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Alert. They say they have just seen a high-energy event. Have you informed NMCC? Yes, sir, and were calling Doug Welch in also. Do you have their data yet? Itll be ready when you get here. Very well, Colonel. Im on the way. Get a bird up to Shemya to fly that Army guy down. The Colonel aboard Cobra Belle was now talking to his communications officer, orde ray ban sunglasses cost ring him to send everything they had via digital link to NORAD andSunnyvale. This was accomplished in under five minutes. Next the mission commander told the flight crew to return to Shemya. They still had enough fuel for two more hours of patrolling, but he figured that ray ban sunglasses cost nothing else would be happening tonight. What had taken place to this point was enough. The Colonel had just had the privilege of witnessing something that few men in

it. Dismissed. Ill drop this off on the way out. Thank you, Comrade Colonel. You work hard enough, Yuri Ilych. Good night. When the door closed behind his secretary, Misha produced some additional pages, documents that had not originated at the Ministry. Every week or so he ray ban sunglasses cost took care of the burn-bag himself. The warrant officer who handled Filitovs clerical work assumed that it was because of his Colonels kindness, and perhaps also because there were some especially sensiti ray ban sunglasses cost ve papers to be destroyed. In any case, it was a habit that long predated his own service to the Colonel, and the security services viewed it as routine. Three minutes later, on the way to his car, Misha walked into the destruct room. A young sergeant greeted the Colonel as he might have greeted his grandfather, and held

hadnt really been needed, though it had made everyone involved feel a little better . . . It was an odd coincidence, Vatutin tho ray ban sunglasses cost ught, but hardly one to cast suspicion on the man. The personal section of the file showed that he was a widower. A photo of his wife was there, and Vatutin took his time admiring it. There was also a wedding picture, and the Second Chief Directorate man smiled when he saw that the old war-horse had indeed been young once, and a raffishly handsome bastard at that! On the next page was information on two sonsboth dead. That got his attention. One born immediately before the war, the other soon after it began. But the ray ban sunglasses cost y hadnt died as a result of the war . . . What, then? He flipped through the pages. The elder had died inHungary, Vatutin saw. Because of his political

period ended zero-zero.was an aggressive defenseman, and the American boy stole a pass, ta ray ban sunglasses cost king it the length of the rink only to be foiled by a dazzling save that evoked cheers of admiration from supporters of both sides. Though as contentious a people as any on earth, the Russians ray ban sunglasses cost have always been imbued with generous sportsmanship. The first period ended zero-zero. That was a beautiful breakaway, but the save was marvelous, Yazov said. Ill have to get them this childs name for Central Army. Misha, thanks for inviting me to this. Id forgotten how exciting a school game could be. What do you suppose theyre talking about? the senior KGB officer asked. He and two other men were up in the rafters, hidden by the lights that illuminated the rink. Maybe theyre just hockey fans, the man with the

shrugged into his overcoat and slung his wifes fur over his arm, before turning to see the eyes on him. Only one pair held any interest for him. They were there. ray ban sunglasses cost Misha was not an easy man to surprise, but the KGB succeeded. Hed steeled himself for torture, for the worst sort of abuse, only to be . . . disappointed? he asked himself. That certainly wasnt the right word. He was kept in the same cell, and so far as he could determine he was alone on this cellblock. That was probably wrong, he thought, but there wa ray ban sunglasses cost s no evidence that anyone else was near him, no sounds at all, not even taps on the concrete walls. Perhaps they were too thick for that. The only company he had was the occasional metallic rasp of the spy hole in his cells door. He thought that the solitude was supposed to do

Bisyarina knew. The rejection wo ray ban sunglasses cost uld have destroyed her. Feel better? she asked when the tears stopped. I have to leave. Are you sure youre all right? Yes. I dont know when Ill be able to I understand. Tania walked her to the door. At least shed had the good sense to park her car on a different block, Ann noticed. She waited, holding the door cracked open, to hear the distinctive sound of the sports car. After closing the door, she looked at her hands and went back to the bathroom to wash them. Night came earl ray ban sunglasses cost y inMoscow, the sun hidden by clouds that were starting to shed their load of snow. The delegation assembled in the embassys foyer and filed off into their assigned cars for the arrival dinner. Ryan was in car number threea slight promotion from the last trip, he noted wryly. Once the

backward, his gun out now and shooting of its own accord. Bob cringed and dropped the car into gear. The front wheels spun on the loose gravel, but caught, hauling thePlymouthall too slowly away from the noise of the gun. In the back, ray ban sunglasses cost Lenny, whod gotten off the on ray ban sunglasses cost e shot, slammed the butt of his automatic on Gregorys head. His perfectly aimed shot should have gone straight through the policemans heart, but hed gotten the face instead, and he didnt know how good the shot had been. He shouted something that Bob didnt bother listening to. Three minutes later thePlymouthwent off the interstate. Below the accident that still blocked the highway, the road was nearly clear. Bob took the dirt road off it, lights out, and was at the trailer before the prisoner regained consciousness. Behind them, a

Emmet. But we are not diplomats, Golovko pointed out. We know how to strike bargains, but not in the accepted way, We are too direct, you and I, too practical. Ah, Ivan Emmetovich, ray ban sunglasses cost we will make a Russian of you yet. Hed just Russianized Jacks name. Ivan Emmetovich. John, son of Emmet. That rattled him, Jack saw. For the briefest fraction of a second, Golovko thought that he was serious. The GRUKGB officer recovered his composure in a moment, and even Jack barel ray ban sunglasses cost y noticed the lapse. The smile was hardly interrupted, but while the expression remained fixed around the mouth, it faded momentarily about the mans eyes, then returned. Jack didnt know the gravity of the mistake he had just made. You should be very nervous, Ivan Emmetovich, but you an not. Why? You were before. You were so tense at