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Science and Technology people, and I want you to see everything weve got on the Soviet project. Okay with you, sir? Jack asked Parks. The General nodded. Ryan and Gregory left together. It turned out that you needed a pass to get out of here, too. The guards had changed shifts, but looked at everyone just as seriously. On reaching the parkin ray ban usa shop g lot, the Major thought Jacks XJS was boss. Do they still say that? Jack asked himself. How does a Marine get to work for the Agency? Gregory as ray ban usa shop ked as he admired the interior leather. And where does he get the coin to afford this? They invited me. Before that, I taught history atAnnapolis. Nothing like being the famous Sir John Ryan. Well, I dont suppose they have me listed in any laser textbooks . . . Whered you go to school? Bachelors atBostonCollege,

hers. Whoever he was, he appreciated her slim figure. She knew that from his signal. In the crush of the crowded train, a hand hidden by a copy of Izvestia ran along her left buttock and stopped to squeeze gently. That was new, and she fought off the impulse to see his face. Might he be a good lover? She could use another one. Her former husband was such a . . . but, no. It was better this way, more poetic, more Russian, that a man whose face shed never know found her beautiful and desirable. She clasped the film cassette between her thumb and forefinger, waiting the next two minutes for the train to stop at Pushkinskaya. Her eyes were closed, and a millimeter of smile formed on ray ban usa shop her lips as she contemplated the identity and attributes of the cutout ray ban usa shop whose hand caressed her. It would have

he said curtly. A man came over and started photographing the pages of the diary as Vatutin Page 161 turned them. Somebodys tried to pick the door lock, a major reported. Scratches around the keyhole. If we dismantle the lock, I think well see scratches on the tumblers also. Somebodys probably been in here.turned them. Somebodys tried to pick the door lock, a major reported. Scratches around the keyhole. If we dismantle the lock, I think well see scratches ray ban usa shop on the tumblers also. Somebodys probably been in here. He could see it now. Colonel Filitov used personal diaries to sketch out official reports, Somehow, someone had learned this, and got into his flat to make ray ban usa shop copies of . . . But how likely is that?Vatutin asked himself. About as likely as a man who writes out his memories of official

TV camera said. Heading toward the bathroom. The next set of sounds was predictable. There were two television cameras whose powerful lenses were framed on the apartments two windows. Special settings allowed them to see into the apartment despite the glare of morning light. You know, doing this to someone is enough, a technician observed. If you showed anyone a tape of one of us right after waking, wed die of simple embarrassment. This ones death ray ban usa shop will be of another cause, the senior officer noted coldly. That was one pro ray ban usa shop blem with these investigations. You started identifying too closely with the subject, and had to remind yourself periodically just how loathsome traitors were. Where did you go wrong? the Major wondered. A man with your war record! He was already wondering how the case

thought you ray ban usa shop were a man with a future. I thought you were ready for advancement. Was I mistaken, Comrade Colonel? he inquired. My concern with this case is limited to exposing a traitor to the Motherland. It required all of Vatutins ray ban usa shop discipline not to flinch. I feel that I have already done this. We know that he has committed treason. We have the evidence Yazov will not accept it. Page 240 Counterintelligence is a KGB matter, not one for the Defense Ministry. Counterintelligence is a KGB matter, not one for the Defense Ministry. Gerasimov had hoped to score another intelligence coup today, but the FLASHreport fromAmericahad invalidated itworse still, Gerasimov had delivered the information a day before hed learned that it was valueless. Agent Livia was apologetic, the report said, but the

they knew that his power was well and truly gone. No, he said to himself, I will not endure that. To defect, then? To go from being one of the worlds most powerful men to becoming a hireling, a mendicant who traded what he knew for money and a comfortable life? Gerasimov accepted the fact that his life would become more comfortable in physical termsbut to lose his power! That was the issue, after all. Whether he left or stayed, to become just another man . . . that would be like death, wouldnt it? Well, what do you do now? He had to change his position, had to change the rules of the game, had to do something so dramatic . . . but what? The choice was between ray ban usa shop disgrace and defection? To lose every ray ban usa shop thing hed worked forwithin sight of his goaland face a choice like this? Page 278 TheSoviet

now showed streaks. Her clo ray ban usa shop thes were wrinkled and the paisley scarf was in the closet, wrapped around the same hanger that held her coat. But the most interesting thing about Taussig,Jennings thought from her chair, was her mental state. There was tenseness there. The bustling activity of the long night had alleviated it to some degree, but . . . there was more to it than just being helpful, the agent thought. She didnt say this to Perkins. Taussig didnt notice or care about what the agent thought. She looked out the window, expecting to see the sun rising for the second time since shed last slept, and wondered where all her energy was coming from. Maybe the coffee, she thought to herself with an inward s ray ban usa shop mile. It was always funny when you lied to yourself. She wondered at the danger that

Vatutin sensed the truth of that, but was inherently a more cautious man. He was a Two man, who looked for dangers, while ray ban usa shop Golovko, of the First Chief Directorate, looked for opportunities. A pity that the Party does not see the importance of rest for its guardians. Tir ray ban usa shop ed men make mistakes, Sergey Nikolayevich. Golovko contemplated his eggs for a moment, then lowered his voice even further. Klementi . . . let us assume for a moment I know that a senior KGB officer is meeting with a senior CIA officer. How senior? Higher than directorate head, Golovko replied, telling Vatutin exactly who it was without using a name or a title. Let us assume that I arrange the meetings, and that he tells me I do not need to know what the meetings are about. Finally, let us assume that this senior officer is