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in flight. The data collected would later be analyzed to determine the performance of the missile, and most particularly the accuracy of its warhea ray ban sunglasses usa d delivery, a matter of the greatest interest to Washington. As mission commander, the Colonel didnt have a great deal to do. His control board was a panel of colored lights that showed the status of various onboard systems. Since the AOA was a fairly new item in the inventory, everyt ray ban sunglasses usa hing aboard worked reasonably well. Today the only thing currently down was a backup data link, and a technician was working to put that back on line while the Colonel sipped his coffee. It was something of an effort for him to look interested while he had nothing in particular to do, but if he started looking bored, it would set a bad example for his people. He

quote me on that. Its about as exciting as watching paint dry, tedious as hell, but its important and it takes a special kind of mind to do it. Ernies a dry, crusty old bastard, but he knows how to get the job done. Page 108 General Parks says that he wants to shut us down. General Parks says that he wants to shut us down. As with TV studio sets, the Oval Office is smaller than most people expect. Ryan and Gregory were dir ray ban sunglasses usa ected to a small sofa along the north wall. Neither man sat down yet; the President was standing by his desk. Ryan noted that Gregory appe ray ban sunglasses usa ared a little pale now, and remembered his own first time here. Even White House insiders would occasionally admit to being intimidated by this room and the power it contained. Hello again, Jack! The President strode over to take his

into the second stage. Time one hour, six minutes. He turned to Vatutin. This is usually the long phase. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts with this subject. It seemed to Vatutin that the doctor was a child playing an elaborate, cruel game; as much as he wanted what this subject knew, part ray ban sunglasses usa of him was horrified ray ban sunglasses usa by what he watched. He wondered if it came from fear that one day it might be tried on him . . . Svetlana was limp. Tremors from the extended hours of terrors had exhausted her limbs. Her breaths now came in shallow pants, like a woman holding off the urge to deliver her child. Even her body had deserted her now, and her mind sought to escape its confines and explore on its own. It seemed to her consciousness that she separated from the useless sack of flesh, that her

lights onthe Danes had insisted on it. The rotating amber one above the masthead light marked her positively as a submarine. Aft, a seaman struck down the American flag and replaced it with a Danish one. Everybody look Scandinavian, Mancuso noted wryly. Ja-ja, Keptn , a junior officer chuckled in the darkness. It would be hard for him. He was black. Slow bearing change on our friend. He isnt altering course that I can tell, sir. Look Yeah, I see em. Two of the Dan ray ban sunglasses usa ish craft were racing forward to interpose themselves between the container ship andDallas. Mancuso thought that would help. All cats are gray at night, and a submarine on the surface looks like . . . a submarine on the surface, a black shape with a vertical sail. I think shes Danish, the Lieutenant observed. Yeah, I got t ray ban sunglasses usa he

underestimated the difficulty of intercepti ray ban sunglasses usa ng the inbound warheads. Using the SR-71 as the launch platform had been Parkss idea. Launching the drone from higher altitude, and with a higher initial speed, had made for a much faster reentry target. This test had actually made things slightly harder than was expected, and the FLAGE hadnt cared a bit. Parks had been a little worried about the missile-guidance software, but, as Gregory had noted, it worked. Al, Parks said, Im starting to think that this whole program ray ban sunglasses usa is going to work. Sure. Why not? If those Agency pukes can get us the plans for the Russian laser . . . Page 223 CARDINALsat alone in a bare cell, one and a half meters wide, two and a half meters long. There was a bare light bulb overhead, a wooden cot with a bucket underneath,

former. Well, he told himself, not many Pipers and Cessnas hereof course, there was that one Cessna . . . The aircraft was following air route G-24; the navigator in front had the Jeppesen chart partially unfolded on his table. Another difference between East and West was the dearth of flight routes in the former. Well, he told himself, not many Pipers and Cessnas hereof course, there was that one Cessna . . . Right, the pilotaircraft commanderresponded after a moment. He was tired. It had been a long days flying. They were already at Flight Level 38138,100 feet, or 11,600 m ray ban sunglasses usa eters as the Soviets preferred to call it. The pilot didnt like meters, even th ray ban sunglasses usa ough his instruments were calibrated both ways. After executing the turn, they flew for another sixty miles before crossing the Soviet

scientific intelligence specialist; the fact that his area of expertise was chemical engineering hadnt mattered to Moscow. The case called for a scientific specialist, and he was the closest. In the back, Major Gregory started to moan and move. The chop on his neck had been enough to stun, but not enough to produce any injury more serious than a blinding headache. They hadnt gone to all this trouble to ki ray ban sunglasses usa ll the man by accident, something that had happened before. For the same reason, he hadnt been drugged. An exercise much more dangerous than most people might think, it had once accidentally kille ray ban sunglasses usa d a Soviet defector whose mind, as a result, had never been picked by the people of the Second Chief Directorate. To Lenny he seemed much like an infant coming out of a long sleep. The smell of

more senior to you who do not have the vote, and we have been comrades too . . . long. What is troubling you? Narmonov asked cautiously. The pain in his col ray ban sunglasses usa leagues eyes was evident. They were scheduled to talk about the winter wheat crop, but AndreyIlych, I do not know how to begin. Vaneyev nearly choked on the words, and tears began to stream from his eyes. It is my daughter . . . He went on for ten fitful ray ban sunglasses usa minutes. And? Narmonov asked, when it seemed that hed finally stoppedbut as was obvious, there had to be more. There was. Alexandrov and Gerasimov, then. Narmonov leaned back in his chair and stared at the wall. It took great courage indeed for you to come to me with this, my friend. I cannot let themeven if it means my career, Andrey, I cannot let them stop you now. You have too many