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yaw induced by the loss of portside power and pushed the nose down. That was a dangerous call, but he had to measure speed against altitude, and he decided that he needed speed most of all. The engineer reported that the left-side fuel tank was punctured, but it wa ray ban sunglasses s only a hundred kilometers toKabul. What came next was worse: Fire warning light on number one! Pull the bottle! Alread ray ban sunglasses y done! Everythings off. The pilot resisted the temptation to look around. He was only a hundred meters above the ground now, and couldnt allow anything to interfere with his concentration. His peripheral vision caught a flash of yellow-orange flame, but he shut it out. His eyes went from the horizon to his airspeed and altimeter and back again. Losing altitude, the copilot reported. Ten degrees more flaps, the

and the view outside the windows ma ray ban sunglasses tched the gloom that the Director and his two principal subordinates felt. Somebody was trailing cutout number four, Ritter said. The Deputy Director for Operations riffled through the papers in his hand. He spotted the tail just before the pass was made and waved the guy off. The tail probably didnt see his face, and took off after the cutout. Foley said he looked clumsythats pretty strange, but he went with his instincts, and Eds pretty good at that. He put an officer on the street ray ban sunglasses to catch the shake-off signal from our agent, but it wasnt put up. We have to assume that hes been burned, and we have to assume that the film is in their hands, too, until we can prove otherwise. Foley has broken the chain. CARDINALwill be notified never to use his pickup

semester till my masters. Im already getting nibbles from some contractors. And Im engaged. Jones pulled out his wallet and showed the Captain a photo. Her names Kim, and she w ray ban sunglasses orks in the library. Congratulations, Mr. Jones. Thanks, skipper. The Admiral said you really needed me. Kim understands. Her dads Army. So, whats up? Some kind of spec-op, and you couldnt make it without me, right? Special Operations was a euphemism that covered all sorts of things, most of which were dangerous. I dont know. They havent told me yet. Well, one more trip up north wouldnt be too bad, Jones observed. To be honest, I kind of missed it. Mancuso didnt think they were going there, but refrained from saying so. Jones went aft to get settled. Mancuso went into the engineers stateroom. Mr. Clark? ray ban sunglasses Yes, sir. Hed

heard the TV go on, and laughed into the mirror. Eddie loved the morning exer ray ban sunglasses cise showthe woman who appeared on it looked like a longshoreman, and he ca ray ban sunglasses lled her Workerwo mannnn ! Her son yearned for mornings of the TransformersMore than meets the eye! he still remembered the opening song. Eddie would miss his Russian friends some, she thought, but the kid was an American and nothing would ever change that. By seven-fifteen everyone was dressed and ready to go. Mary Pat tucked a wrapped parcel under her arm. Cleaning day, isnt it? Ed asked his wife. Ill be back in time to let her in, Mary Pat assured him. Okay. Ed opened the door and led the procession to the elevator. As usual, his family was the first one to get moving in the morning. Eddie raced forward and punched the elevator button.

the rezident to the Chairman. Platonov was more important than even CIA suspected. He was the rezident for Washington, the chief of station. When the dispatch arrived, it was brought directly to Gerasimovs office. His personal code clerk, a captain with impeccable credentials, was not called. The Chairman deciphered the first sentence himself, to learn that this was a mole warning. The KGB did not have a stock term for a traitor within its own ranks, but the higher ranks knew the Western word. The dispatch ray ban sunglasses was a lengthy one and took Gerasimov fully an hour to decode, cursing all the while at his clumsiness as h ray ban sunglasses e deciphered the random transpositions in the thirty-three-letter Russian alphabet. An agent-in-place inside KGB?Gerasimov wondered. How high? He summoned his personal secretary and

they are supposed to be. Men, therefore, fear Page 285 cowardice more than danger. They fear betraying their manhood, and their fellow soldiers. Misha nodded slightly. Vatutin pressed one of the buttons under the table. Filitov, you have betrayed your men. Cant you see that? Dont you understand that in giving defense secrets to the enemy, you have betrayed all the men who served with you?cowardice more than danger. They fear betraying their manhood, and their fellow soldiers. Misha nodded sl ray ban sunglasses ightly. Vatutin pressed one of the buttons under the table. Filitov, you hav ray ban sunglasses e betrayed your men. Cant you see that? Dont you understand that in giving defense secrets to the enemy, you have betrayed all the men who served with you? The door opened quietly. The young man who entered wore dirty, greasy

legendary combat soldier, hed been the bureaucrats eyepiece onto the world of actual war-fighting. What sort of man wasUstinov? the Colonel of Two asked. Brilliant, Filitov said at once. His administrative talents were unparalleled. His instincts for manufacturing processes, for example, were like nothing Ive seen before or since. He could smell a factory and tell if it was doing proper work or not. He could see five years in the future ray ban sunglasses and determine which weapons would be needed and which would not. His only weakness was ray ban sunglasses in understanding how they were actually used in combat, and as a result we fought occasionally when I tried to change things to make them easier to use. I mean, he looked for easier manufacturing methods to speed production while I looked at the ease with which the end

the details from Ernie, but off the record, pretty good. Not as good ray ban sunglasses as last ray ban sunglasses time, and theres a lot left to handle, but we settled a couple of tough ones, and thats about all we expected for this trip. Will the agreement go through in time for the summit? Paster inquired next. Off the record, Jack said immediately. The reporter nodded. Id call the chances better than two out of three. Hows the Agency feel about it? Were not supposed to be political, remember? From a technical point of view, the fifty-percent reduction is something I think we can live with. It doesnt really change anything, does it? But it is nice. I grant you that. How do you want me to quote this? Paster asked. Page 361 Call me a Very Junior Administration Official. Jack grinned. Fair enough? Uncle Ernie can speak on the