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in the same place? Im a little dried o ray ban cheap outlet ut. Parks grinned for half a second. Go ahead, were not in that much of a hurry. You have to love the kid, the General said after the door close ray ban cheap outlet d behind him. I wonder if his mom knows what hes doing after school. Ryan chuckled, then turned serious. He hasnt seen any of this yet, right? No, we didnt have time, and the Colonel from the Cobra Belle wont be here for another five hours. Jack nodded. That was why the only CIA people here were himself and Art Graham from the satellite unit. Everyone else would get a decent nights sleep while they prepared the full briefing for tomorrow morning. Parks could have skipped it himself and left the work to his senior scientists, but he wasnt that sort of man. The more Ryan saw of Parks, the more he liked him. Parks

problems, and he took this job in addition to his own. Whats his usual territory? Page 120 The Tadzhik SSR. I suppose he ray ban cheap outlet wanted the extra work to get his mind off his troubles. The Tadzhik SSR. I suppose he wanted the extra work to get his mind off his troubles. Who could have told from his flint-hard eyes and cold words that for the first time in three years there was pity in his heart? Even he was bemused by it. Why had those thoughts entered his head? Was it the will of Allah? It had to be , he thought. Who else could stop me from killing a Russian? Hurt, the Russian answer ray ban cheap outlet ed finally. But the Archers pity didnt stretch that far. The morphine the mudjaheddin carried was only for their own. After looking to be sure that no one saw, he passed the Russian the photographs of his family. For

objections, please refer them to me. We may be certain that there is a leak at the highest level of the Defense Ministry. Next: this case is classified to my eyes and yours. No oneI repeat, n ray ban cheap outlet o one will know of this. Who can say where the Americans have managed to place their agents? Vatutin, run this one to earth and you will have generals stars by summer. Buthe held up a fingerI think you should cease drinking until you are finished with this one. We need your head clear. Yes, Comrade Chairman. The corridor was nearly empty outside the Chairmans offi ray ban cheap outlet ce when Vatutin and his boss left. What about Vaneyeva? the Colonel asked sotto voce . Page 156 Its her father, of course. General Secretary Narmonov will announce his election to the Politburo next week, the General replied in a neutral,

ancestry was Irish, too. ThatAmericawas a country of immigrants, and that immigrants cross ethnic lines in marriage, were foreign concepts to the Russians. Add a few kilograms, change her hair and clothing, and she could be any face encountered on a street inMoscow. . . orLeningrad. The latter more likely, he thought. She looked more line a Leningrader. Her face proc ray ban cheap outlet laimed the slight arrogance affected by people from that city. I wonder what her ancestry really is. He kept flipping through the photos, and remembered that the Foleys had never been given this sort of scrutiny. The file on both was a relatively thin one. T ray ban cheap outlet hey were regarded by Two as nonentities. Something told him that this was a mistake, but the voice in the back of his head wasnt yet loud enough. He approached the last of

retired Senator Donaldson of the Senates intelligence committee, now an intelligence analyst for the General Accounting Office. KGB knew Ryan to be the bright, rising star of the ray ban cheap outlet CIAs Intelligence Directorate. His evaluati ray ban cheap outlet on atMoscowCenterhad at first called him a wealthy dilettante. That had changed a few years ago. Hed done something to earn him presidential attention, and now wrote nearly half of the special intelligence briefing papers that went to the White House. It was known fromHendersonthat he had assembled a massive report on the strategic-arms situation, one that had raised hackles at Foggy Bottom. Platonov had long since formed his own impression. A good judge of character, from their first meeting at Georgetowns Galleria hed deemed Ryan a bright opponent, and a brave onebut a

spoke, he was a man claiming anothers pot. What is this? ray ban cheap outlet Suspicion now. Something was very badly wrong, wrong enough that his voice betrayed him. ray ban cheap outlet Jack didnt make him wait. He spoke in a voice hed been rehearsing for a week. Without knowing it, he spoke faster than hed planned. That, Chairman Gerasimov, is the warhead-control key from the Soviet ballistic-missile submarine Krasny Oktyabr . It was given to me by Captain Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius when he defected. You will be pleased to know that he likes his new life inAmerica, as do all of his officers. The submarine was Ryan cut him off. There was scarcely enough light to see the outline of his face, but that was enough to see the change in the mans expression. Destroyed by her own scuttling charges? No. The spook aboard whose cover was

you by sight Obviously ray ban cheap outlet . I suppose you want her eliminated? After all, weve broken one rule, why not another? What fucking madman ordered this operation? The orders came from very high, Leonid replied. Howhigh? she demanded, and got only a raised eyebrow that spoke volumes. Youre joking. The nature of the order, the immediate action prefix what do you think? I think all of our careers are ruined, and that assumes that wewell, we will. But I will not a ray ban cheap outlet gree to the murder of my agent. We have as yet not killed anyone, and I do not think that our orders contemplated That is correct, Bob said aloud, while his head shook emphatically from side to side. Bisyarinas mouth dropped open. This could start a war, she said quietly, in Russian. She didnt mean a real war, but rather something almost as bad,

Russian pilots . . . What could frighten people so clever as that? The Archer could see the place, but did not see anything more frightening than the guard towers that held machine guns. One of those buildings held armed soldiers who would have heavy weapons. That was something to be frightened about. Which building? He had to know that, because that building had to be attacked first. His mortars would put their shells on that one first of all. But which one was it? The Major came down to lie at his side. All the men are well hidden ray ban cheap outlet , the man said. He trained his own binoculars on the objective. It was so dark that the Archer barely saw the mans outline, only the contours of his face and the vague shadow of his bristling mustac ray ban cheap outlet he. We misjudged the ground from the other hilltop. It will take