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the Special National Intelligence Estimate. It reflects off an optical coating. For really ray ban sunglasses unisex precise applicationsan astronomical telescope, for examplewhats on the face of the mirror looks like a skim of gasoline on a puddle.room. And he, of course, was the one tapped to write the Special National Intelligence Estimate. It reflects off an optical coating. For really precise applicationsan astronomical telescope, for examplewhats on the face of the mirror looks like a skim of gasoline on a puddle. You use metal to keep the reflecting surface as cool as possible. Were trying to get away from it, as a matter of fact. Project ADAMANT: Accelerated Development of Advanced Materials and New Technologies Group. Were hoping the next mirror will be made out of diamond. W ray ban sunglasses unisex hat? Artificial diamond made

the Soviet economics planning ministry. It was inEnglandthat shed been recruited by the British Secret Intelligence Service. She was used in the CARDINALchain because the CIA didnt have all that many agents inRussiawho could be used, and she was carefully given jobs only in the center of the chain, never at either end. The data she herself gave the West was low-level economic information, and her occasional services as a courier were actually more useful than the information of which she was so proud. Her case officers never told her this, of course; every spy deems him- or herself to possess the most vital intelligence ever ray ban sunglasses unisex to make its way out. It made the game all the more interesting, and for all their ideological or other motivations, spies view their craft as the gr ray ban sunglasses unisex andest of all games,

years some security officer or other would get a bug up his ass and recheck everyone at the Ministry. CIA had noticed and broken up the courier chain. It was amusing, he thought, to see the look on that young mans fa ray ban sunglasses unisex ce in the corridor. So few people were left who knew what combat was like. People were so easy to frighten. Combat taught a man what to fear and what to ignore, Filitov told himself. Outside the steam room, a Two man was riffling through Filitovs c ray ban sunglasses unisex lothing. In the car, his briefcase was being searched. In each case, the job was done quickly and thoroughly. Vatutin himself supervised the search of Filitovs apartment. It was a job for experts whose hands were in surgical gloves, and they spent much of their time looking for telltales. It could be the odd scrap of paper, a crumb,

the unusual status of the subject, I believe we should attempt to compromise him at the time of document transfer. It would seem that the CIA knows that we have broken the courier chain from Filitov to them. They took the unusual step of using one of their own officers to make this transfer?and make no mistake, this was an act of desperation desp ray ban sunglasses unisex ite the skill with which it was done. I would like to expose the Foleys at the same time. They must be a proud pair for having deceived us this long. To catch them in the act will destroy that pride and be a major psychological blow to CIA as a whole. ray ban sunglasses unisex Approved. Gerasimov nodded. It is your case to run, Colonel. Take all the time you want. Both men knew that he meant less than a week. Thank you, Comrade Chairman. Vatutin returned at once to his

so many Russian soldiers. When dusk came, the Russians returned to their laagers and bunkers, he knew, leaving the streets to the Afghans, but even the setting sun did not make him feel secure. The checks were more perfunctory than he expected, and ray ban sunglasses unisex the Major talked his way through all of them, using travel documents and code words from the base camp so recently ray ban sunglasses unisex extinguished. More to the point, their route of travel kept them away from the most secure parts of the city. In less than two hours the city was behind them, and they rolled forward under the friendly darkness. They went until they began to run out of fuel. At this point the vehicles were rolled off the roads. A Westerner would have been surprised that the mudjaheddin were happy to leave their vehicles behind, even though it meant

manage its own in ray ban sunglasses unisex ternal securitybut Gerasimov had seized upon his report from Agent Cassius to convince the Politburo that the KGB alone could ensure the loyalty and security of the Soviet military. That had earned him resentment. Hed reported, again via Cassius, that Red October had been destroyed. Cassius had told KGB that Ryan was under criminal suspicion, and How could he explain t ray ban sunglasses unisex hat to the Politburo? One of his best agents had been doubledbut when? Theyd ask that, and he didnt know the answer; therefore all the reports received from Cassius would become suspect. Despite the fact that much good data had come from the agent, knowledge that hed been doubled at an unknown time tainted all of it. And that wrecked his vaunted insights into Western political thought. Hed wrongly reported

writing and hand it to the Director. Thank you. Good luck. The President replaced the phone. He says t ray ban sunglasses unisex hat theyve considered this possibility. He would. Jacobs nodded. Gus has a good imagination. Now the note, sir. The President took a small sheet of writing paper from his desk and made the order official. It wasnt until he was finished that he realized what hed done. This was not an intellectual exercise. Hed just handwritten a death warrant. It turned out to be a depressingly easy thing to do. General, are you satisfied? I hope the ray ban sunglasses unisex se people are as good as the Director says, was all Parks was willing to say. Judge, any repercussions from the other side? No, Mr. President. Our Soviet colleagues understand this sort of thing. Then thats it. And may God have mercy on my soul. No one had slept.

arched his eyebrows, partly in amusement, at the Americans, partly to show his not-quite classmate how important his cover was. Really? Vatutin was surprised. I would have thought that they were better informedat least . . . well . . . He shrugged to indicate that he couldnt go any further. I, too, have things that I cannot discuss, Sergey Nikolayevich. I suppose the Chairman is preoccupied by the Politbu ray ban sunglasses unisex ro meeting. The rumors Hes not ready yet, Vatutin said with the quiet confidence of an insider. Youre sure? Quite sure. Where do you stand? Golovko asked. Where do you stand? Vatutin replied. ray ban sunglasses unisex Both traded a look of amusement, but then Golovko turned serious. Narmonov needs a chance. The arms agreementif the diplomats ever get their thumbs out and execute itwill be a good thing for us. You