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enemy missiles. Bondarenko thought that was an overstatement, but the test would demonstrate just how much of an overstatement. Po ray ban blue gradient kryshkin was the perfect man for this job, however. The former fighter pilot was a genius at directing the efforts of the scientists and engineers, many of whom had egos as large as a battle tank, though far more fragile. When he had to bully, he bullied. When he had to cajole, he cajoled. He was by turns the father, uncle, and brother to all of them. It took a man with a large Russian heart to ray ban blue gradient do that. The Colonel guessed that commanding fighter pilots had been good training for this task, and Pokryshkin must have been a brilliant regimental commander. The balance between pressure and encouragement was so hard to strike, but this man managed it as easily as

Theyll have to find em first, and thats a much harder problem than you think. We can put em pretty high up, between three hundred and a thousand miles. We can use stealth technology to make them hard to locate on radaryou cant do that with most satellites, but ray ban blue gradient we can do it with these. The mirrors will be relatively small, and light. That means we can deploy a lot of them. Do you know how big space is, and how many thousands of pieces of junk are orbiting up there? Theyd never get them all, Parks concluded with confidence. Jack, youve been loo ray ban blue gradient king at the Russians. What do you think? the President asked Ryan. Mr. President, the main force were going against here is the Soviet fixation on defending their countryand I mean actually defending it against attack. Theyve invested thirty years of

indulging himself, but hed worked long into the night and the next day on this case, and this was probably the most important application of his program to date. The naked woman leaped off the table into his arms and nearly strangled him with a hug. It wasnt because he was part ray ban blue gradient icularly good-looking, the doctor knew, just that he was a human being, and she wanted to touch one. Her body was still slick with oil as her tears fell on his white laboratory coat. She would never commit another crime against the State, not after this. It was too bad that shed have to go to a labor camp. Such a waste, he thought as he examined her. Perhaps he could do something about that. After ten minutes she was sedated again, and ray ban blue gradient he left her asleep. I gave her a drug called Versed. Its a new Western one, an

do it at the hockey game, Mary Pat Foley thought. CARDINALwould be there, alerted by a wrong-number telephone call from a pay phone. Shed make the pass herself. She had three film cassettes in her purse, and a simple handshake would do it. Her son played on this junior-league team, as did Filitovs grand-nephew, and she went to every game. It would be ray ban blue gradient unusual if she didnt go, and the Russians depended on people to stick to their routines. She was being followed. She knew it. Evidently the Russians had stepped up surveillance, but the shadow she rated wasnt all that goodor at least they were using the same one on her, and Mary Pat knew when she saw a face more than onc ray ban blue gradient e in a day. Mary Patricia Kaminskiy Foley had typically muddled American ancestry, though some aspects of it had been left

President wont spring for it, Greer said. He might have to,Moorereplied. There has to be another way, Ryan observed. Not unless you can bring Gerasimov down. It was Ritter this time. We cant offer any direct help to Narmonov. ray ban blue gradient Even if we assume that hed take a warning from us, which he probably wouldnt, wed be running an even greater risk by involving ourselves in their internal politics. If the rest of the Politburo got one whiff of that . . . I suppose it might start a little war. But what if we can? Ryan asked, What if we can what ? Ritter demanded. 17. Conspiracy Page 228 ANN came back to Eves Leaves earlier than expected, the owner noted. With her usual smile, she selected a dress off the rack and took it to the dressing room. She wa ray ban blue gradient s out by the full-length mirrors only a minute later,

friend opened up her car. Taussig turned one last time and waved before ray ban blue gradient getting in. Candi and the Geek couldnt have seen the way she stabbed the key into the ignition. She drove only half a block, turning a corner before pulling to the curb and staring at the night. Theyre doing it already, she thought. All the way through dinner, the way he looked at herthe way she looked at him! Already those wimpy little hands are fumbling with the buttons on her blouse . . . She lit a cigarette and leaned back, picturing it while her stomach tigh ray ban blue gradient tened into a rigid, acid-filled ball. Zit-face and Candi. Shed endured three hours of it. Candis usual beautifully prepared dinner. For twenty Page 267 minutes while the finishing touches had been under way, shed been stuck in the living room with him ,

up a hill before he realized that another effect of his hesitation was that he couldnt see where the detoured traffic was heading.tell what sort of car it had been, but like the majority of the other drivers, he stared at the wreckage with fascination for a few seconds, until he reminded himself who and where he was. A black-clad police officer was replacing flare ray ban blue gradient s on the pavement and waving all southbound traffic onto a side road. Bob reverted to intelligence officer in a moment. He waited until there was a clear pa ray ban blue gradient th around the cop, and shot past. That earned him an angry look, but nothing more. Most important, the policeman hadnt gotten much of a look at the car. Bob raced up a hill before he realized that another effect of his hesitation was that he couldnt see where the detoured

across tonight. Yes. They will all be well rested, my friend. Mr. Clark? Hed been on the treadmill for nearly an hour. Mancuso could tell from the sweat when he flipped the off switch. ray ban blue gradient Yes, Captain?Clarktook off the headphones. What sort of music? That sonar kid, Jones, lent me his machine. All he has is Bach, but it does keep the brain occupied. Message for you. Mancuso handed it over. The slip of paper merely had six words. They were code words, had to be, since they didnt actually mean anything. Its a go. When? It doesnt say that. Thatll be th ray ban blue gradient e next message. I think its time you tell me how this thing goes, the Captain observed. Page 341 Not here,Clarksaid quietly. Not here,Clarksaid quietly.to wipe the sweat from his face. I hope you didnt wear yourself out, he said. Its the boredom.