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and I got my doctorate right across the river there, atGeorgetown. You didnt say you were a doctor, the Major observed. Ryan laughed at that. Different field, pal. I have a lot of trouble understanding what the hell youre up to, but they stuck me with the job of explaining what it all means to well, to the people who do the a ray ban optical store rms negotiations. Ive been working with them on the intelligence side for the last six months. This drew a grunt. That bunch w ray ban optical store ants to put me out of business. They want to trade it all away. Page 89 They have their job, too, Jack allowed. I need your help to persuade them that what you do is important. They have their job, too, Jack allowed. I need your help to persuade them that what you do is important. Yeah, well, we just saw that, didnt we? Bondarenko got off the

horrified her case officer, but she gave no other outward sign of anything. The train slowed. People rose from their seats, and those standing shuffled about in preparation to leave. Svetlana took her hand out of the pocket. The cassette was slippery, whether from water or some oily subs ray ban optical store tance from the cleaners she ray ban optical store didnt know. The hand left her hipa last, lingering trail of gentle pressureand came upward to receive the small metal cylinder as her face turned to the right. Immediately behind her, an elderly woman tripped on her own feet and bumped into the cutout. His hand knocked the cassette from Svetlanas. She didnt realize it for a moment, but the instant the train stopped, the man was on all fours grabbing for it. She looked down more in surprise than horror to see the back of his head.

documents when he could just as easily copy them at his desk in the Defense Ministry. The search took two hours, and the team left in ones and twos, after replacing everything exactly the way theyd found it. Back at his office, Vatutin read the photographed diary in full. At the apartment hed merely skimmed it. The fragment from the captured film exactly matched a page at the beginning of Filitovs journal. He spent an hour going through the photographs of the pages. The data itself was impressive enough. Filitov was describing Project Bright Star in considerable detail ray ban optical store . In fact, the old Colonels explanation was better than the brief hed been given as part of the investigation directive. Tossed in were details of Colonel Bondarenkos observat ray ban optical store ions about site security and a few complaints on

would be handled. A public trial? Could ray ban optical store they dare to go public with so famous a war hero? That, he told himself, was a political question. The door opened and closed, indicating that Filitov had gotten the copy of Red Star dropped off daily by a Defense Ministry messenger. They heard the gurgling of his coffee machine, and shared a lookthis bastard Page 199 traitor drinks good coffee every morning!traitor drinks good coffee every morning! Still eats like a soldier, the cameraman said. He was a good one once, another officer observed. You : foolish old man, how could you do it? Breakfast was over soon t ray ban optical store hereafter, and they watched Filitov walk toward the bathroom, where he washed and shaved. He returned to view to dress. On the videoscreen , they saw him take out a brush to polish his boots.

computer-program data so recently transmitted through Lieutenant Bisyarina was, unfortunately, obsolete. Something that might have helped to smooth the water between KGB and the Defense Ministrys darling new project was now gone. He had to have a confessi ray ban optical store on, and it had to be a confession that was not extracted by torture. Everyone knew that torture could yield anything that the questioners wanted, that most subjects would have enough incentive in their pain to say whatever was required of them. He needed something good enough to take to the Politburo itself, and the Pol ray ban optical store itburo members no longer held KGB in so much fear that they would take Gerasimovs words at face value. Vatutin, I need it, and I need it soon. When can you deliver? Using the methods to which we are now limited, no more than

Unionis ray ban optical store not a nation of gamblers. Its national strategy has always been more reflective of the Russians national passio ray ban optical store n for chess, a series of careful, pre-planned moves, never risking much, always protecting its position by seeking small, progressive advantages wherever possible. The Politburo had almost always moved in that way. The Politburo itself was largely composed of similar men. More than half were apparatchiks who had spoken the appropriate words, filled the necessary quotas, taking what advantages they could, and who had won advancement through a stolidness whose perfection they could display around the table in the Kremlin. But the function of those men was to provide a moderating influence on those who aspired to rule, and these men were the gamblers. Narmonov was a gambler.

she herself might face, but put that worry aside. She trusted Anns professionalism. One of the first things shed been told on starting her second career was that she would be protected, even to the death. Such promises had to be real, Ann had said, because they had a practical dimension. It was a business, Bea thought, ray ban optical store and she felt confident that those in it knew how to handle themselves. The worst thing that could happen was that the police and FBI would rescue Al, but they were probably already gone, she told herself. Or maybe theyd kill him, despite what Ann had told her the previous night. That would be too bad. She wanted him out of the way. Not dead, just out of the way. She remembered the table talk at the project about how some German, Ita ray ban optical store lian, and British people working in SDI-

acting . . . strangely. What am I to do? he asked, and was rewarded with an answer right from the book ray ban optical store : You should write up a report for the Second Directorate, of course. Golovko nearly choked on his breakfast. A fine idea. Immediately afterward I can slash my throat with a razor and save everyone the time and trouble of an interrogation. Some people are above suspicionor have enough power that no one dares to suspect them. Sergey, if there is an ray ban optical store ything I have learned in the past few weeks, it is that there is no such thing as above suspicion. Weve been working a case so high in the Defense Ministry . . . you would not believe it. I scarcely do. Vatutin waved for a waiter to bring a fresh pot of tea. The pause gave the other man a chance to think. Golovko had intimate knowledge of that