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pilot brought the aircraft into a gentle right turn to avoid what seemed to be the heaviest concentration of ground fire. Once clear, hed come back to the north forKabuland safety. Behind him, the navigator wasnt looking at his charts. Rather, he was deploying parachute flares every five seconds. These were not to help the troops on the ground, though they did have that effect. They were to fool ground-laun ray ban glasses styles ched missiles. The manual said to deploy one every five seconds.quicker. The pilot brought the aircraft into a gentle right turn to avoid wha ray ban glasses styles t seemed to be the heaviest concentration of ground fire. Once clear, hed come back to the north forKabuland safety. Behind him, the navigator wasnt looking at his charts. Rather, he was deploying parachute flares every five seconds. These were not

beat, and softened further. Comrade, I take no pleasure in bringing pain to people, but if my job requires it, I will give the order without hesitation. You cannot resist what we will do to you. No one can. No matter how brave you may be, your body has its limits. So does mine. So does anyones. It is only a matter of time. Time is important to us only for the next few hours, you see. After that, we can take all the time we wish. A man with a hammer can break the hardest stone. Save yourself the pain, Comrade. Save your life, t ray ban glasses styles he voice concluded, and the eyes, which were oddly sad and determined at the same time, stared into the couriers. The interrogator saw that hed won. You could always tell from the eyes. Th ray ban glasses styles e defiant ones, the hard ones, didnt shift their eyes. They might stare straight

his cabin. His first visitor was a commander. Hed expected a submarine officer, but this one had no service badges at all. That made him an intelligence type. How was the crossing, Captain? the man asked. Quiet. Well, get on with it! You sail in three hours. Here are your mission orders. He handed over a manila envelope with wax seals, and a note on the front that told Mancuso when he could open it. Though often a feature in movies, it was the f ray ban glasses styles irst time this had happened to him as a CO. You were supposed to be able to discuss your mission with the people who gave it to you. But not th ray ban glasses styles is time. Mancuso signed for them, locked them in his safe under the watchful eyes of the spook, and sent him back on his way. Page 168 Shit, the Captain observed to himself. Now his guests could come aboard.

something theyd do, she thought, looking at herself in the mirror. The first order of b ray ban glasses styles usiness was ray ban glasses styles to take her temperature. They both wanted another child, and had been working on it for a few monthswhich beat watching Russian TV. Professionally, of course, pregnancy made one hell of a cover. After three minutes she noted the temperature on a card she kept in the medicine cabinet. Probably not yet , she thought. Maybe in a few more days. She dropped the remains of an Early Pregnancy Test kit in the waste can anyway. Next, there were the children to rouse. She got breakfast going, and shook everyone loose. Living in an apartment with but a single bathroom imposed a rigid schedule on them. There came the usual grumbles from Ed, and the customary whines and groans from the kids. God, itll be

the State for what happened to your family . . . or is it something else entirely . . . ? Tell me, Vatutin said. Tell me why you hate the Motherland. I do not, Filitov replied. I have killed for the Motherland. I have bled for the Motherland. I have burned for the Motherland. But I did not do these things for the likes of you. For all his weakness, the defiance blazed in his eyes like a flame. Vatutin was unmoved. I was close, but something changed. If I can find what that is, Filitov, I will have you!Something told Vatutin that he alrea ray ban glasses styles dy had what he needed. The trick was to identify it. The interrogation continued. Though Filitov would successfully resist this time, and the next time, and even the time after that ray ban glasses styles , Vatutin was drawing down on the mans physical and emotional energy. Both

didnt he? Rubbish! I reported Penkovskiy myself. Filitov shrugged. He was surprised at the way he felt, but was unable to control it. I suppose your kind does have its use. Oleg Penkovskiy was a sad, confused man who paid the price that such men have to pay. As will you, Vatutin said. I cannot prevent you from killing me, but I have seen death too many times. Death has taken my wife and my sons. Death has taken so many of my comradesand death ha ray ban glasses styles s tried to take me often enough. Sooner or later death will win, whether from you or someone else. I have forgotten how to fear that. Tell me, what do you fear? Not you. This was deli ray ban glasses styles vered not with a smile, but with a cold, challenging glare. But all men fear something, Vatutin observed. Did you fear combat? Ah, Misha, youre talking too much now. Do

the moment. The admission had come first as it always did, and that was always hard, but after that, once theyd been broken or ray ban glasses styles tricked into confessing, then came the easy part. It could last for weeks, and Vatutin had no idea where this one would end. The initial phase was aimed at outlining what hed done. The detailed examination of each episode would follow, but the two-phase nature of the interrogation was crucial to establishing a cross-referencing index, lest the subject later try to change or deny particular things. Even this phase, glossing over the details as they went, horrified Vatutin and his men. Specifications for every tank and gun in the Soviet Army, including the variations never sent to the Arabswhich was as good as giving the ray ban glasses styles m to the Israelis, therefore as good as giving

way south to the Foreign Ministry, repeating the route that nearly enca ray ban glasses styles psulated Ryans slim knowledge of this city of eight million souls. One by one the cars curved onto the small traffic circle and their oc ray ban glasses styles cupants were guided into the building. This reception was not nearly as elaborate as the last one in the Kremlin had been, but this session had not accomplished quite as much. The next one would be a bear, as the summit deadline approached, but the next session was scheduled to be in Washington. The reporters were already waiting, mainly print, with a few TV cameras present. Someone approached Jack as soon as he handed off his topcoat. Yeah? He turned. Mike Paster , Washington Post. Theres a report inWashingtonthat your SEC problems have been settled. Jack laughed. God, its nice not to