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made life easy on everyone and allowed the owner to discount what she bought by five percent. In addition to being easy to fit, she also spent a lot of her money here, never less than $200 per visit. She was a regular, coming in every six weeks or so. The owner didnt know what she ray ban prescription lenses did, though she looked and acted like a doctor. So precise, so careful about everything. Oddly, she paid cash, the other reason for the discount she got, since credit card companies got a percentage of the sales figure in return for a guarantee of payment. This returned the five percent to the owner, and then some. It was a pity, she thought, that all of her customers couldnt be like this. Ann had brown bedroom eyes and hair, the latter shoulder-length and s ray ban prescription lenses lightly wavy. Willowy, with a petite figure. The other

heart attack and set on the night desk in his section. His rank was major. He felt he deserved a colonelcy for the work hed done, but this thought, too, was not in his mind at the moment. His eyes searched the platform for the gray-haired man in the brown coat. There! He moved off, feeling a small twinge in his left chest as he walked after the man. He ignored that. Hed quit smoking a few years before, and the KGB doctor said that he was doing well. He got w ray ban prescription lenses ithin five meters of the man, and closed no more. This was the time for patienc ray ban prescription lenses e. He followed him through the crossover to the Gorkovskaya Station and onto the platform. Here things got tricky. The platform was crowded with people heading to their offices, and he lost visual contact with his quarry. The KGB officer was a short man and

breaking the rule, and the Minister defends his aidewould the Minister defend Filitov? Yes. Vatutin was sure of that. For one thing, Misha was a trusted aide and a distinguished professio ray ban prescription lenses nal soldier. For another, the Army would always close ranks to defend one of its own against ray ban prescription lenses the KGB. The bastards hate us worse than they hate the West. The Soviet Army had never forgotten the late 1930s, when Stalin had used the security agency to kill nearly every senior uniformed officer, and then as a direct result nearly lostMoscowto the German Army. No, if we go to them with no more than this, theyll reject all our evidence and launch their own investigation with the GRU. Just how many irregularities are going to show up in this case?Colonel Vatutin wondered. Foley was wondering much the same thing

was Bobs idea. He was about due, and it streamlined the software package ev ray ban prescription lenses en better than what I was trying. We dont have to use as much AI as I thought. Oh? The use of AIartificial intelligencewas supposed to be crucial to mirror performance and target discrimination. Yeah, we were overengineering the problem, trying to use reason instead of instinct. We dont have to tell the computer how to ray ban prescription lenses think everything out. We can reduce the command load twenty percent by putting pre-set options in the program. It turns out to be quicker and easier than making the computer make most judgments off a menu. What about the anomalies? Taussig asked. Thats the whole point. The AI routines were actually slowing things down more than we thought. We were trying to make the thing so flexible that it had

door, checking briefly to see that his security entourage was dispersing ray ban prescription lenses as usual into the trees. They paused only to pull cold-weather gear from the trunk of their car, thickly insulated white anoraks and heavy boots to keep their feet warm in the snow.was a widower, and past the age when he might crave young female company. Gerasimov opened his own door, checking briefly to see that his security entourage was dispersing as usual into the trees. T ray ban prescription lenses hey paused only to pull cold-weather gear from the trunk of their car, thickly insulated white anoraks and heavy boots to keep their feet warm in the snow. Thank you, Mikhail Petrovich. Tea? Alexandrov gestured toward the table in the sitting room. It is cold out there, Gerasimov admitted. The two men sat on opposite sides of the table in old

routine. Despite the fact that shed impulsively visited h ray ban prescription lenses er contact, heading to the shopping cent ray ban prescription lenses er was her normal Saturday routine. She parked her Datsun fairly far out, lest some klutz in a Chevy Malibu smash his door against hers. On the way in, she saw Anns Volvo, and the drivers side visor was down. Taussig checked her watch and increased her pace to the entrance. On going in, she turned left. Peggy Jennings was working alone today. They were spread too thin to get the job done as fast as Washingtonwanted, but that wasnt exactly a new story, was it? The setting was both good and bad. Following her subject to the shopping mall was fairly easy, but once inside it was damned near impossible to trail a subject properly, unless you had a real team of agents operating. She got to the door

that sense he was still between them even here, alone in the bedroom. That worthless little caricature of a man who had on this very bed . . . The tears started again, and the gasping breaths, and the running nose as she watched her friend contemplate a world that someone else had torn apart. She felt momentary guilt that she was one of those whod done it, but knew that she would make it whole again. A timid person despite all her flamboyance, Bea had found unexpected courage in herse ray ban prescription lenses lf by working for a foreign government, and more courage still in doing something that she had never expected them to ask. One more thing remained. She sat down next to her friend and held her close, bringing her head down ray ban prescription lenses on the offered shoulder. It was so hard for Bea. Her previous experiences had been

is unusual activity. Perhaps the Chairman has something going that is so sensitive Yesor perhaps that is how its supposed to appear, Golovko observed. For a One man, you seem to ray ban prescription lenses have our way ray ban prescription lenses of thinking, Sergey. Very well. What we would do ordinarilynot that a case like this is ordinary, but you know what I meanis that we assemble information and take it to the Director of the Second Chief Directorate. The Chairman has bodyguards. They would be taken aside and questioned. But such a thing would have to be handled very, very carefully. My chief would have to go towho? Vatutin asked rhetorically. A Politburo member, I suppose, or perhaps the Secretary of the Central Committee, but . . . the Filitov matter is being handled very quietly. I believe the Chairman may wish to use it as political