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begun. Besides, Bright Star had already made its breakthrough in laser power. Recycle, the senior engineer said into his headset. They were testing the system c ray ban classic sunglasses alibration by tracking their mirrors on a distant ray ban classic sunglasses star. It didnt even matter which star. They picked one at random for each test. Makes one hell of a telescope, doesnt it? the engineer noted, looking at his TV screen. You were concerned about the stability of the system. Why? We require a very high degree of accuracy, as you might imagine. Weve never actually tested the complete system. We can track stars easily enough, but . . . He shrugged. This is still a young program, my friend. Just like you. Why dont you use radar to select a satellite and track on that? Thats a fine question! The older man chuckled. Ive asked that myself. It

its axis. The idea is that you can use electromagnets to oscillate the electrons crosswise to their path. What you get is a beam of light coincident with the oscillation frequency of the wiggler magnetsthat means you can tune it, sir, like a radio. By altering the energy of the beam, you can select the exact ray ban classic sunglasses light frequency you generate. Then you can recycle the electrons back into the linea ray ban classic sunglasses r accelerator and shoot them back into the lasing cavity again. Since the electrons are already in a high-energy state, you gain a lot of power efficiency right there. The bottom line, sir, is that you can theoretically pump out forty percent of the energy you pump in. If you can achieve that reliably, you can kill anything you can seewhen we talk about high energy levels, sir, were speaking in relative

thoroughly.not as thoroughly. The doctor merely looked at his watch and smiled. Vatutin wanted to hate him, but recognized that this physician, this healer, was merely doing what hed been doing for years, more quickly, and with no visible damage that might embarrass the State at the public trials that the KGB now had to endure. Then, there was the added benefit that even th ray ban classic sunglasses e doctor hadnt expected when hed begun the program . . . So . . . what is this third stage? Svetlana saw them swimming around her form. She tried to warn it, but that would mean getting back inside, and she didnt dare. It was not so much something she could see, but there were shapes, preda ray ban classic sunglasses tory shapes plying the space around her body. One of them closed in, but turned away. Then it turned back again. And so did she. She

the KGB had to Soviet society as a whole. There could then be no check on the General Secretary. With the military behind him, he could break KGB to his will and use it to restructure the entire Party. He would have the power of another Stalin. How did I ever start along this line?Vatutin asked himself. Im a counterintelligence officer, not a Party theorist. For all his life, Colonel Vatutin had never dwelt on the Big Issues of his country. Hed trusted his superiors to handle the major decisions and allow him to handle the small details. No lon ray ban classic sunglasses ray ban classic sunglasses ger. By being taken into Chairman Gerasimovs confidence he was now inextricably allied with the man. It had happened so easily! Virtually overnight you have to be noticed to get generals stars, he thought with a sardonic smile. You always wanted to

crippled old man, he ray ban classic sunglasses saw the eyes and mouth change. Thank you, Romanov. Good morning, Sir Basil, Ryan said as he reached for the man ray ban classic sunglasses s bags. Hello, Jack! I didnt know they were using you as a gofer. Depends on who Im going-fer, as they say. The cars over this way. He waved. It was parked fifty yards away. Constance sends her love. How is the family? Sir Basil Charleston asked. Fine, thanks. Hows London? Surely you havent forgotten our winters already. No. Jack laughed as he wrenched open the door. I remember the beer, too. A moment later both doors were closed and locked. They sweep the wheels every week, Jack said. How bad is it? Page 225 How bad? Thats what I came over here to find out. Something very odd is happening. You chaps had an How bad? Thats what I came over here to find out.

ordinarily lived here was on honeymoon leave. At least the plumbing worked, but he found a note taped to the medicine cabinet mirror admonishing him not to mess the place up the way the last transient had. Next he checked the small refrigerator. Nothing: Welcome to Moscow. Back in the bathroom, he washed and shaved. One other oddity of the embassy was that to get down from the seventh floor, you first had to take an ray ban classic sunglasses elevator up to the ninth floor and another one down from there to the lobby. Jack was still shaking his head over that one when he got into the canteen. Dont y ray ban classic sunglasses ou just love jet lag? a member of the delegation greeted him. Coffees over there. I call it travel shock. Ryan got himself a mug and came back. Well, the coffees decent. Wheres everybody else? Probably still sacked out,

his eyes. The man was a professional in the application of violence. Spetznaz , Gregory thought at once. Al took a deep breath, or tried to. He nearly exploded in a convulsion of coughs. You dont want to do that, the man in the right-front seat cautioned. Take shallow breaths. The effect will pass in time. Wonderful stuff, this chemical Mace, Bill thought. And anyone could buy it in America ray ban classic sunglasses . Amazing. Bob was now out of the enormous parking lot and driving back to the safe house. He had the route memorized, of course, though he was not entirely at ease. He hadnt had the c ray ban classic sunglasses hance to drive it beforehand, to practice travel times and plot out alternative routes, but he had spent enough time in America that he knew how to drive lawfully and carefully. Driving habits here were better than in the

Even now, even at the hands of a trusted colleague. Narmonov sighed. It was a very Russian sound.lonely as he. But before facing that impossible task, he still had the day-to-day tactical problem of personal survival. Even now, even at the hands of a trusted colleague. Narmonov sighed. It was a very Russian sound. I will support you if it means m ray ban classic sunglasses y disgrace. My Svetlana will have to face the consequences of her action. Vaneyev sat upright and wiped his eyes. He looked like a man about to face a firing squad, assembling his manhood for one last act of defiance. I may have to denounce you myself, Narmonov said. I will understand, Andrushka, Vaneyev replied, his voice laden with dignity. I would prefer not to do this. I need you, Ilya. I need your counsel. If I can s ray ban classic sunglasses ave your place, I will. I