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navigator raised an eyebrow at the Colonels interest and got a pat on the shoulder by way of apology. It was time to leave ray ban gradient sunglasses .to look out the windows. ray ban gradient sunglasses Both turbofans were performing well. He would have preferred a four- engined aircraft for extended over-water flight, but that hadnt been his decision. The navigator raised an eyebrow at the Colonels interest and got a pat on the shoulder by way of apology. It was time to leave. Three hours, seventeen minutes, sir; three hours thirty-nine minutes to orbit point. Guess I have time for a nap, the Colonel said on his way to the door. He closed it and walked aft, past the telescope assembly to the main cabin. Why was it that the crews doing the flying now were so damned young? They probably think I need a nap instead of being bored to death.

This array here at Bach is a laser transmitter. And they blasted a satellite with it? Jeff Pelt asked. Yes, sir, Major Gregory answered. They slagged it down, as we say at the lab. They pumped eno ray ban gradient sunglasses ugh energy into it to, well, to melt some of the metal and destroy the solar power cells entirely. We cant do that yet? the President asked Gregory. No, sir. We cant put that much power out the front end. Page 109 How is it that they got ahead of us? Were putting a lot of money into lasers, arent we, General? How is it that they got ahead of us? Were putting a lot of money into lasers, arent we, General? Okay, what do we know about this test they ran? It was Gregorys turn again. Sir, we know that it came fromDushanbebecause the only other high-energy laser si ray ban gradient sunglasses tes, at Sary Shagan andSemipalatinsk,

Vatutin bolt from his chair. Perhaps Germans had heard that once, the scream of the victims of their death camps when the doors were shut and the gas crystals had sprinkled down. But this was worse. Hed seen executions. Hed seen torture. He had heard cries of pain and rage and despair, but h ray ban gradient sunglasses e had never heard the scream of a soul condemned to something worse than hell. There . . . that ought to be the beginning of the third stage. What? You see, the doctor explained, the human animal is a social animal. Our beings and ray ban gradient sunglasses our senses are designed to gather data that allow us to react both to our environment and our fellow human beings. Take away the human company, take away all sensory input, and the mind is totally alone with itself. There is ample data to demonstrate what happens. Those

for an a ray ban gradient sunglasses ide, and so endanger Narmonov.would cooperate fully with the KGB investigation. But the world was not ideal. In addition to the expected institutional rivalries, Yazov was in the pocket of the General Secretary and knew of the differences of opinion between Gerasimov and Narmonov. No, the Defense Minister would either take over the entire investigation through his own security arm, or use his political power to close the case entirely, lest KGB disgrace Yazov himself for having a traitor for an aide, and so endanger Narmonov. The Defense Minister was also a man with a mission. Under the cover of the restructuring initiative of the General Secretary, Yazov hoped to use his knowledge of the officer corps to remake the So ray ban gradient sunglasses viet Armyin the hope, supposedly, of professionalizing the

know that. Even during the shooting he hadnt kn ray ban gradient sunglasses own. Hed been a soldier, and when a soldiers country is invaded, the soldier fights to repel the enemy. So much the easier when the enemy is as brutal as the Germans were . . . We fought for the Soviet Union, Corporal. Did we, now? I seem to remember fighting f ray ban gradient sunglasses or Mother Russia, but mainly I remember fighting for you, Comrade Captain. But A soldier fights for his comrades, my Captain. I fought for my family. You and our troop, they were my only family. I suppose you also fought for your family, the big one and the little one. I always envied you that, my Captain, and I was proud that you made me part of both in the way that you did. Page 224 But I killed you. I shouldnt have We all have our destiny, Comrade Captain. Mine was to die young at

whine as the flaps went down and noted the reduced engine noise. Soon he could just pick out individual trees, racing by. The pilots voice c ray ban gradient sunglasses ame on, telling smokers to put them out, and that it was time for seat belts again. Five minutes later they returned to ground level again atSheremetyevoAirport. Despite the fact that airports all over the world look exactly alike, Ryan could be sure of this onethe taxiways were the bumpiest anywhere. The cabin talk was more lively now. The excitement was beginning as the airplanes crew started moving about. What followed went in a blur. Ernie Allen was met by a welcoming committee of the appropriate level ray ban gradient sunglasses and whisked off in an embassy limousine. Everyone else was relegated to a bus. Ryan sat by himself, still watching the countryside outside the

before. He nodded,limbs had ignored his frantic wishes while his mind raged at them. It had come to him in an instant: Thats why I hate Bea! It wasnt her snotty manner and her weird way of dressing at all. But he set that one far aside. There were more important things to worry about, and his mind was racing as it had never raced before. He nodded, The effect of the chemical ray ban gradient sunglasses irritant will pass in about an hour, Bill told him. There will be no permanent effect. Who are you? Al asked. His voice was a mere whisper, as raspy as sandpaper. Lenny told you to be still, the driver replied. Besides, someone as bright as you must already know who we are. Am I correct? Bob loo ray ban gradient sunglasses ked in the mirror and was rewarded with a nod. Russians!Al told himself in a combination of amazement and certainty. Russians

that absorbed and dissipated energy and vibrated only to its own inefficient frequency. Unless that changed . . . the West was racing into a new industrial age while the Soviet Union still could not feed itself, China was adopting the economic lessons of Japan, and in two generations might become the worlds third economy: a billion people with a strong, driving economy, right on our border, hungry for land, and with a racial hatred of ray ban gradient sunglasses all Russians that could make Hitlers fascist legions seem like a flock of football hooligans. That was a strategic threat to his country that made the nuclear weapons of America and NATO shrivel to insignificancean ray ban gradient sunglasses d still the Party bureaucracy didnt see that it had to change or risk being the agent of its own doom! Someone has to try, and that someone is me.