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Ordinarily the 767 operates with a crew of two flight officers. Not this one. Since the Korean Air 007 flight had been shot down by the Soviets, every flight over the Western Pacific was especially careful with its navigation. This was doubly true of Cobra Belle; the Soviets hated all intelligence-gathering platforms. They never went within fifty miles of S ray ban sale 2014 oviet territory, nor into the Russian Air Defense Identification Zone, but twice the Soviets had sent fighters to let the AOA know they cared. Well, we arent supposed to get very close, the Colonel observed. He leaned between the pilot and copilot Page 74 to look out the w ray ban sale 2014 indows. Both turbofans were performing well. He would have preferred a four- engined aircraft for extended over-water flight, but that hadnt been his decision. The

portfolio and set a photograph on the low table. Next came a diagram. Mr. President, this is a satellite shot of what we call sites Bach and Mozart. Theyre on a mountain southeast of the city of Dushanbe in the Tadzhik Soviet Socialist Republic, about seventy miles from the Afghan border. The mountain is ray ban sale 2014 about seventy-six hun ray ban sale 2014 dred feet high. Weve had it under surveillance for the past two years. This oneanother photo went downis Sary Shagan. The Russians have had ballistic-missile-defense work going on here for the past thirty years. This site right here is believed to be a laser test range. We believe that the Russians made a major breakthrough in laser power here two years ago. They then changed the activity at Bach to accommodate it. Last week they ran what was probably a full-power test.

brighter space ahead. It took a few more days to realize that the space never got any brighter, but she ignored this last warning of her consciousness. She swam har ray ban sale 2014 der, and felt fatigue for the first time. Svetlana Vaneyeva ignored that, too. She had to use her freedom to advantage. She had to find where she was, or better yet find a way out of this place. This horri ray ban sale 2014 ble place. Her mind moved yet again, traveling away from her body, and when it had reached a sufficient height, it looked back down at the distant, swimming figure. Even from its great height it could not see the edges of this wide, amorphous world, but she could see the tiny figure below her, swimming alone in the void, moving its spectral limbs in futile rhythm . . . going nowhere. The scream from the wall speaker almost made

into his stateroom and together they plotted the best approach to, and the safest place on, the Soviet coast. When theyd selected it, Mr. Clark joined them, and together the three discussed the delicate part of the mission. In an ideal world, Vatutin thought wryly, they would take their worries to the Defense Minister, and he Page 185 would cooperate fully with the KGB investigation. But the world was not ideal. In addition to the expected institutional rivalries, Yazov was in the pocket of the General Secretary and knew of the differences of opinion between Gerasimov and Narmonov. No, the Defense Minister would either take over the ent ray ban sale 2014 ire investigation through his own security arm, or use his political power to close the case entirely, lest KGB disgrace Yazov himself fo ray ban sale 2014 r having a traitor

rumble of traffic on the street outside the prison. Theyd taken his uniform blouse, and belt, and his polished boots, replacing the last with cheap slippers. The cell was in the basement. That was all he knew, and he could tell from the damp air. It was cold. And hed betrayed it all. What would my men say of me now?He stared at the blank concrete wa ray ban sale 2014 ll opposite his cot. What would Romanov say? I think we both need a drink, my Captain, the voice chimed in. Only Romanov could be both serious and amused at the same time. Such thoughts are more easily considered with vodka or Samogan . Do you know why? ray ban sale 2014 Misha asked. Youve never told us why, my Captain. And so Misha did. It took but a brief flicker of time. Both your sons, and your wife. Tell me, Comrade Captain, for what did we die? Misha didnt

it. The pilot was Colonel Paul von Eich. His family had come to America from Prussia a hundred years before, but none of them had been able to part with the von that had once been so important to family status. Some of his ancestors had fought down there, he reflected, on the flat, snow-covered Russian ground. Certainly a few more recent relatives had. Probably a few lay buried there while he whizzed overhead at six hundred miles per hour. He wondered vaguely what theyd think of his job while his pale blue eyes scanned the sky for the lights of other aircraft. Like most passengers, Ryan judged his height above the ground by what he could ray ban sale 2014 see, but the dark Soviet countryside denied him that. He knew they were close when the aircraft commenced a wide turn to the ray ban sale 2014 left. He heard the mechanical

skilled in this. You will say nothing at all, and you will be still. If you do these things, no harm will come to you. Do you understandjust nod if you do. Gregory was fully conscious. Hed never quite been out, merely stunned by the blow that still made his head as taut as a swollen balloon. His eyes were shedding tears as though from a leaky faucet, and every breath seemed to light a fire in his chest. Hed commanded himself to move as they pulled him i ray ban sale 2014 nto the ca ray ban sale 2014 r, but his Page 300 limbs had ignored his frantic wishes while his mind raged at them. It had come to him in an instant: Thats why I hate Bea! It wasnt her snotty manner and her weird way of dressing at all. But he set that one far aside. There were more important things to worry about, and his mind was racing as it had never raced

of rosy goals and predictions had merely plotted a course on a meaningless chart. Even the Politburo it ray ban sale 2014 self didnt know the state of theSoviet Unionsomething the West hardly suspected. The alternative? That was the rub, wasnt it? In his dark ray ban sale 2014 er moments, Narmonov wondered if he or anyone else could really change things. The goal of his entire political life had been to achieve the power that he now held, and only now did he fully understand how circumscribed that power was, All the way up the ladder of his career hed noted things that had to change, never fully appreciating how difficult that would be. The power he wielded wasnt the same as Stalins had been. His more immediate predecessors had seen to that. Now theSoviet Unionwasnt so much a ship to be guided, as a huge bureaucratic spring