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for the energy transfer, Gregory said. They killed the bird. They got it hot enough to fry the solar cells right off, and probably enough to disrupt the electrical circuitry inside. What height was it at? One hundred eighty kilometers. Sary Shagan or that new place Mr. Ryan showed me? Dushanbe, Jack said. The new one. But the new power lines arent finished yet. Yeah, Graham obse ray ban replacement lenses rved. They can at least double the power we just saw demonstrated. Or at least they think they can. His voice was that of a man who had just discovered a fatal disease at work on a family member. Can I see the first ray ban replacement lenses sequence again? Gregory said. It was almost an order. Jack noted that General Parks carried it out at once. This continued for another fifteen minutes, with Gregory standing a bare three feet from the

face and washed down three aspirin. Some dry heaves followed, over the toilet, but all that came out was yellow bile, and he rose to look in the mirror to see what treason had done to a Hero of theSoviet Union. He could notwould notstop, of course, but . . . but look what it is doing to you, Misha. The once clear-blue eyes were bloodshot and lifeless, the ruddy complexion gray like a corpse. His skin sagged, and the gray stubble on his cheeks blurr ray ban replacement lenses ed a face that had once been called handsome. He stretched his right arm, and as usual the scar tissue was stiff, looking like plastic. Well. He washed out his mouth and trudged off to the kitchen to make some coffee. Twenty minutes later Misha emerged fro ray ban replacement lenses m the front of his building. His eyes were already watering, and he squinted painfully into

old guy, Al observed. Dr. Marv Greene was forty-two. Candi laughed. His secretary thinks hes pretty original, too. He should know better than to fool around with somebody at work, Gregory said seriously. He winced a moment later. Yeah, honey. She t ray ban replacement lenses urned to look at him, and they both laughed. How tired are you? I slept on the flight. Good. Just before reaching around her, Gregory crumbled the Twinkie wrapper and toss ray ban replacement lenses ed it on the floor, where it joined about thirty others. He flew around quite a bit, but Candi had a sure cure for jet lag. Well, Jack? Admiral Greer asked. Im worried, Ryan admitted. It was pure dumb luck that we saw the test. The timing was cute. All of our recon birds were well below the optical horizon. We werent supposed to noticewhich is hardly surprising, since its a

handed over the file. Vatutin leafed through it and found the proper sheet. That old fart! He couldnt follow a child to school without being arrested as a pervert. Look at thisa lieutenant for twenty-three years! There are seven hundred Americans attached to the embassy, Comrade Colonel, the Major observed. We have only so many really good officers All watching the wrong people. Vatutin walked to the window, No more! Her husband, too, he added. That will be my re ray ban replacement lenses commendation, Comrade ray ban replacement lenses Colonel. It would seem likely that they both work for CIA. She passed something to him. Probably?amessage, perhaps something else. Vatutin sat down and rubbed his eyes. Good work, Comrade Major. It was already dawn at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The Archer was preparing to return to his war. His men had

understand that better than I. Platonov smiled. For example, the disaster Mr. Trent referred to last night. What might that have been? And how do I know who youre really working for? Jack asked. What? That surprised him. Ryan saw past the pain in his sinuses. You want an incentive? Sergey, I am about to put my life on the line. Just because Ive done it before, dont you think that its easy. We have somebody insideMoscowCenter. Somebody big. You tell me now what that name would buy me. Your freedom, Platonov said at once. If hes as high as you say, we would do very much indeed. ray ban replacement lenses Ryan didnt say a word for over a minute. The two men stared at each other as though over cards, as though they were gambling for everything each man ownedand as though Ryan knew that he held the les ray ban replacement lenses ser hand. Platonov

confirmed, but the really good ones will be denied, of course, while the FBI launches an urgent investigation to identify the leakers . Not exactly. Again he made him wait for it: We want you to come out, too. Jack ray ban replacement lenses walked out of the tram five minutes later. His escort walked him back to the hotel. The attention to detail was impressive. Before rejoining the reception. Jacks shoes were wiped dry. On reentering the room he walked at once to the drink table, but found ray ban replacement lenses it empty. He spotted a waiter with a tray, and took the first thing he could reach. It turned out to be vodka, but Ryan gunned it down in a single gulp before reaching for another. When he finished that one, he started wondering where the mens room really was. It turned out to be exactly where hed been told. Jack got there just

lot, too, but that was it. You really thinkI mean, the Russians . . . ? Thats what it looks like,Jenningssaid. My God. Does Major Gregory know enough thatJenningswas surprised that Taussig answered instead of Dr. Long. Yes, he does. Hes the only one who really u ray ban replacement lenses nderstands the whole project. Als a very bright guy. And a friend, she added. That earned her a warm smile from Candi. There were real tears in Beas eyes n ray ban replacement lenses ow. It hurt her to see her friend in pain, even though she knew that it was all for the best. Ryan, youre going to love this. Jack had just gotten back from the latest round of negotiations at the Foreign Ministry building, twenty stories of Stalinesque wedding cake on Smolenskiy Bulvar . Candela handed over the dispatch. That son of a bitch, Ryan breathed. You didnt expect him to

shabby and not well made. Bought inKiev,Clarkexplained. You cant exactly wear Hart, Schaffner , and Marx and expect to look like a ray ban replacement lenses local. He also had a coverall to put over it, with camouflage stripes. There was a complete set of identity papersin Russian, which Mancuso couldnt readand a pistol. It was a small one, barely larger than the silencer that sat next to it. Never seen one of these before, the Captain said. Well, thats a Qual -A-Tec baffle-type silencer with no wipes and a slide-lock internal to the can,Clark said. What Mr. Clark chuckled. You guys have been hitting me with subspeak ever since I got aboard, skipper. Now its my turn. Page 349 Mancuso lifted the pistol. This is only a twenty-two. Mancus ray ban replacement lenses o lifted the pistol. This is only a twenty-two. Who? Mickey Finn. Thats his real