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television monitor, drinking his Coke and staring at the screen. The last three times, the picture was advanced f ray ban shades for men rame by frame while the young Major took notes at every one. Finally hed had enough. I can have you a power figure in half an hour, but for the moment, I think theyve got some problems. Page 85 Blooming, General Parks said. Blooming, General Parks said. What about the power? Ryan asked. I need some time to give you a good number, Gregory said as though to a backward child. Right now, at l ray ban shades for men east eight times anything we can do. I need a quiet place to work. Can I use the snack room? he asked Parks. The General nodded, and he left. Eighttimes . . . Art Graham observed. Christ, they might be able to smoke the DSPS birds. Its for damned sure they can wreck any communications satellite

the cold northwest wind that tried to sweep him back through the doors. The sergeant thought to reach out and steady his Colonel, but Filitov shifted his weight slightly to fight against the invisible hand of nature that held him back and got into the car as he always did, as though he were boarding his old T-34 for combat. The baths, Comrade Colonel? the driver asked after getting back in front. Did you sell the vodka I gave you? Why, yes, Comrade Colonel, the youngster answered. Good for you, thats healthier than drinking it. The baths. Quickly, the Colonel said with mock gravity, and I might yet live. If the Germans couldnt ray ban shades for men kill you, my Colonel, I doubt that a few ray ban shades for men drops of good Russian vodka can, the boy said cheerfully. Misha allowed himself a laugh, accepting the flash in his head

technical violation of the ABM treaty. Well, p ray ban shades for men robably. Jack shrugged. Depends on how you read the treaty. Now you get into the strict or loose interpretation argument. If we pulled something like this, the Senate would go nuts. They wouldnt like the test that you saw. Very few people knew how far along Tea Clipper was. The program was black. More classified than top secret, black programs simply did not exist. Maybe. But we were testing the aiming system, not an actual weapon. And the Soviets were testing a system to see if it was Greer chuck ray ban shades for men led and shook his head. Its like talking metaphysics, isnt it? How many lasers can dance on the head of a pin? Im sure Ernie Allen could give us an opinion on that. Jack smiled. He didnt agree with Allen, but he had to Page 158 like the man. I hope our

packed their new weapons while their leader?now that was a new thought, the Archer told himself?reviewed his plans for the coming weeks. Among the things hed received from Ortiz was a complete set of tactical maps. These were made from satellite photographs, an ray ban shades for men d were updated to show current Soviet strongpoints and areas of heavy patrol activity. He had a long-range radio now on which he could tune weather forecasts?including Russian ones. Their journey wouldnt start until nightfall. ray ban shades for men Page 196 He looked around. Some of his men had sent their families to this place of safety. The refugee camp was crowded and noisy, but a far happier place than the deserted villages and towns bombed flat by the Russians. There were children here, the Archer saw, and children were happy anywhere they had their

matched the power of the Americans stare, and was gratified to see that it was his power that prevailed. Im flying toMoscowthe end of the week, unless the story breaks before then, in which case Im fucked. What I just told you, pal, it doesnt go through channels. The only person Im sure it isnt is Gerasimov. It goes to the Chairman himself, direct to him, no intermediaries, or you risk losing the name. And why am I supposed to believe you know it? The Russian pressed his advantage, but carefully. It was Jacks turn to smile. His hole card had turned out to b ray ban shades for men e a good one. I dont know the name , but I know the data. With the four things that I ray ban shades for men know came from CONDUCTORthats the code nameyour troops can handle the rest. If your letter goes through channels, probably I dont get on the airplane.

in time. It was as worked up as anyone had ever been with a computer simulation. Theyd never run one quite this way before, of course, and that was the purpose of the test. The ground-control computer didnt know what it was doing, nor did any of the others. One machine was programmed to report a series of distant radar contacts. All it did was to receive a collection of signals like those generated by an orbiting Flying Cloud satellite, cued in turn by one of the DSPS birds at geosynchronous height. The co ray ban shades for men mputer relayed this informatio ray ban shades for men n to the ground-control computer, which examined its criteria for weapons-free authority and decided that they had been met. It took a few seconds for the lasers to power up, but they reported being ready a few seconds later. The fact that the lasers in

cooperate, did you? the officer asked sard ray ban shades for men onically, then changed his mind. I beg Page 310 your pardon, doc. I wouldnt have expected this either,your pardon, doc. I wouldnt have expected this either,overnighter. Hey, the KGB officers arent supermen either, pal, but they follow their orders, just like we do. You have some ideas? Not much we can do from this end but hope the local cops can straighten things out. But if it goes public Show me some evidence. You dont accuse a foreign government of something like this without evidence. Hell, theres half a dozen engineers inEuropewhove been murdered by left-wing terrorist gangs in the last two yea ray ban shades for men rs, all working on the fringes of the SDI program, not to mention a few suicides. We havent made a public issue of that, either. But this breaks the

name. He does the design work for Qual -A-Tec, and I wouldnt use anybody elses silencer. It isnt like TV, Capn. For a silencer to work right, it has to be a small caliber, you have to use a subsonic round, and you have to have a sealed breech. ray ban shades for men And it helps if youre out in the open. In here, youd hear it cause of the steel walls. Outside, youd hear something out to thirty feet or so, but you wouldnt know what it was. The silencer goes on the pistol like this, and you twist ithe demonstratedand now the guns a single shot. The silencer locks the actio ray ban shades for men n. To get off another round, you have to twist it back and cycle the action manually. You mean youre going in there with a twenty-two single-shot? Thats how its done, Captain. Have you ever You really dont want to know. Besides, I cant talk about