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sole surviving helicopter was content to circle the encampment. Half an hour later he learned that his chieftain was dead. The morning would bring Soviet aircraft to catch them in the open, and the guerrillas had to reach the rockfields quickly. But there was one more thing to do. The Archer took Abdul and three men to find the transport that hed killed. The price of the Stinger missiles was the inspection of every downed aircraft for items in which the CIA might have interest. Colonel Filitov finished the diary entry. As Bondarenko had pointed out, his knowledge of technical material was far better than one might suspect from his academic credentials. After over forty years in the higher ech ray ban rb3025 elons of the Defense Ministry, Misha was self-taug ray ban rb3025 ht in a number of technical fields ranging from

day. The Archer let out a ray ban rb3025 long breath. Will he be useful? These are. Ortiz was already riffling through the documents. My friend, you do not know what you have done. Well, shall we talk about the last two weeks? The debrief took until dawn. The Archer took out his diary and went over everything hed done, pausing only while Ortiz ray ban rb3025 changed tapes in his recorder. That light you saw in the sky. Page 134 Yes . . . it seemed very strange, the Archer said, rubbing his eyes. Yes . . . it seemed very strange, the Archer said, rubbing his eyes. Where is it, exactlyand what is it? I dont know, but its only about a hundred kilometers from the Afghan border. I can show you on the map. How long will you be staying on this side? Perhaps a week, the Archer answered. I must report this to my superiors. They

to inspect the locking mechanism if he wanted to break inside one. He walked over with his head down to shi ray ban rb3025 eld his face from the wind. The only thing he could hear, other than the crunch of snow under his boots, was the signal whistles of the switch engines. It was a Page 172 friendly sound, he told himself, the sound that would change his life, perhaps lead the way to something like freedom.friendly sound, he told himself, the sound that would change his life, perhaps lead the way to somethi ray ban rb3025 ng like freedom. Altunin started to say something. He didnt care if they were stealing parts for sale on the black market. He wasnt concerned at all, but before he could speak, the third one leaped down on him. Altunin was stunned when his head struck a steel rail. He was conscious, but couldnt move

its guests stealing State secrets. Surely they told you that in Washingtonexcuse me, Langley. Her voice trembled as she spoke. My husband is an accredited member of theU.S.diplomatic mission to your country. I wish to be put in contact with my embassy at once. I dont know what youre jabbering about, but I do know that if you make the pregnant wife of a diplomat lose her baby, youll have a diplomatic incident big enough to make the TV news! I didnt talk to that man. I didnt touch him, and he didnt touch meand you know it, mister. What they warned me about inWashingtonis that you clowns love to embar ray ban rb3025 rass Americans ray ban rb3025 with your damned-fool little spy games. Vatutin took all of the speech impassively, though the word pregnant did get his attention. He knew from the reports of the maid who cleaned

napkin to a ball an ray ban rb3025 d set it in the saucer next to the empty coffee cup.everyone noted. Finished, he ray ban rb3025 picked up his papers and left some money on the table. When he moved away from the plate, they could all see that hed crumpled his paper napkin to a ball and set it in the saucer next to the empty coffee cup. Another regular came in. He was a cabdriver who usually got a cup of coffee before beginning his day, and sat alone at the end of the counter. He opened his paper to the sports page, looking around the café as he usually did. He could see the napkin on the saucer. He wasnt quite as good as Butch. Setting the paper in his lap, he reached under the counter and retrieved the message, tucking it in the Style section. After that, it was pretty easy. Loomis paid her bill and left, hopping

Dzerzhinskiy. That was a cold bloody piece of worknext to him Heinrich Himmler was a boy scout. Himmler wasnt as smart, Jack observed. True enough. Feliks broke at least three attempts to bring Lenin down, and one of them was pretty serious. The f ray ban rb3025 ull story on that never has gotten out, but you can bet the r ray ban rb3025 ecords are right in there, the driver said. He was an Australian, part of the company contracted to handle perimeter security for the embassy, and a former commando of the Aussie SAS. He never performed any actual espionage activitiesat least not for Americabut he often played the part, doing strange things. Hed learned to spot and shake tails along the way, and that made the Russians certain that he was CIA or some sort of spook. He made an excellent tour guide, too. He checked the

something someplace. The driver followed her from several hundred yards back while his partner called in agents to talk to the shipping company. The U-Haul van was far easier to track than a Volvo. Paulson and three other men stepped out of the Chevy Suburban at the far end of a hou ray ban rb3025 sing development about two thousand yards from the trailer. A child in the front yard stared at the mentwo carrying rifles, a third carrying an M-60 machine gun as they walked into the woods. Two police cars stayed there after the Suburban drove off, and officers knocked on doors to tell people not to discuss what they hador in most cases, hadntseen. One nice thing about pine trees, Paulson thought one hundred yards into the treeline, was that they d ray ban rb3025 ropped needles, not the noisy leaves that coated the

motor a foot hi ray ban rb3025 gher than that and coated with radar-absorbing material.Clarkkept his head level with the motor and wondered again if the half-dozen metal fragments that decorated his anatomy were large enough to be seen. He knew that this was irrationalthey didnt even set off an airport metal-detectorbut lonely men in dangerous places tended to ray ban rb3025 develop unusually active minds. It was better, really, to be stupid, he told himself. Intelligence only allowed you to realize how dangerous things like this were. After such missions were over, after the shakes went away, after the hot shower, you could bask in the glow of how brave and clever you were, but not now. Now it just seemed dangerous, not to say crazy, to be doing something like this. Page 365 The coastline was clearly visible, a clean