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All of the officers from Red October had enough money salted away that ray ban sunglasses stores theyd never need to work again. Well, I made a lot of money there, and then I decided to quit and do something else. That was a new thought for Captain Ramius. You are notwhat is word? Greed. You have no more greed? How much money does one man need? Ryan asked rhetorically. The Captain nodded thoughtfully. So, I have some questions for you. Ah, business. Marko laughed. This you ha ray ban sunglasses stores ve not forgotten! In your debriefing, you mentioned that you ran an exercise in which you fired a missile, and then a missile was fired at you. Yes, years agowas 1981 . . . April, yes, it was twenty April. I command Delta-class missile submarine, and we fire two rockets fromWhite Sea, one intoOkhotskSea, other at Sary Shagan. We test submarine

projecti ray ban sunglasses stores on systems, mated to the power of computers, were a quantum jump into a new strategic realm. A workable defense, Bondarenkos report told Colonel Filitov, was now a real possibility. And what did that mean? But no longer. Laser weapons and other high-energy-projection systems, mated to the power of computers, were a quantum jump into a new strategic realm. A workable defense, Bondarenkos report told Colonel Filitov, ray ban sunglasses stores was now a real possibility. And what did that mean? But there was more. Just as the scutum of the Roman legionnaire was seen by his barbarian opponent as a weapon that enabled him to stab with impunity, so today SDI could be seen as a shield from behind which an enemy could first launch his own disarming first strike, then use his defenses to reduce or even eliminate the

counterparts throughout the world the security officers held that people who spied on their homeland were defective in some fundamental way. For all their cunning, such traitors would sooner or later connive at their own destruction. And they were right, at least in this case. Svetlana came onto the station platform holding a bundle wrapped in brown ray ban sunglasses stores paper. The courier recognized her hair first of all. The style was ordinary, but there was something about the way she held her head, something intangible that made him point, only to have his hand yanked down. She turned and the KGB Colonel got a look at her face. The interrogator saw ray ban sunglasses stores that she was relaxed, more so than the other commuters who displayed the grim apathy of the Moscovite. His first impression was of someone who enjoyed life. That

expedient for this. A dead-drop was typically an object that looked like an ray ban sunglasses stores ordinary stone, or anything else common and harmless, hollowed out to hold the thing to be transferred. Bricks were especially favored inMoscow, as the city was mainly one of brick, many of which were loose due to the uniformly poor workmanship found here, but the variety of such devices was endless. On the other hand, the variety of ways to make a brush-pass was limited, and depended upon the sort of timing to be found in a wishbone backfield. Well, the Agency hadnt given him this job because it was ea ray ban sunglasses stores sy. He couldnt risk it again himself. Perhaps his wife could make the transfer . . . So, wheres the leak? Parks asked his security chief. It could be any one of a hundred or so people, the man answered, Thats good

treated her carefully. Nothing like a threatened pregnancy, Mary Pat told herself, as she broke yet another time-honored rule in the spy business: Dont say anything. She jabbered on, as would any outraged ray ban sunglasses stores private citizenwi ray ban sunglasses stores th the shield of diplomatic immunity, of courseat the rank stupidity of the Russians. She watched her interrogator closely for a reaction. If there was anything Russians hated, it was to be looked down on, and most of all by the Americans, to whom they had a terminal inferiority complex. I used to think the security people at the embassy were a pain, she huffed after a moment. Dont do this, dont do that, be careful taking pictures of things. I wasnt taking a picture, I was giving him a picture! And the kids in it are Russian kidsexcept for Eddie. She turned away, looking

things so damned inconvenient! For Moscow Center to order any immediate action automatically risked having his field officers cue the Americans as to who they were. As a result, few real immediate-action signals were ever sent out, and it offended the KGB Chairman that his Page 254 pe ray ban sunglasses stores rsonal power could be undone by something as prosaic as longitudinal lines.personal power could be undone by something as prosaic as longitudinal lines.Gerasimov tucked the report away in his desk. Well, the Chairman murmured to himself. He checked h ray ban sunglasses stores is watch. He had to be at the regular Thursday-morning Politburo meeting in two hours. How would it go? One thing he knew: it would be an interesting one. He planned to introduce a new variant on his gamethe Power Game. His daily operational briefing was always a

ere in, she got a small suitcase from her car and set it next to the two jerricans of water in ray ban sunglasses stores the nonfunctional bathroom.parking. The visibility question was both good and bad news. Scrub pines hid the trailer from view, but also allowed clandestine approach. Theyd have to post an outside guard. Well, you couldnt have everything. Shed driven in without lights, having carefully timed her arrival for a time when the nearest road was effectively deserted. From the back of her Volvo, she unloaded two bags of groceries. The trailer had no electricity, and all the food had to be nonperishable. That ray ban sunglasses stores meant the meat was plastic-wrapped sausage, and she had a dozen cans of sardines. Russians love them. Once the groceries were in, she got a small suitcase from her car and set it next to the two

tell that people were talking, he couldnt make out a single word. This should be big enough, Captain Bisyarina told Leonid. I have two of these and three of the smaller ones. Well use these to stack on top. What are we shipping? Statuary. Theres an art show three days from now, and were even going to make the crossing at the point nearest to it. If we leave in two hours, well hit the border at about the right time. Youre sure Page 328 They search parcels coming ray ban sunglasses stores north, not going south, Bisyarina assured him. They search parcels coming north, not going south, Bisyarina assured him. Bisyarina went inside. Lenny was stationed outside since he knew more about working in the wilderness than the other two officers. While Oleg and Leonid car ray ban sunglasses stores ried the crates inside, she went into the back of the