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numerous models of real and imagined space vehicles . . . and weapons. Parks was usually a genial man. A former test pilot, hed marched through a career so accomplished that one would expect a bluff-hearty handshaker to have done it. Instead, Parks was an almost monkish person, with a smile that was at once engagingly shy and quietly intense. His many ribbons did not adorn his short-sleeved shirt, only a minia ray ban glasses frames sale ture of his command-pilots wings. He didnt have to impress people with what hed done. He could do so with what he was. Parks was one of the brightest people in government, certainly in the top ten, perhaps in the top one. Gregory saw that the General had company tonight. Gregory came to attentionfor Parksand reported-as-ordered, sir. How was the flight? Super. Sir, is ray ban glasses frames sale the soda machine

dragged him off to mutilate the body. You wouldnt believe what they do to captives. Barbarians, the KGB man muttered. Shooting down an unarmed airliner. He looked around. Loyal Afghan troopsthat was an optimistic adjective for them, he grumbledwere pu ray ban glasses frames sale tting the bodies, and the pieces, into rubber bags to be helicoptered back to Ghazni , then flown toMoscowfor identification. And if they dragged my mans body off? Well never find it. Oh, theres some chance, but not a good one. Every circling vulture we see, well send a helicopter out, but . . . The Captai ray ban glasses frames sale n shook his head. The odds are that you already have the body, Comrade Major. It will just require some time to confirm the fact. Poor bastarddesk man. Wasnt even his territory, but the man assigned here is in the hospital with gallbladder

assembling data for a full report to the Politburo. The code word on that photographic frame you recovered was Bright Star, was it not? Yes, Comrade Chairman. Vatutin, we now have three coincidences, Gerasimov observed. Your recommendation? That was simple enough: We should place Filitov under surveillance. Probably this Bondarenko fellow also. Very carefully, but with the utmost thoroughness. Gerasimov closed the file. This is a fine report, and it wou ray ban glasses frames sale ld seem that your investigative insti ray ban glasses frames sale ncts are as sharp as ever, Colonel. You will keep me posted on this case. I expect to see you three times a week from now until its conclusion. General, he said to the head of Two, this man will get all the support he needs. You may requisition resources from any part of the Committee. If you run into

damned noisy? Each frame required a few seconds as the officer used a magnifying ray ban glasses frames sale glass to examine the subjects of his interest. When Mrs. Foley entered the sequence of photos, he needed a few more seconds. He examined her clothing and jewelry at some length, and her face. Her smile was particularly mindless, like something in a Western television commercial, and he remembered hearing her screams over the crowd. Why were Americans so damned noisy? It was the eyes, he thought. In the still photos her eyes sparkled with something different from what hed watched in person. Why was that? In the photograph ray ban glasses frames sale s, her eyesthey were blue, he rememberedwere always focused on something. The face, he noticed, had vaguely Slavic cheekbones. He knew that Foley was an Irish name, and assumed that her

him look bad on something a few years back, and he isnt the sort of man to forget that sort of thing. Maybe one of his people . . . he has so ray ban glasses frames sale me good ones. The Admiral wants to help, but hes old. The Judge is on his way out, supposed to have left a year ago, but hes hanging on somehowhe couldnt help me if he wanted to. The Presidents a lawyer, a prosecutor. He gets even a whiff that you might have bent a law, andits amazing how quick you can get lonely. Theres a bunch in the State Department whore after my ass, too. I dont see things quite their way. This is a bitch of a town to be honest in. Its correct, then, Platonov thought. Theyd gotten the report first from Peter Henderson, code-named Cassius, whod been feeding data to the KGB for over ten years, first as special ray ban glasses frames sale assistant to the

followed by a businesslike observation: I caution you that time is short. You have information for me? Yes, I do. Jack reached inside his coat. Gerasimov tensed for a moment, then relaxed. Only a madman would try to kill the chief of the KGB, and he knew from Ryans dossier that he was not mad. I have something for you, said Ryan. Oh? Impatience. Gerasimov was not a man who liked to be kept waiting. He watched Ryans hands Page 273 fumble with something, and was puzzled to hear the rasp of metal scraping against metal. Jacks clumsiness disappeared when the key came off the ring, and when he spoke, he was a man claiming anothers pot.fumble with something, and was puzzled to hear the rasp of metal scrap ray ban glasses frames sale ing against metal. Jacks clumsiness disappeared when ray ban glasses frames sale the key came off the ring, and when he

it to be a lie. Im sure. She set the bag on the table. Tomorrow Ill rent you a new car. Its too dangerous to move yours. Where did you Two hundred meters ups the road, in the thickest trees we could squeeze it into, covered with branches. It will be hard to spot ray ban glasses frames sale , even from the air. Yes, keep that in mind. The police here have some helicopters. Here. She tossed Bob a black wig. Next came some glasses, one pair set with clear lenses, and the other, a pair of mirror-type sunglasses. Are you allergic to makeup? What? Page 308 Makeup, you fool Makeup, you fool Your skin is pale. In case you havent noticed, a large number of the people in this area are Spanish. This is my territory and you ray ban glasses frames sale will now do exactly as I say. She paused for a beat. Ill get you out of here. The American woman, she knows

held machine guns. One of those buildings held armed soldiers who would have heavy weapons. That was something to be frightened about. Which building? He had to know that, because that building had to be attacked first. His mortars would put their shells on that one first of all. But which one was it?extent of the construction surprised him. To do all thison the top of a mountain! How important could such a place be to deserve all the effort, all the expense. Something that sent a laser beam into the sky . . . to what e ray ban glasses frames sale nd? The Americans had asked him if hed seen what the light-beam had hit. They knew it had hit something, then? Something in the sky. Whatever it was, it had frightened the Americans, had frightened the same people who made the missiles with which he had ki ray ban glasses frames sale lled so many