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area, that meant dressing in what passed for a moderately fashionable way, driving a decent but not flashy car, and living in a style that denoted comfort short of actual wealth. In this sense,Americawas an easy target. If you had the right lifestyle, nobody questioned where it came from. Getting across the border had been almost a comic exercise. All the time shed spent getting her documents and background legend exactly right, and all the Border Patrol had done was to have a dog sniff the car for drugsshed come in over the Mexican border at El Pasoand wave ray ban store online her through with a smile. And for that she smiled to herself eight months later now I actually got excited. It t ray ban store online ook forty minutes for her to drive home, checking as always to be sure that she didnt have anyone following her, and once

signals could be a warning to the courier. One of them was. Ed Foley was looking away ray ban store online after adjusting his glasses with a right hand that wore one glove and he ray ban store online ld another. The courier turned back forward and went over his escape procedures. Foley went over his own. The courier would dispose of the film, first exposing it by pulling it out of the metal cylinder, Page 126 then dumping it in the nearest trash receptacle. That had happened twice before that he knew of, and in both cases the cutout had gotten away cleanly. Theyre trained how , Foley told himself. They know how. C ARDINALwould be warned, and another film would be made, and . . . but this had never happened on Foleys watch, and it took all of his discipline to keep his face impassive. The courier didnt move at all. He got off at

the task of the day. By evening, the courier was heading west with a new CARDINALreport. Page 163 Its on the way, Ritter told the Director of Central Intelligen ray ban store online ce. Its on the way, Ritter told the Director of Central Intelligence. Clarks being briefed. He flies over toEnglandtomorrow, and he meets the submarine the day after that. Thats another one whos pushed his luck, the Judge observed. The best we got, Ritter replied. Its not enough to move with, Vatutin told the Chairman after outlining the results of his surveillance and search. Im assigning more people to the operation. Weve also placed listening devices in ray ban store online Filitovs apartment And this other colonel? Bondarenko? We were unable to get in there. His wife does not work and stays home all day. We learned today that the man runs a few

display. The computer began processing a series of discrete frequency bands. Within a minute the picture was clear. At least Mr. Jones thought so, the young sona ray ban store online rman noted. The stroke of light on the screen was irregularly shaped, ray ban store online bowing out and narrowing down, covering about five degrees of bearing. The tech-rep stared at the screen for several more seconds, then spoke again. Conn, Sonar, classify target Sierra-Four as a Krivak-class frigate, bearing zero-nine-six. Looks like hes doing turns for fifteen or so knots. Jones turned to the youngster. He remembered his own first cruise. This nineteen-year-old didnt even have his dolphins yet. See this? Thats the high-frequency signature from his turbine engines, its a dead giveaway and you can hear it a good ways off, usually, cause the Krivak

troubles me to do this while the American delegation is here It will be after they leave. If agreement is reached, we lose nothing. It is madness to reduce our arms! Alexandrov insisted. Mikhail Petrovich still thought nuclear weapons Page 242 were like tanks and guns: the more, the better. Like most political theorists, he didnt bother learning facts.were like tanks and guns: the more, the better. Like most political theorists, he didnt bother learning ray ban store online facts. You have good sources within the American effort? Too good, Gerasimov said, setting down his tea. It seems that some dat ray ban store online a we just received was sent out too soon. Part of the American computer instructions were sent to us before they were certified, and turned out to be faulty. An embarrassment, but if one must be embarrassed, better

Whatever was bothering her the other night, she went shopping to make herself feel better and got another one of those suits.Jenningsfollowed her for another hour before breaking off the surveillance. Nothing there. Hes one cool dude, Ryan told Candela. I didnt expect him to jump into my lap and thank me for the offer, bu ray ban store online t I expected some reaction! Well, if he bites, hell get word to you easy enough. Yeah. Page 280 21. Knaves Gambit THEArcher tr ray ban store online ied to tell himself that the weather was no mans ally, but surely this was not true. The skies were clear, the winds cold and from the northeast, sweeping down from the frigid center ofSiberia. He wanted clouds. They could move only in darkness now. That made progress slow, and the longer they were here in Soviet territory, the greater the chance

hesitant step. She kissed her friend again, tasting the salt of her tears and feeling the desperate need in the arms that wrapped around her chest. Taussig took a deep breath and moved one hand down to her friends breast. Jenningsand Perkins came through the door less than five seconds after hearing the scream. They saw the horror on Longs face, and something both similar and very different on Taussigs. 23. Page 316 Best-Laid Plans Best-Laid Plans On the question of on-site inspections, we are disappointed to note that the remarkable progress made only so recently should be . . . You had to admire the man, Ryan thought. He didnt agree with what he was saying, but it was the position of his country, and Ernie Allen was neve ray ban store online r one to ray ban store online let personal feelings out of whatever secret compartment he

Golovko, who was the senior officer by a y ray ban store online ear, smiled for the first time. By your order, Comrade Colonel. Marshal Yazov, what is the position of the Ministry? Narmonov asked. No less than six hours, the Defense Minister said. In that time we should be able to conceal most of the highly sensitive items. As you know, we would prefer not to have our sites inspected at all, though examining American facilities does offer some intelligence advantages. The Foreign Minister nodded. The Americans will ask for less, but I think we can settle on that number. I disagree. Heads of t ray ban store online he Politburo members turned to Alexandrovs chair. The ideologues florid complexion was displaying itself again. It is bad enough to reduce our arsenals at all, but to have Americans examine the factories, to get all our