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willing to put his careerwell, if not behind it, then at least alongside it; and that was all anyone could reasonably ask. If he was building his own empire, it was an empire worth building. The ray ban outlet stores pickup was made in a way that was both unique and routine. The shopping mall was quite ordinary, a roofed-over promenade of ninety-three shops, plus a cluster of five small-screen theaters. There were six shoe stores, and three for jewelry. In keeping with the western location of the place, there was a sporting-goods store that catered to sportsmen, and had a wall full of Winchester Model 70 hunting rifles, something one does not often see in the East. Three up-scale mens clothing ray ban outlet stores establishments dotted the concourse, along with seven for women. One of the latter adjoined the gun-shop. That suited

see on the dirty black floor of the subway car what could only be a film cassette, and one too small to come f ray ban outlet stores rom an ordinary camera. He hadnt seen the attempted pass, and didnt know whod dropped it. He assumed that the fiftyish man had, and noted the skill with which the man had retrieved it. Once off the car, he realized that a pass must have taken place, but hed been too surprised to respond properly, too surprised and too tired after a long nights duty. Page 125 He was a former case officer whod operated inSpainbefore being invalided home after a heart attack and set on the night desk in his section. His rank was major. He felt he deserved a colonelcy for the work hed done, but thi ray ban outlet stores s thought, too, was not in his mind at the moment. His eyes searched the platform for the gray-haired man

one thing he was sure: before he or anyone else at KGB could accuse Filitov of anything, he needed something more serious than this. Even if Misha were a foreign agent Why am I looking for ways to deny that?Vatutin asked himself in some surpri ray ban outlet stores se. He took himself back to the mans flat, and remembered the photographs on the walls. There must have been a hundred of them: Misha standing atop the turret of his T-34, binoculars to his eyes; Misha with his men in the snows outside Stalingrad; Misha and his tank crew pointing to holes in the side armor of a German tank . . . and Misha in a hospital bed, with Stalin himself pinning his third Hero of the Soviet Union medal to his pillow, his lovely wife and bo ray ban outlet stores th children at his side. These were the memorabilia of a patriot and a hero. In the old

a fine drizzle was falling. The Archer hadnt left yet. There were prayers to be said, people to console. Ortiz was off having his face attended to by one of the French doctors, while his friend was riffling through the CIA ray ban outlet stores officers papers. It made him feel guilty, but the Archer told himself that he was merely looking for records that he himself had delivered to the CIA officer. Ortiz was a compulsive note-taker, and, the Archer knew, a map fancier. The map he wanted to see was in its expected place, and clipped to it were several diagrams. These he copied by hand, quickly and accurately, before replacing all as it had been. You guys are so ray ban outlet stores square, Bea Taussig laughed. It would be a shame to spoil the image, Al replied, a smile masking his distaste for their guest. He never understood why

watched him leave, then called for his car. The Chairman of the KGB did not travel alone. His personal Zil a handmade limousine that looked like an oversized American car of thirty years beforewas followed by an even uglier Volga, full of bodyguards selected for their combat skills and absolute loyalty to the office of chairman. Gerasimov sat alone in the back, watching the buildings of Moscow flash by as the car was routed down the center lane of the wide avenues. Soon he was out of the city, heading into the forests where the Germans had been stopped in 1941. Many of those capturedthose who had surv ray ban outlet stores ived typhus and poor foodhad b ray ban outlet stores uilt the dachas. As much as the Russians still hated the Germans, the nomenklatura the ruling class of this classless societywas addicted to German workmanship.

the table in the Kremlin. But the function of those men was to provide a moderating influence on those who aspired to rule, and thes ray ban outlet stores e men were the gamblers. Narmonov was a gambler. So was Gerasimov. Hed play his own game, allying himself with Alexandrov to establish his ideological constituency, blackmailing Vaneyev and Yazov to betray their master. If he wonthe disgraces would not matter, would they? Gerasimov took the key from his pocket and examined it for the first time in the light of his desk lamp. It looked ordinary enough. Used in the designed ray ban outlet stores manner, it would make possible the deaths offifty million? A hundred? More? The Directorate Three men on the submarines and in the land-based rocket regiments held that powerthe zampolit, the political officer alone had the authority to

Bea guided her out of the living room and up the steps toward the bedroom. Once inside, she closed the door. Why, Bea? Why did they do it? Candi sat on the bed, and her stare was merely at a different wall. I dont know, Bea said, more honestly than she knew. She really didnt know, but then, she really didnt care. Page 315 The tears started aga ray ban outlet stores in, and the gasping breaths, and the running nos ray ban outlet stores e as she watched her friend contemplate a world that someone else had torn apart. She felt momentary guilt that she was one of those whod done it, but knew that she would make it whole again. A timid person despite all her flamboyance, Bea had found unexpected courage in herself by working for a foreign government, and more courage still in doing something that she had never expected them to ask. One

basis for the talks, Golovko said. Page 354 Vatutin hadnt considered that, but it wasnt his place to make po ray ban outlet stores licy decisions. He was, after all, nothing more than a policeman with a very special beat. Golovko might have been right in his assessment, but rules were rules. Vatutin hadnt considered that, but it wasnt his place to make policy decisions. ray ban outlet stores He was, after all, nothing more than a policeman with a very special beat. Golovko might have been right in his assessment, but rules were rules. Compartmentalization of information can work both for and against us, Klementi, Golovko warned, wondering if he should warn the negotiators. Thats true enough, Vatutin agreed. When did you arrest your subject? Golovko asked, and got his reply. The timing . . . He took a breath, and forgot about the