thatll be t ray ban wayfarer optics here when required. This could cost me some assets. We know that. Of course, if it works . . . Right. We can put

her skin crawl. She checked her mirror to make sure that Taussig was there. Ten minutes later Page 301 she pulled into a working-class neighborhood. All of the houses had driveways, but even here most families had more than one car, and the extra ones were parked on the street. She found a vacant spot by a corner and pulled over to it. Taussigs Datsun appeared beside the Chevy, and she left it there, just another car parked at the curb. When Taussig halted at the next stop sign ray ban wayfarer optics ray ban wayfarer optics , Bisyarina rolled down her window and tossed Gregorys keys into a sewer. With that ended what was the most dangerous part of the mission for her. Without being told, Taussig drove back toward the shopping mall, where Bisyarina would retrieve her Volvo.she pulled into a working-class neighborhood. All of the houses

Soviet Union only full Politburo members had the right to vote, and there were o ray ban wayfarer optics nly thirteen of thembut each man represented a collection of interests, and Narmonov was asking each of them to do things never before contemplated. In the final ray ban wayfarer optics analysis, power still counted for more than anything else, he told himself, and he could still count on Defense Minister Yazov. I think you will like it here, General Pokryshkin said as they walked the perimeter fence. The KGB guards saluted as they passed, and both men returned the halfhearted gestures. The dogs were gone now, and Gennady thought that a mistake, food problems or no. My wife will not, Bondarenko replied. Shes followed me from one camp to another for almost twenty years, and finally toMoscow. She likes it there. He turned to look