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communications console, activating an encrypted satellite link toCheyenneMountain. When he spoke, it was in the matter-of-fact tone that professional ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses soldiers save for only the worst nightmares. The Colonel knew exactly what hed just seen. CrystalPalace, this is Cobra Belle. Stand by to copy a Superflash message. Standing by. Page 79 We have a high-energy event. I say again, we are tracking a high-energy event. Cobra Belle declares a Dropshot. Acknowledge. He turned to the Captain, and hi ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses s face was pale. We have a high-energy event. I say again, we are tracking a high-energy event. Cobra Belle declares a Dropshot. Acknowledge. He turned to the Captain, and his face was pale. Yes, a gruff voice said over the phone. General, this is Colonel Henriksen . Cobra Belle has declared a Dropshot

remaining problem was in the optical and computer systems. Ill have to see what our intelligence organs are doing about that , Filitov told himself. Finally, he spent twenty minutes going over the diagram ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses of the new laser. When he got to the point at which he could close his eyes and recall every single detail, he put the report back in its folder. He checked his watch and punched the button for his secretary. The warrant officer appeared at the door in a few seconds. Yes, Comrade Colonel? Take this down to Central FilesSection 5, maximum security. Oh, and wheres todays burn-bag? I have it, Comrade. Get it for me. The man went back to the anteroom and ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses returned a moment later with the canvas bag that went daily to the document-destruction room. Misha took it and started putting papers into

course. He turned to the next bundle. Filitov was the one whod denounced Penkovskiy? Vatutin was astounded. The investigation had been fairly advanced at that point. Continuous surveillance had shown Pen ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses kovskiy to be doing some unusual things, including at least one possible dead-drop, butVatutin shook his head. The coincidences you encounter in this business. Old Misha had gone to the senior security office ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses r and reported a curious conversation with his GRU acquaintance, one that might have been innocent, hed said, but it made his antennae twitch in an odd way, and so he felt constrained to report it. On instructions from KGB, hed followed it up, and the next conversation hadnt been quite so innocent. By this time the case against Penkovskiy had been firmed up, and the additional proof

obviously at the game. They were not terribly concerned, since the trip to the game had been a spur-of-the-moment decision on the Ministers part. Th ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses e game was an exciting one from the first moment. The center for the other teams first line moved like a weasel, handling the puck with skillful passes and adroit skating. The home teamthe one with the American and Mishas grand-nephewwas pressed back into its own zone for most of the first period, but little Misha Page 190 was an aggressive defenseman, and the American boy stole a pass, taking it the length of the rink only to be foiled by a dazzling save that evoked cheers of admi ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses ration from supporters of both sides. Though as contentious a people as any on earth, the Russians have always been imbued with generous sportsmanship. The first

six years before. That didnt prevent him from turning pale. The glass in his hand shook enough to spill some of its con ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses tents onto the marble floor, but the Congressman regained his control and spoke almost gently. Ill break you for that. Take your best shot, sweetie. Ryan turned and walked out of the room, the eyes heavy on his ba ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses ck. He kept going until he stared at the traffic onMassachusetts Avenue. He knew that hed drunk too much, but the Page 231 cold air started to clear his head.cold air started to clear his head. Yeah, babe? What was that all about? Cant say. I think its time for you to go home. I think youre right. Ill get the coats. Ryan walked back inside and handed over the claim check. He heard the silence happen when he returned. He could feel the looks at his back. Jack

needed go no further than this. Shed never yet needed to go further, but lived in fear that Livia would one day demand it of hercertainly it would happen if she ever realized that her intended lover had not the slightest interest in her advances. Bisyarina marveled at that. Beatrice Taussig was brilliant in her way, certainly brighter than the KGB officer who ran her, but she knew so little about people. The crowning irony was that she was very much like that Alan Gregory man she so detested. Prettier, mor ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses e sophisticated though Taussig was, she lacked the capacity to reach out when she needed to. Gregory had probably done it only once in his life, and that was the difference between him and her. ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses He had gotten there first because Beatrice had lacked the courage. It was just as well,

the left sidethe one in the jacket-mouthed a single word: Help . That merely made the policeman more curious, but the one in the right-front seat saw him do it and stirred. The cops instincts all lit off at once. His right hand slid down to his service revolver, flipping the safety strap off the hammer. Out of the car, one at a time, and right now! He was horrified to see a gun. It appeared as though by magic from the guy in the right-rear, and before he could get his own revolver out Gregorys right hand didnt get there in time, but his elbow did, spoiling Lennys aim. The officer was surprised that he didnt hear anyt ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses hing except a shout in a language he ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses couldnt understand, but by the time that occurred to him, his jaw had already exploded in a puff of white more heard than felt. He fell

half. The issue weve been fighting over all week is how many hours of notice therell be before the surprise-inspection team arrives, but because neither side can get its act together on the answer, were talking about stuff that ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses weve already come to terms on instead of getting on with it. If it was just between you and me, Id say one hour, and youd say eight, and wed eventually talk down to three or four Four or five. Golovko laughed. Four, then. Jack did, too. You see? Wed settle the son of a bitch, wouldnt we? Page 344 But we are not diplomats, Golovko pointed out. We know how to strike ray ban rx 5150 eyeglasses bargains, but not in the accepted way, We are too direct, you and I, too practical. Ah, Ivan Emmetovich, we will make a Russian of you yet. Hed just Russianized Jacks name. Ivan Emmetovich. John, son of