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known as the Foreign Directorate of the KGB, she reported to Directorate T, which oversees scientific espionage and works in cooperation with the State Committee for Science and Technology. Like Edward Foley, she ran a single agent. That agents code name was Livia. The cost of the outfit was two hundred seventy-three dollars, and Captain Bisyarina paid in cash. She told herself that shed have to remember to wear this outfit the next time she came back, even if it did look like rubbish. See you soon, Ann, the shop owner called to her. That was the only name by which s ray ban rb4075 polarized he was known in Santa Fe. ray ban rb4075 polarized The Captain turned and waved back. The owner was a pleasant-enough woman, for all her stupidity. Like any good intelligence officer, the Captain looked and acted quite ordinary. In the context of this

standing there, looking to the right. . .The sound of the subway train came as a relief. He stood there, trying not to look too often at his target. He heard the subway doors open with a hiss, heard the sudden change in noise as the people got off, then the rasping shuffle of feet as people crowded forward toward the doors. The car was full!His man was inside, but the doors overflowed with bodies. The KGB officer raced to the rear door and fought his way in a moment before it shut. He realized with a chill that he might have been too obvious, but there was nothing he could do about that. As the train ray ban rb4075 polarized began moving, he worked his way forward. The people seated and standing noticed t ray ban rb4075 polarized his untoward movement. As he watched, a hand adjusted a hat. Three or four newspapers rattledany of these

trick, how do we get the new film to C ARDINAL ?With the usual courier chain destroyed, it would take several weeks to establish a new one, and he didnt want to risk a direct contact again. It had to happen eventually, he knew. Sure, everything had gone smoothly the whole time hed run this agent, but sooner or later something happened. Random chance, he told himself. Eventually the dice would come up the wrong way. When hed first been assigned here and learned the operational history of CARDINAL, hed marveled that the man had lasted s ray ban rb4075 polarized o long, that hed rejected at least three offers for breakout. How far could one man push his luck? The old bastard must have thought he was invincible. Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud , Foley thought. He put it aside and continued wi ray ban rb4075 polarized th

ndi asked. When are you going to let Dr. Rabb take you out? You know hes been mooning over you for six months. The only mooning I expect out of him is from a car. God, thats a ghastly thought. Her look at Candi masked her feelings exquisitely well. She also realized that the programming information that shed gotten out was now invalid. Damn the little geek for changing it! Thats something. Question is, what? Jones keyed his microphone. Conn, Sonar, we have a contact bearing zero-nine-eight. Designate this contact Sierra-Four. You sure its a contact? the young petty officer asked. See this? Jones ran his ringer along the screen. The waterfall display was clutt ray ban rb4075 polarized ered with ambient noise. Remember that youre looking for nonrandom data. This line aint random. He typed ray ban rb4075 polarized in a command to alter the

done very well. He ought to have left the actual arrest to a younger man, but I told him that it was his case, and he doubtless took my instructions too literally. His handling of the rest of the case was nearly perfect. You grow generous too soon, Kolya, Alexandrov observed. How hard is it to surprise a seventy-year-old man? Not him. The American spy was a good oneas one might expect. Good field officers have sharp instincts. If they were not so skilled, World Socialism would have been realized by now, he added offhandedly. Alexan ray ban rb4075 polarized drov lived within his academic world, the Chairman knew, and had little understanding of how things worked in the real one. It was hard to respect a man like that, but not so hard to fear him. The older man grunted. I sup ray ban rb4075 polarized pose we can wait a week or two. It

Both women walked back to the dressing rooms. Within the booth, both women chatted away, discussing the everyday things that differ little between women and men. Bisyarina handed over a slip of paper, which Taussig read. The latters conversation stuttered for a moment before she nodded agreement. Her face switched from shock to acceptance, then switched again to something that Bisyarina did not like at allbut the KGB didnt pay her to like her job. The suit fitted rather nicely, the owner saw when they came out. Taussig paid the way mo ray ban rb4075 polarized st people did, with a credit card. Ann waved and left, turning to walk past the gun shop on her way out the m ray ban rb4075 polarized all. Jenningssaw her subject come out of the shop a few minutes later, carrying a clear plastic garment bag. Well, thats what it was, she told herself.

willing to remove him, and ray ban rb4075 polarized hurt her, and then not even take the risk . . . what does that make you? She wrapped her arms tight around her friend, and was rewarded with a returning grasp. Candi was merely trying to hold on to part of her shattering world, but Bea didnt know that. She kissed her friend on the cheek, and Candis grip grew stronger still. She needs you. It took all of Beas courage. Already her heart was beating fast, and she ridiculed herself as she had for years. Bea the Confident. Bea the Tough, who snarled back at whomever she wished, who drove her kind of car, and wore her kind of clothes ray ban rb4075 polarized , and to hell with what anyone thought. Bea the Coward, who even after she had risked everything lacked the courage to reach out to the one person in all the world who mattered. One more

have nothing What do you mean Sergey, investigation is my job. We have nothing but disparate bits of information that might easily be explained. Nothing queers an investigation like moving too rapidly. Before we can act, we must assemble and analyze what we ha ray ban rb4075 polarized ve. Then we can go to see my chief, and he can authorize further action, Do you think two colonels can act on this without clearing it with higher authority? You have to write up everything you know and bring it to me. How soon can you do that? I have to be at the negotiating session inhe checked his watchtwo hours. That will last until sixteen hours, followed by a reception. The Americans leave at twenty-two hours. Can you skip the reception? It will be awkward, but yes. ray ban rb4075 polarized Be in my office at sixteen-thirty, Vatutin said formally.