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programming. Wed thought that we could adjust the aiming process to eliminate bloomingwell, we didnt. Three years of theoretical work went into yesterdays test. My project. And it didnt work. He stared off at the horizon and frowned. T ray ban wayfarer gradient he operation on his sick child hadnt quite been successful but, the doctors said, th ray ban wayfarer gradient ere was still hope. So the increase in laser output came from this? Bondarenko asked. Yes. Two of our younger peoplehes only thirty-two and shes twenty-eightcame up with a way to increase the diameter of the lasing cavity. What we still need to do, however, is come up with better control of the wiggler magnets, Pokryshkin said. The Colonel nodded. The whole point of the free-electron laser that both sides were working on was that one could tune it much like a radio, choosing

Comrade . . . Filitov, Mikhail Semyonovich, Colonel of Tank Troops. I am Klementi Vladimirovich Vatutin, but I am no ones hero. It is a pleasure to meet you, Comrade. It is good for an old man to be shown respect. Vatutins father had served in the Kurs ray ban wayfarer gradient k Campaign, but as a political officer. Hed retired a colonel in the NKVD, and his son had followed in his footsteps, in the agency later redesignated KGB. Page 123 Twenty minutes later, the Colonel was off to his office, and the bath attendant had slipped out the rear door again and entered that of the dry-cleaners. The store manager had to be called from the machine room, where hed been oiling a pump. As a matter of simple security, the man who took the cassette from his hand was supposed to know neith ray ban wayfarer gradient er the mans name nor where he worked.

most foreigners, local weather was the great equalizer. If you lived through a Russian winter, you soon started dressing and acting like a Russian, even to the point of looking slightly downward when you walked. First the kids were dropped off at school. Mary Pat Foley drove normally, her eyes flicking back and forth to the mirror every three or four seconds. Driving here wasnt all that bad, compared to American cities. Although Russian drivers could do the mos ray ban wayfarer gradient t extraordinary things, the streets werent terribly crowded, and having ray ban wayfarer gradient learned to drive in New York City, she could handle nearly anything. As with commuters all over the world, she had a route composed of indirect shortcuts that avoided the handful of traffic bottlenecks and saved a few minutes each day at the cost of an extra

and felt wobbly when he stood. It seemed strange to see and feel noise, but not to hear it. Instinct alone flipped the safety off his rifle as he looked around for the next plane. There it was! The rifle came up and fired of its own accord, but made no difference. The next Fencer dropped its load a hundred meters farther on and raced away before a trail of black smoke. There were no more. The sounds came back slowly, and seemed distant, like the noises of a dream. But this was no dream. The place where his man and the baby had been was now a hole in the ground. There was ray ban wayfarer gradient no trace of the freedom fighter or his son, and the certainty that both now stood righteously before their God could not mask the blood-chilling rage that c ray ban wayfarer gradient oursed through his body. He remembered showing mercy to the

hed ever been there. The Archer was sure that they were winning. On announcing his mission to his subordinates, the reaction Page 238 could not have been better. Grim, amused smiles, sideways looks, nods. The most enthusiastic of all had been their new member, the former Major of the Afghan Army. In their tent, twenty kilometers inside Afghanistan, the plans had been put together in five tense hours.could not have been better. Grim, amused smiles, sideways looks, nods. The most enthusiastic of all had been their new member, the former Major of the Afghan Army. In their tent, twenty kilometers inside Afghanistan, the plans had been put together in five tense hours. The former A ray ban wayfarer gradient rmy officer recovere ray ban wayfarer gradient d maps and radio codes. He knew all the procedures that the Russians had so assiduously taught

Lets go get some coffee, Mancuso said to Ramius and Clark. He led them down one deck and to starboard into the wardroom. For all the times hed done things like this in the past four years, Mancuso was nervous. They were in less than two hundred feet of water, within sight of the Soviet coast. If detected and then ray ban wayfarer gradient localized by a Soviet ship, they would be attacked. It had happened before. Though no Western submarine had ever suffered actual damage, there was a first time for everything, especially if you started taking things for granted, the Captain of USS Dallas told himself. Two feet of ice was too much for the thin-hulled Grisha-class patrol boats to plow through, and their main antisubmarine weapon, ray ban wayfarer gradient a multiple rocket launcher called an RBU-6000, was useless over ice, but a Grisha could

attempt to save the life of our agent. It doesnt have to go any further than that, and such action is expected of intelligence services. They go to great lengths to protect their agents. So do we. Thats one of the rules of the game. Where does Gregory fit into the rules? Parks asked. What if they think we might have a chance of rescuing him? I dont ray ban wayfarer gradient know,Mooreadmitted. If Gerasimov succeeds in saving himself, hell probably get word to us that we forced him into it, hes sorry, and it wont happen again. Hed expect us to retaliate once or twice, but it would probably stop at that, because neither KGB nor CIA wants to ray ban wayfarer gradient start a war. To answer your question directly, General, my opinion is that they may have orders to eliminate the asset entirely. Page 312 You mean murder him? the President asked.

ond page of Komsomolskaya Pravda , the paper of the Young Communist League. Not that shed liked it, ray ban wayfarer gradient but the new rules inMoscowencouraged the children of the powerful at least to appear to be doing their fair share. It could have been worse. Shed returned from the ordeal with a new boyfriend, and her mother wondered if theyd been intimate, or had the young man been frightened off by the bodyguards and the knowledge of who Page 351 her father was? Or did he see her as a chance to enter the KGB? Or was he one of the new generation that simply didnt care? Her daughter was one of these. The Party was something you joined to secure your position, and her fathers post put her on ray ban wayfarer gradient the inside track for a comfortable job. She sat beside her mother in silence, reading a West German fashion magazine