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chalk to the nearest man and walked out of the room. He was on the phone in a minute. Theres a helicopter on its way to pick you up, the General said ray ban sunglasses pink without any pleasantries. Sir, were trying to nail down Therell be a Lear waiting for you at Kirtland. Not enough time to get you here on a commercial bird. You wont need to pack. Get moving, Major! Yes ray ban sunglasses pink sir. What went wrong? Morozov asked. The engineer stared at his console, an angry frown on his face. Thermal blooming. Damn! I thought wed put that one behind us. Across the room, the low-powered laser system was making another image of the target. The monocolor image was like a close-up black-and-white photograph, though what would have been black was maroon instead. The television technicians made up a split-screen image to compare before and

pair of gloves and walked into the kitchen. Magnetically attached to the back side of the steel panel at the bottom of his West German-made refrigerator was a small camera. Misha operated the camera with ease, despite the inconvenience of the gl ray ban sunglasses pink oves. It took only a minute for him to photograph the new diary pages, after which he rewound the film and extracted the film cass ray ban sunglasses pink ette. He pocketed this and replaced the camera in its hiding place before removing the gloves. Next he adjusted the window shades. Misha was nothing if not careful. Close examination of his apartments door would show scratches on the lock, indicating that it had been picked open by an expert. In fact, anyone could make the scratches. When it was confirmed that his report had reachedWashingtontire scuff marks on a

Soviet Union. His back was to the building, and wags said that Feliks was condemned to perpetual isolation out there, as Svetlana Vaneyeva had been isolated . . . Colonel Vatutin. Come up here. Were going to brief the Chairman in ten minutes. The line clicked off. KGB headquarters is an old building, built around the turn of the century to be the home office of the Rossiya Insurance Company. The exterior walls were of rust-colored granite, and the inside was a reflection of the age in which it had been built, with high ceilings and oversized doors. The long, carpeted corridors of the building, however, were not terribly well lit, since one was not supposed to take too great an interest in th ray ban sunglasses pink e faces of the people who walked them. There were many u ray ban sunglasses pink niforms in evidence. These officers were

Olympic team in a ray ban sunglasses pink few years, she replied with a wicked, though playful smile. Yazov laughed. That surprised her. Yazov was supposed to be a tight, serious son of a bitch. Whos the woman? American. Her husbands the press attaché. Her sons on this team. We have a file on both of them. Nothing specia ray ban sunglasses pink l. Pretty enough. I didnt know Yazov was a ladys man. Do you suppose he wants to recruit her? the photographer suggested, snapping away. I wouldnt mind. The game had unexpectedly settled down into a defense struggle that hovered around center ice. The children lacked the finesse necessary for the precise passing that marked Soviet hockey, and both teams were coached not to play an overly physical game. Even with their protective equipment, they were still children whose growing bones didnt need

It wa ray ban sunglasses pink s fine ray ban sunglasses pink to be proud, but a soldier should also be wary . . .after all, and he was a combat soldier for whom the taking of life was as natural as breathing. They were not effective soldiers. One look confirmed it. It was fine to be proud, but a soldier should also be wary . . . But why? What does this mean? Mancuso asked. Kindahard for me to tell, Clark answered. Probably some candyass in D.C. cant make up his mind. Happens all the time. The two signals had arrived within twelve hours of one another. The first had aborted the mission and ordered the submarine back to open waters, but the second told Dallasto remain in the western Baltic and await further orders. I dont like being put on hold. Nobody does. Captain. How does it affect you? Mancuso asked. Clarkshrugged eloquently. A lot of

the hotels main entrance. Hello again, Dr. Ryan, a familiar voice said. Sergey Nikolayevich, I hope you are not driving tonight, Jack said, gesturing with his wineglass to Golovkos vodka. ray ban sunglasses pink His cheeks were already florid, his blue eyes sparkling with alcoholic mirth. Did you enjoy the flight in last night? the GRU Colonel asked. He laughed merrily before Ryan could reply. You still fear flying? No, its hitting the ground that worries me. Jack grinned. He had always been able to laugh at his own pet fear. Ah, yes, your back injury from the helicopter crash. One can sympathize. Ryan waved at the window. How much snow are we supposed to get tonight? Perhaps half a meter, perhaps more. Not a very large storm, but tomorrow the air will be fresh and clear, ray ban sunglasses pink and the city will sparkle with a clean

get a no-hit on ray ban sunglasses pink a tag and a license, and in a case with an officer-involved shooting was pushing the laws of probability too hard. He lifted the phone for the senior watch officer. Captain, we have something really crazy here on the Mendez shooting. The state ofNew Mexicois filled with areas belonging to the fe ray ban sunglasses pink deral government, and has a long history of highly sensitive activities. The Captain didnt know what had happened but he knew at once that this wasnt a traffic incident. One minute after that, he was on the phone to the local FBI office. Jenningsand Perkins were there before Officer Mendez came out of surgery. The waiting room was so crowded policemen that it was fortunate the hospital had no surgical patients at the moment. The Captain running investigation was there, as were the

Marine training, Golovko supposed, plus his innate qualities as a man, which the Russian respected. Very bright, brave when he had to be: a dangerous enemy. Ryan worked directly for the DDI, and was known to have prepared numerous special intelligence evaluations . ray ban sunglasses pink . . but a special intelligence mission . . . ? He had no training for that. He was probably the wrong sort of personality. Too open, Golovko thought; there was little guile in the man. When he was ray ban sunglasses pink hiding something, you would never know what, but you would know that he was hiding something . . . You were hiding something before, but not now, are you? And what does that mean, Ivan Emmetovich?What the hell kind of name is Emmet? Golovko wondered irrelevantly. Page 345 Jack saw the man looking at him and saw the question in his eyes.