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hands, controlled wholly by the sites main computer complex. Theres target lock, Morozov observed to his senior. The engineer nodded agreement. His range readout was rapidly dropping as the satellite came toward them, circling its way to destruction at 18,000 miles per hour. The image they had was of a slightly oblong blob, white with internal heat against a sky devoid of warmth. It was exactly in the center of the targeting reticle, like a white oval in a gun-si ray ban round eyeglasses ght. They didnt hear anything, of course. The laser building was fully insulated against temperature and sound. Nor did they see anything on ground level. But, watching the television screens in the co ray ban round eyeglasses ntrol building, a hundred men balled hands into fists at the same instant. What the hell! the Captain exclaimed. The image of Cosmos-

and he washed it once a year whether the car needed it or not. She wondered what he was like in ray ban round eyeglasses bed, but stifled the thought. Not in ray ban round eyeglasses the morning, not after you just woke up. The thought of her friend . . . involved with that made her skin crawl. Candi was just so naive, so innocentso dumb! about some things. Well, maybe shed come around. There was still hope. Hows the work on your diamond mirror coming? ADAMANT? Give us another year and well know. I wish you were still working with my team, Dr. Long said. I can see more on the administrative side, Bea answered with remarkable honesty. Besides, I know Im not as smart as you. Just prettier, Candi noted wistfully. Page 116 Bea turned to look at her friend. Yes, there was still hope. Bea turned to look at her friend. Yes, there was still hope.

Unprofessional as it was, it enraged Vatutin that hed met a traitor that morning last week and not recognized him for what . . . What was that colonels na ray ban round eyeglasses me?he asked himself suddenly. The one whod tripped? FilitovMisha Filitov? Personal aide to Defense Minister Yazov? I must have really been hung over not to make the connection! Filitov of Stalingrad, the tanker whod killed Germa ray ban round eyeglasses ns while he burned within a knocked-out tank. Mikhail Filitov, three times Hero of the Soviet Union . . .It had to be the same one. Could he be the Impossible, he told himself. But nothing was impossible. If he knew anything, Vatutin knew that. He cleared out his mind and considered the possibilities coldly. The good news here was that everyone of consequence in theSoviet Unionhad a file at2 Dzerzhinskiy Square. It

predetermined, of course. Though reluctant to be overly close to foreigners in public, at a hockey game the rules were different. A few parents greeted her, and she waved back, her smile just a little too broad. She checked her watch. I havent seen a junior-league game in two years, Yazov said as they got out of the staff car. I dont go much either, but my sister-in-law said that this one is important, and little Misha demanded my presence. Filitov grinned. They think I am good luckperhaps you will be too, Comrade Marshal. It is good to do something a little differ ray ban round eyeglasses ent, Yazov conceded with mock gravity. The damned office will sti ray ban round eyeglasses ll be there tomorrow. I played this game as a boy, you know. No, I didnt. Were you any good? I was a defenseman, and the other children complained that I checked

Ryan asked. How about for all the screw-ups across the river? Page 230 As opposed to the ones on this side? Jack inquired. People were drifting over. Entertainment is where ray ban round eyeglasses you As opposed to the ones on this side? Jack inquired. People were drifting over. Entertainment is where you If we have to pay your bar bill, well have to pay big. Ryan turned, dismissing the man. Big man, Trent said behind his back. Youre heading for a fall, too. Perhaps twenty people were watching and listening now. They saw Jack take a glass of wine off a passing tray. They saw a look that could kill, and a few people remembered that Jack Ryan was a man who had killed. It was a fact and a reputation that gave h ray ban round eyeglasses im a sort of mystery. He took a measured sip of the chablis before turning back around. What sort of fall

The Russian officer held her close, trying to feel sympathy for her agent. There had been many lessons at the KGB school, all of them intended to help her in handling agents. You had to have a mixture of sympathy and discipline. You had to treat them like spoiled children, mixing favors and scoldings to make them perform. And Agent Livia was more important than most. Page 269 It was still hard to turn her face toward ray ban round eyeglasses the head on her shoulder and kiss the cheek that was salty with tears both old and new. Bisyarina breathed easier at the realization that she needed go no further than this. Shed never yet needed to go f ray ban round eyeglasses urther, but lived in fear that Livia would one day demand it of hercertainly it would happen if she ever realized that her intended lover had not the slightest interest in her

That left the right one free, Bob knew, and that was the gun hand. In the back, Lenny told the prisoner what would happen if he made a noise. Good evening, sir, the police officer said. I dont know what the r ray ban round eyeglasses ules are in Oklahoma, but here we prefer that you dont change lanes like that. Could I have your drivers license and registration, please? His black uniform and silver trim made Leonid think of the SS, but this wasnt the time for such thoughts. Just be polite, he told himself calmly, take the ticket and move on. He handed over the proper cards and waited as the po ray ban round eyeglasses lice officer started filling out the ticket blank. Perhaps an apology was due now . . . ? Sorry, officer, I thought the exit was on the right side, and Page 304 Thats why we spend all that money on signs, Mr. Taylor. Is this

Jack thought it wouldboth sides would save about three perce ray ban round eyeglasses nt of their defense outlays; maybe as much as five percent for the Russians because of their more diverse missile systems, but it was hard to be sure. A small fraction of total defense outlays, it would be enough for the Russians to finance a few new factories, or maybe build some roads, which was what they really needed. How would they reallocate their savings? For that matter, how wouldAmerica? Jack was supposed to make an assessment of that, too, another Special National Intelligence Estimate. Rather a high-sounding title for what was, after all, nothing more than an official guess, and at the moment, Ryan didnt have a clue. ray ban round eyeglasses The Russian speech concluded, and it was time for a coffee break. Ryan closed his leather-bound folder