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Pokryshkin nodded, but his expression hadnt changed. We were supposed to have chopped a hole right through it. If we can do that, it would look as though a piece of orbiting space junk had impacted the satellite. Thats the kind of energy concentration we were looking for. Bright Star wasnt built to destroy satellites, Colonel. We can already do that easily enough. And Bondarenko got the message. Bright Star had, in fact, been built for that specific purpose, but the power breakthrough that had justified the funding for the installation exceeded expec ray ban female glasses tations by a factor of four, and P ray ban female glasses okryshkin wanted to make two leaps at once, to demonstrate an antisatellite capability and a system that could be adapted to ballistic-missile defense. This was an ambitious man, though not in the usual sense.

understand even better than his Elena, but was afraid to find out. The half-liter of vodka didnt provide the answer either. At least it drugged his brain to insensibility, and he staggered off to bed just after ten, leaving the lights on behind him. Just after eleven, a car drove by the wide boulevard that fronted the apartment block, and a pair of blue eyes checked the Colonels windows. It was Ed Foley this time. He noted the shades. On the way to his own flat, anoth ray ban female glasses er covert message was passed. AMoscowsanitation worker set up a collection of signals. They were innocuous things, a chalk mark on a lamp po ray ban female glasses st, for example, each of which would tell a part of the cutout team to be at their assigned posts. Another member of the CIA Moscow Station staff would check the cues at dawn, and if

being appointed to a middle-level post in the KGBs Fifth Chief Directorate, whose mission was the suppression of internal dissent. His delicate handling of this mission had earned him steady promotion and finally appointment as First Deputy Chairman ten years earlier. There he had learned the bus ray ban female glasses iness of foreign intelligence from the administrative side, and performed well enough to gain the respect of professional field officers for his instincts. First and foremost, however, he was a Party man, and that explained his chairmanship. At fifty-three he was fairly young for his job, and looked younger still. His youthful face had never been lined by contemplation of failure, and his confident gaze looked forward to further promotion. For a man who already had a ray ban female glasses seat both on the Politburo and

center stopped it with his skate, stepped back, and sent a blazing shot between the legs of the opposing goalie. The light behind the cage flashed, and sticks went soaring into the air. Page 192 Fine centering pass, Yazov noted with genuine admiration. He continued on in a chiding tone. You realize that your son now pos ray ban female glasses sesses State secrets, and we cannot allow him to leave the country. Fine centering pass, Yazov noted with genuine admiration. He continued on in a chiding tone. You realize th ray ban female glasses at your son now possesses State secrets, and we cannot allow him to leave the country. Youre joking? she asked quietly. Both the soldiers broke out into laughter. The Comrade Minister is most certainly joking, Misha said after a moment. I thought so! she said rather unconvincingly before she turned back

problem was that he had trouble remembering the exact pattern . . . His hangover didnt help, nor did his nervousness. What if they didnt bite? Hello, Dr. Ryan, a familiar ray ban female glasses voice said. Jack turned with some surprise. Page 233 I didnt know they let you guys come out this far. Act II, Scene 1. Jack didnt let his relief show. In that ray ban female glasses respect the hangover helped. The travel radius cuts right through Garfinckels , if you examine the map carefully, Sergey Platonov pointed out. Shopping for your wife? Im sure my file gave you all the necessary clues. Yes, her birthday. He looked down at the display case. A pity that I cannot afford such things for mine . . . If you were to make the appropriate overtures, the Agency could probably arrange something, Sergey Nikolaych. But the Rodina might not

!Jacks expression froze in place; his heart skipped a beat or two. Really? How did you ever get that idea? Page 271 Im not GRU, Ryan, not really. My original assignment was in Third Directorate, but I have since moved on t ray ban female glasses o other things, he explained before laughing again. This laugh was genuine. Hed just invalidated CIAs file on himselfand, he could see, Ryans own observation. His hand reached out to pat Ryan on the upper arm. I will leave you now. In five minutes you will walk through the door behind you and to the left as though looking for the mens room. After that, you will follow instructions. Understood? He patted Ryans arm again. Im not GRU, Ryan, not really. My original assignment was in Third Directorate, but I have since moved on to other things, he ex ray ban female glasses plained before laughing

to do it. The state police officer was a very angry man. Only way he coulda got it out so fast. The photo on the license, is it accurate? AgentJenningsasked. Page 306 Yes, maam. Pete Mendez was a young officer, and managed to makeJenningsfeel her age with that remark. He next got out rough descriptions of the other two. Then came the victim; Maybe thirty, skinny, glasses. He was wearing a jacketlike a uniform jacket. I didnt see any insignia, but I ray ban female glasses didnt get much of a look. He had his hair cut like he was in the service, too. Dont know the eye color, either, but there was something funny . . . his eyes were shiny, like oh, the Mace smell. Maybe that was it. Maybe they Maced him. He didnt say anything, but, like, he mouthed the words, you know? I thought th ray ban female glasses at was funny, but the guy in the

the panel up front next. You get that?Paul von Eich wanted to ask the KGB guard fifteen feet below, but couldnt. His crew was already readying the plane for its return trip. Theyd had a couple of days to see the sights. This time it had been an old monastery about forty miles outside the citythe last ten miles of which had been over roads that were probably dirt in summertime but were a mixture of mud and snow now. Theyd had their guided, guarded tour ofMoscow, and now the airmen were ready to go home. He hadnt briefed his men on what Ryan had told him yet. The time for that would come tomorrow evening. He wondered how they would react. The ray ban female glasses session ended on schedule, with a hint from the Soviets that theyd be willing to talk over inspection time ray ban female glasses s tomorrow. Theyd have to talk fast, Ryan