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good for ones career. Well, they cant be using adaptive optics, General Parks said. What I want to know is where their optical coatings came from. Thats the second time I heard about that one. Ryan stood and walked around the table to get his circu ray ban shop sale lation going. Whats the big deal about the mirror? Its a glass mirror, isnt it? ray ban shop sale Not glasscant handle the energy. Right now were using copper or molybdenum, Gregory said. A glass mirror has its reflecting surface at the back. This kind of mirror, the reflecting surface is on the front. Theres a cooling system on the back. Huh? You should have taken more science courses at BC, Jack. Light doesnt reflect off the bare metal, Graham said. It seemed to Ryan that he was the only dummy in the Page 88 room. And he, of course, was the one tapped to write

Chief Directorate. Comrade, youve left some change. I thank you, but we do not need the extra money. He ha ray ban shop sale nded this, and the receipt, over. Plus something else. It was so easy. Nobody ever checked the pockets, just as in the West. Ah, truly you are an honorable man, the lady said with an odd formalism common in theSoviet Union. Good day, Comrade. And to you, the man replied. Next! The ladyher name was Svetlanawalked off to the Metro station as usual. Her schedule allowed for a leisurely walk in case of problems at either end of her exchange. The streets ofMoscowwere invariably crowded with bustling, unsmiling people, many of whom looked at her c ray ban shop sale oat with brief glances of envy. She had a wide selection of English clothing, having traveled to the West many times as part of her job at GOSPLAN,

came out of the buildings back entrance a minute later and walked past two other apartm ray ban shop sale ent blocks as he made his way to the next street over. He was just reaching the curb when ray ban shop sale his wife pulled over, picked him up almost without stopping. Both took a few deep breaths as she headed toward the embassy. What are you doing today? she asked, her eyes still checking the mirror. The usual, was the resigned reply. Misha was already in the steam room. He noted the absence of the attendant and the presence of a few unfamiliar faces. That explained the special pickup this morning. His face gave nothing away as he traded a few friendly words with the regulars. It was a pity that hed run out of film in his camera. Then there was the warning from Foley. If he were under surveillance againwell, every few

own land, or were we merely encouraging them to kill as many Russians as possible before they, too, were wiped out? What is the right policy?he asked himself. Ortiz admitted that he didnt know. Nor did he know that the Archer had just made a policy decision of his own. The old-young face turned west, then north, and told himself that Allahs will was no more restricted by borders than was the will of His enemies. 15. Culmination Page 198 ALLwe need to do now is spring the trap, Vatutin told his Chairman. His voice was matter-of-fact, his face impassive as he gestured to the evidence laid out on Gerasimovs desk. ALLwe need to do now is spring the trap, Vatutin told his Chairman ray ban shop sale . His voice was matter-of-fac ray ban shop sale t, his face impassive as he gestured to the evidence laid out on Gerasimovs desk. Given

nearly a hundred armed men inside the camp. Twenty prisoners were ta ray ban shop sale ken. The only Russians in the posttwo lieutenants and a communications sergeantwere killed out ray ban shop sale of hand and the rest Page 239 were placed under guard as the Majors men ran to the motor pool.were placed under guard as the Majors men ran to the motor pool. It was fifty kilometers to Kabul. The new, larger vehicle column ran north. More of the Archers men linked up with it, hopping aboard the vehicles. His force now numbered two hundred men, dressed and equipped like regular soldiers of the Afghan Army, rolling north in Russian-built army vehicles. Time was their most dangerous enemy. They reached the outskirts of Kabul ninety minutes later, and encountered the first of several checkpoints. The Archers skin crawled to be near

It all flowed out from that. He had used the Page 277 Red October incident to his adv ray ban shop sale antage, first suborning Gorshkov, then disposing of him; hed also used it to strengthen the posit ray ban shop sale ion of his Third Directorate arm. The military had begun to manage its own internal securitybut Gerasimov had seized upon his report from Agent Cassius to convince the Politburo that the KGB alone could ensure the loyalty and security of the Soviet military. That had earned him resentment. Hed reported, again via Cassius, that Red October had been destroyed. Cassius had told KGB that Ryan was under criminal suspicion, andRed October incident to his advantage, first suborning Gorshkov, then disposing of him; hed also used it to strengthen the position of his Third Directorate arm. The military had begun to

please . . . Agent Werner, this is Director ray ban shop sale Jacobs. I have a special message for you. Stand by. He handed the phone over. This is Gus Werner. Hes been the team leader for five years. Gus passed on a promotion to stay with the HRT. Mr. Werner, this is the President. Do you recognize my voice? Good. Please listen closely. In the event that you are able to attempt the rescue of Major Gregory, your only mission is to get him out. All other considerations are secondary to that objective. The arrest of th ray ban shop sale e criminals in question is not, I repeat, not a matter of concern. Is that clear? Yes, even the possibility of a threat to the hostage is sufficient grounds for the use of deadly force. Major Gregory is an irreplaceable national asset. His survival is your only mission. I will put that in

thought he wanted this. I arrived here at four to write this goddamned report! Well, I think Ill have some breakfast. How go things in Tw ray ban shop sale o, Klementi Vladimirovich? You must be hungry, too. Care to join me? Vatutin nodded, and both men made for the canteen. Senior officerscolonel and abovehad a sepa ray ban shop sale rate dining room and were served by white-coated waiters. The room was never empty. The KGB worked round the clock, and odd schedules made for irregular meals. Besides, the food was good, especially for senior officers. The room was a quiet place. When people talked here, even if they were discussing sports, they did so almost in whispers. Arent you attached to the arms negotiations now? Vatutin asked as he sipped his tea. Yes nursemaidingdiplomats. You know, the Americans think Im GRU. Golovko