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real and imagined space vehicles . . . and weapons. Parks was usually a genial man. A former test pilot, hed marched through a career so accompli ray ban classic aviators shed that one would expect a bluff-hearty handshaker to have done it. Instead, Parks was an almost monkish person, with a smile that was at once engagingly shy and quietly intense. His many ribbons did not adorn h ray ban classic aviators is short-sleeved shirt, only a miniature of his command-pilots wings. He didnt have to impress people with what hed done. He could do so with what he was. Parks was one of the brightest people in government, certainly in the top ten, perhaps in the top one. Gregory saw that the General had company tonight.intimate talks, and a larger conference table. The walls were covered with framed photographs of various space activities, along with

personnel and activities. The papers could have been destroyedthe remains of several briefcases had been found, burned to ashes, but until the death of t ray ban classic aviators he Captain could be confirmed there would be some very unhappy people atMoscowCenter. He left a familywell, a widow. His son died last month, they tell me. Some kind of cancer, the KGB Major noted quietly. I hope you will take proper care of his wife, the Captain replied. Yes, we have a department to manage t ray ban classic aviators hat. Might they have dragged him off? Well, we know they were here. They always loot crash sites, looking for weapons. Documents? The Captain shrugged. Were fighting ignorant savages, Comrade Major. I doubt that they have much interest in documents of any kind. They might have recognized his uniform as that of a KGB officer, then

involved in another similar case almost thirty years ago. On the other hand, Filitov was the man who first reported Penkovskiy, and he is a distinguished war hero . . . who lost his family under unfortunate circumstances . . . It was the first time he had strung all his thoughts together. Has there ever been a hint of suspicion against Filitov? the Chairman asked. No. His career could scarcely be more impressive. Filitov was the only aide who stay ray ban classic aviators ed with the late Minister Ustinov throughout his career, and hes hung on there ever since. He functions as a personal inspector-general for the Minister. I know, Gerasi ray ban classic aviators mov said. I have here a request over Yazovs signature for our file on American SDI efforts. When I called about it, the Minister told me that colonels Filitov and Bondarenko are

enough to replace the oversized film magazines on the autodriven camera. At first hed wished to use a portable TV camera, but the photographer had talked him out of it. The resolution wasnt as good, nor was the speed. A still camera was still the best for catching something quick and small, though you couldnt read lips from it ray ban classic aviators s record as you could with a videotape. Page 194 Each frame required a few seconds as the officer used a magnifying glass to ray ban classic aviators examine the subjects of his interest. When Mrs. Foley entered the sequence of photos, he needed a few more seconds. He examined her clothing and jewelry at some length, and her face. Her smile was particularly mindless, like something in a Western television commercial, and he remembered hearing her screams over the crowd. Why were Americans so

Sometimes I wonder if one of them might have . . . I cant prove it, but you wouldnt believe the computer network we have at Langley, and all my stock transactions are stored in computer systems . . . and you know what? Computer rec ray ban classic aviators ords can be changed by someone who knows how . . . But try to prove that one, pal. Jack took two aspirins from a small tin and swallowed them. Page 235 Ritter doesnt like me at all, never has. I made him look bad on something a few years back, and he isnt the sort of m ray ban classic aviators an to forget that sort of thing. Maybe one of his people . . . he has some good ones. The Admiral wants to help, but hes old. The Judge is on his way out, supposed to have left a year ago, but hes hanging on somehowhe couldnt help me if he wanted to. Ritter doesnt like me at all, never has. I made

man flicked his Western-made butane lighter to illuminate his face. It was Nikolay Borissovich Gerasimov. The flame gave his face exactly the right sort of look. The Prince of Darkness himself . . . I do now, Jack said, struggling to control his voice. I und ray ban classic aviators erstand that you wish to speak with me. How may I be of service? he asked in a courtly voice that belied the setting. Jack turned and gestured to the two bodyguards who were standing at the front of the car. He turned back but didnt have to say anything. Gerasimov spoke a single word in Russian, and both men left. Please excuse them, but their duty is to protect the Chairman, and my people take their duti ray ban classic aviators es seriously. He waved to the seat opposite his. Ryan took it. I didnt know your English was so good. Thank you. A courteous nod

a car with known license tagsand bullet holes!far enough to steal another. He had visions of thousands of police officers patrolling the roads with a single thought: find the maniacs who shot their comrade. How could he have let things go so bad, so fast! He heard a c ray ban classic aviators ar approach. Lenny was still guarding their prisoner. Bob and Bill picked up their pistols and peered around the edge of the single window that faced on the dirt road to the trailer. Both breathed ray ban classic aviators easier when they saw it was Bisyarinas Volvo. She got out and made the proper all-clear gesture, then came toward the trailer, holding a large bag. Congratulations: youve made the television news, she said on entering. Idiot. That part didnt need to be said. It hung in the air like a thundercloud. Its a long story, he said, knowing

piles of posts and fencing material near ray ban classic aviators an orange-white light atop the sort of pole used in cities to illuminate the streets. The Page 347 extent of the construction surprised him. To do all thison the top of a mount ray ban classic aviators ain! How important could such a place be to deserve all the effort, all the expense. Something that sent a laser beam into the sky . . . to what end? The Americans had asked him if hed seen what the light-beam had hit. They knew it had hit something, then? Something in the sky. Whatever it was, it had frightened the Americans, had frightened the same people who made the missiles with which he had killed so many Russian pilots . . . What could frighten people so clever as that? The Archer could see the place, but did not see anything more frightening than the guard towers that