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display appeared, showing the apparent temperature of the glowing satellite. In a few seconds the image fa ray ban junior eyeglasses ded, and again the computer had had to adjust to keep track on the Cosmos. There was a second or two of static on the screen, then a new image began to form. This is ninety minutes old. The satellite went over Hawaii a few orbits later, Graham said. We have cameras there to eyeball the Russian satellites. Look at the shot I gave you. Before and After, right? Gregorys eyes flicked from one image to another. Solar panels are gone . . . wow. Whats the body of the satellite made of? Aluminum, for the most part, Grah ray ban junior eyeglasses am said. The Russians go in for ruggeder construction than we do. The internal frames may be made of steel, but more likely titanium or magnesium. That gives us a top-end figure

his first considered action ray ban junior eyeglasses was to go into the bathroom, where he Page 121 splashed cold water on his face and washed down three aspirin. Some dry heaves followed, over the toilet, but all that came out was yellow bile, and he rose to look in the mirror to see what treason had done to a Hero of theSoviet Unio ray ban junior eyeglasses n. He could notwould notstop, of course, but . . . but look what it is doing to you, Misha. The once clear-blue eyes were bloodshot and lifeless, the ruddy complexion gray like a corpse. His skin sagged, and the gray stubble on his cheeks blurred a face that had once been called handsome. He stretched his right arm, and as usual the scar tissue was stiff, looking like plastic. Well. He washed out his mouth and trudged off to the kitchen to make some coffee.splashed cold water on his

They must have some good folks on the laser end, though. How good? Good enough that theyre doing something we havent figured out yet, Al grumped as they reached his Chevy. You drive, Im still a little dopey. Will we figure it out? Candi asked as she unlocked the door. Page 157 Sooner or later. He couldnt go any further than that, fiancée or not. Sooner or later. He couldnt go any further than that, fiancée or not.didnt mind. Sometimes Candi wondered if his love for her resulted from the fact that her nickname reminded him of junk food. Hows work on the new mirror going? he asked after snappin ray ban junior eyeglasses g down half of the Twinkie. Marv has a new idea that were modeling out. He thinks we should thin out the coating instead of thickening ray ban junior eyeglasses it. Were going to try it next week. Marvs pretty original for an

phone and called Vatutins home.correct, but for the wrong reason. He reached for the phone and called Vatutins home. I have something of interest, the officer said simply. Send a car. Vatutin was there twenty-five minutes later, unshaven and irritable. The Major merely set out the crucial series of photographs. We never suspected her, he said while the Colonel examined the pictures through a magnifying glass. A fine disguise, Vatutin observed sourly. Hed been asleep only for an hour when the phone rang. He was still learning how to sleep without a few stiff drinks beforehandtrying to learn, he corrected himself. The Colonel l ray ban junior eyeglasses ooked up. Can you ray ban junior eyeglasses believe it? Right in front of the Defense Minister and four security guards! The balls of this woman! Whos her regular shadow? The Major merely

risked my lifeIve put it all on the line. Some things you know about, and one that you dont. I have risked my life for this country, and they want to send me to prison!rather d ray ban junior eyeglasses ie than have to disgrace myself like that. God damn it, Ive risked my lifeIve put it all on the line. Some things you know about, and one that you dont. I have risked my life for this country, and they want to send me to prison! Defect? You have to be joking. You dont really expect me to live in your workers paradise, do you? No, but for the proper incentive, perhaps we could change your situation. There will be witnesses against you. They could have accidents . . . Dont give me that shit! Jack ray ban junior eyeglasses leaned forward. You dont do jobs like that in our country and we dont do them in yours. Everything has a price. Surely you

conspiracy. Unfortunately, Putin died after arriving, of a heart attack. Thats a lie, but try proving it. You cannot blackmail me, Ryan! There was no emotion at all now. One more thing. SDI is not on the bargaining table. Did you tell the Politburo that it was? Jack asked. Page 274 Youre finished, Mr. Gerasimov. We have the ability to disgrace you, and youre just too good a target to pass up. If we dont get Filitov back, we can leak all sorts of things. Some will be confirmed, but the really good ones will be denied, of cou ray ban junior eyeglasses rse, while the FBI launches an urgent investigation to identify the leakers .Youre finished, Mr. Gerasimov. We have the ability to disgrace y ray ban junior eyeglasses ou, and youre just too good a target to pass up. If we dont get Filitov back, we can leak all sorts of things. Some will be

questions.never had to worry about that before. With a weeks warning, as she would have had for a proper operation, shed have had time to answer a lot of questions. Two days, perhaps three. Thats a long time, Leonid observed. I may need that long to evaluate the countermeasures that we are li ray ban junior eyeglasses kely to face. For the moment, dont bother shaving. Bob nodded after a moment. It is your territory. When you get back, you can write this up as a case study in why ray ban junior eyeglasses operations need proper preparation, Bisyarina said. Anything else you need? No. Very well. I will see you again tomorrow afternoon. No, Beatrice Taussig told the agents. I saw Al this afternoon. Ishe glanced uneasily at CandiI wanted him to help me withwell, with picking up a birthday present for Candace tomorrow. I saw him in the parking

his consciousness. It came to him through his cold-numbed brain, and he left his perch, telling the Major to remain. He came back carrying a Stinger missile launcher. The metal tube was cold to the touch as he assembled it. The acquisition units were all carried inside his mens clothing, to protect the batteries from the cold. He expertly assembled and activated the weapon, then r ray ban junior eyeglasses ested his cheek on the metal conductance bar and trained it on the nearest guard tower ... Listen, he said, and handed the weapon over. The officer took it and did as he was directed. Ah. His teeth formed a Cheshire-cat grin in the bl ray ban junior eyeglasses ack night. Clarkwas busy, too. Obviously a careful man, Mancuso noted as he watched, he was laying out and checking all of his equipment. The mans clothing looked ordinary, though