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right, altering altitude in a conscious effort to make the Archers job impossible. This was truly a skilled enemy, the guerrilla told himself. His dea ray ban new wayfarer th would be all the more satisfying. Flares were dotting the sky above him, but he knew that the flickering light made for poor viewing conditions as long as he kept still. I see movement, the Hinds gunner reported. Ten oclock. Wrong place, the pilot said. He brought his cyclic control to the right and slid horizontally as his eyes searched the ground. The Soviets had captured several of the American Stinger ray ban new wayfarer s, and had tested them exhaustively to determine their speed, range, and sensitivity. He figured himself to be at least three hundred meters beyond its range, and if fired upon, hed use the missiles track to fix his target, then rush in to

Americans? And hope changed yet again to despair. ray ban new wayfarer He coughed again, and fresh blood erupted from his mouth. For his part, the Archer felt lucky. His group had met up with another, taking two Soviet BTR-60 infantry carriers out toPakistan, and they were only too h ray ban new wayfarer appy to carry the wounded of his band out with them. The Archer was famous, and it could not hurt to have a SAM-shooter protect them if Russian helicopters showed up. But there was little danger of that. The nights were long, the weather had turned foul, and they averaged almost fifteen kilometers per hour on the flat places, and no less than five on the rocky ones. Theyd be to the border in an hour, and this segment was held by the mudjaheddin . The guerrillas were starting to relax. Page 133 Soon theyd have a week of relative

People could disappear in theSoviet Union. After all, it was a country of 280,000,000, he told himself. People were alw ray ban new wayfarer ays losing or damaging their papers. He wondered how many of these thoughts were realistic and how many were simply an attempt to cheer himself up. But he couldnt stop now. It had sta ray ban new wayfarer rted inAfghanistanand he wondered if it would ever stop. Hed been able to shut it out at first. A corporal in an ordnance company, he worked with what the Soviet military euphemistically referred to as counterterrorist devices. These were distributed by air, or most often Page 171 by Soviet soldiers completing a sweep through a village. Some were the prototypical Russian matryoshka dolls, a bandanaed figure with a roly-poly bottom; or a truck; or a fountain pen. Adults learned fast, but

sake take the breakout signal this time, and maybe theyll do the debrief on the F ray ban new wayfarer arm, and my son can meet a real Russian hero . . . ? God, I ray ban new wayfarer wish my grandfather could see me now . . . Shed never been here before, never done a pass in this building. But she knew it by heart, having spent twenty minutes going over the diagram. The CARDINALs door was . . . that one! Time!Her heart skipped a beat as she saw the door open, thirty feet away. What a pro!But what came next was as cold as a dagger made of ice. Vatutins eyes widened in horror at the noise. The deadbolt on the apartment door had been installed with typical Russian workmanship, about half a millimeter out of line. As he slipped it in preparation to leap from the room, it made an audible click . Mary Pat Foley scarcely broke stride.

7:30 for their morning conference, but today he called one of his officers early. I need you to get some information from Cassius on this Ryan business. It is imperative that we confirm his current legal difficulties as quickly as possible. That means today if you can manage it. Today? the man asked in some discomfort as he took the written instructions. There is risk in moving so rapidly. T ray ban new wayfarer he Chairman is aware of that, Platonov observed dryly. Today, the man nodded. The rezident smiled inwardly as his man left. That was as much emotion as hed shown ray ban new wayfarer in a month. This one had a real future. Theres Butch, an FBI agent observed as the man came out of the embassy compound. They knew his real name, of course, but the first agent whod shadowed him had noted that he looked like a Butch, and the

different the m ray ban new wayfarer otivation was. He concluded quickly that this was not a pr ray ban new wayfarer oper thought for a simple counterintelligence officer. At least not yet. Filitov got his ideas from the clumsy way the Party treated his family. Well, even though the Party says it never makes mistakes, we all know differently. What a pity that Misha couldnt make that allowance. After all, the Party is all we have. Vatutin was surprised to see that it was morning. Hed allowed himself to focus too fully these last two days, and hed thought that it would be nighttime. So much the better, though: he could see the Chairman right now. The really amazing part was that he was actually on a fairly normal schedule. He could go home tonight and get a normal nights sleep, reacquaint himself with wife and family, watch some

down. Paulson, if theres one near him when we make the move, you take him down with the first shot, whether hes got a weapon out or not. Hold it, Gus, Paulson objected. Th ray ban new wayfarer eres sure as hell going to be The hostage is important, and there is reason to suspect that any attempt to re ray ban new wayfarer scue him will result in his death Somebodys been watching too many movies, another team member observed. Who? Paulson asked both quietly and pointedly. The President. Director Jacobs was on the phone, too, Hes got it in writing. I dont like it, the rifleman said. They will have somebody in there baby-sitting him, and you want me to blow him away whether he is threatening the hostage or not. Thats exactly right, Werner agreed. If you cant do it, tell me now. I have to know why, Gus. The President called him a

the indicator light for the hatc ray ban new wayfarer h change from a dash, meaning closed, to a circle, meaning open. The bridge trunk ended on a platform a few feet below the bridge itself. Clark wrenched open the hatch and climbed up. Next he hauled out his raft with the help of the seaman below on the ladder. Alone now in the submarines tiny bridge-the control station atop the sailhe set the thing athwart the top of the sail and pulled the rope that inflated it. The high-pitched rasp of the rushing air seemed to scream into the night, and Clark winced to hear it. As soon as the rubberized fabric became taut, he called to the sailor to close the trunk hatch, then grabbed the bridge phone. All ready here. The hatch is closed. See you in a couple of ho ray ban new wayfarer urs. Right. Good luck, Mancuso said again. Aloft,