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the house. On his passport, Social Security card, and Virginiadrivers license he was now known as Mark Ramsey. Yet another piece of CIA originality, though it made perfect sense; you wanted people to remember their names. He was, Jack saw, a little thinner now that he was eating a less starchy diet. And tan. When theyd first met, at the forward escape trunk of the missile submarine Red October , MarkoMark!had worn the pasty-white skin of a submarine officer. Now he looked like an ad for Club Med. You seem tired, Mark ray ban service Ramsey observed. They fly me around a lot. How ray ban service do you like theBahamas? You see my tan, yes? White sand, sun, warm every day. LikeCubawhen I went there, but nicer people. AUTEC, right? Jack asked. Yes, but I cannot discuss this, Marko replied. Both men shared a look.

their weapons to kill ray ban service hardened targets. The twisted logic of the nuclear balance was again turning on itselfas it had to do at least once per generation. It had been re ray ban service cognized early on that missiles were offensive weapons with a defensive mission, that the ability to destroy the opponent was the classical formula both to prevent war and achieve ones goals in peace. The fact that such power, accrued to both sides, had transformed the historically proven formula of unilateral intimidation into bilateral deterrence, however, made that solution unpalatable. Nuclear Deterrence: preventing war by the threat of mutual holocaust. Both sides told the other in substance, If you kill our helpless civilians, we will kill yours. Defense was no longer protection of ones own society, but the threat of

not discovered until some years after the investigation had been terminated. The other really odd thing was that the one photographic frame they had was not of a real diagram, but rather of a hand-drawn one . . . Handwritingwas that the ray ban service reason that there were no dead-drops? The spy could be identified that way, couldnt he? What a foolish way to But there was nothing foolish here, was there? No, and there wasnt anything accidental either. If the techniques on this line were odd, they were also professional. There was another level to this, something ray ban service that the interrogator didnt have yet. I think that tomorrow, you and I will ride the Metro. Colonel Filitov woke up without a pounding in his head, which was pleasure enough. His normal morning routine was not terribly different from the other

youve cut back on your drinking, Vatutin. I feel better, Comrade Chairman, he admitted. Good. Gerasimov ray ban service rose, and his visitor did the same. Do you really think that our CIA colleagues killed their own man? Altunins death was most convenient for them. I realize that this would be a violation of ourour agreement Page 175 along these lines, butalong these lines, but Foley was already at his office also. On his desk were three film cassettes for CARDINAL. The next problem was delivering the damned things. The business of espionage was a mass of interlocking contradictions ray ban service . Some parts of it were devilishly hard. Some carried the sort of danger that made him wish hed stayed with the New York Times . But others were so simple that he could have had one of his kids handle it. That very thought had

right, Bob. And Narmonov doesnt know. You have to hand it to Gerasimov, the bastard has some beautiful moves . . . If all this is true, Narmonov is outnumbered and doesnt know it. He paused for a frown. Were speculating like a bunch of amateurs. Page 214 Well, it makes for one hell of a s ray ban service cenario. Ryan almost smiled until he reached the logical conclusion. We may have brought down the first Soviet government in thirty years that wanted to liberalize their own country. What will the papers make of that? Jack as ray ban service ked himself. And you know that itll get out. Something like this is too juicy to stay secret long . . . Well, it makes for one hell of a scenario. Ryan almost smiled until he reached the logical conclusion. We may have brought down the first Soviet government in thirty years that

work, Jack pointed out. Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud, the DDO said. Thats not the way Sophocles said it. Jack grinned. My ways better. I even had a sign put up at the Farm that quotes me. Ryans idea for the mission had been a simple onet ray ban service oo simple, and Ritters people had refined it over a period of ten ray ban service hours into a real operation. Simple in concept, it would have its complications. They all did, but Ritter didnt like that fact. Page 253 Bart Mancuso had long since gotten used to the idea that sleeping wasnt included in the list of things that submarine skippers were expected to do, but what he especially hated was a knock on the door fifteen minutes after he was able to lie down, Bart Mancuso had long since gotten used to the idea that sleeping wasnt included in

academy. There were just too many things that training could not do. The KGB could scarcely predict what the American government would do. There was no way they could be prepared for the individual actions of two hundred-plus million people who ray ban service bounced from decision to decision. I wish we had roads like this at home, the man next to him said. The one in the back was asleep, for real this time. For both of them it was the first time inAmerica. The operation had been laid on too fast. Oleg had done several jobs inSouth America, always covered as an American businessman. A Moscovite, he remembered that there, once you were twenty kilometers beyond the outer ring road, all the roads were gravel, or simply dirt. TheSoviet Uniondid not have a si ray ban service ngle paved road that led from one border to another.

place, looking now. Will advise. Acknowledged, the radio replie ray ban service d. Jeez, Marty said first. There he is, Right side. Al Gregory was sitting in an armchair. He had little choice in the matter. His wrists were cuffed in his lapthat concession had been made to his comfortbut his upper arms and lower legs were roped in place. His glasses had been taken away, and every object in the room had a fuzzy edge. Thai included the one who called himself Bill. They were taking turns guarding him. Bill sat at the far end of the room, just beyond the window. There was an automatic pistol tucked in his belt, but Gregory couldnt tell the type, merely the unmistakable angular shape. What ray ban service will we do with you? Bill completed the question. Damned if I know, Major. Some people are interested in what you do for a