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the senior scientists was that there was a minor, though undiscovered, engineering problem in the ray ban aviator size magnet design. The senior engineers, of course, said that there was something wrong in the theorists explanation for what was happening, because th ray ban aviator size ey knew the magnets worked properly. The arguments that had already rocked the conference rooms were spirited but cordial. A number of very bright people were Page 87 struggling together to find Truththe scientific kind that did not depend on human opinion.struggling together to find Truththe scientific kind that did not depend on human opinion. Well, he told himself, one thing was truthful enough. Those two people whod met to discuss their love lifeBondarenko had already heard the story in greater detailover a canteen table had combined to make a

Soon thereafter the man at the baths would seek another job, and this li ray ban aviator size nk of nameless agents would be dissolvedand untraceable even to the relentless counterintelligence officers of the KGBs Second Chief Directorate. Twenty minutes later, the Colonel was off to his office, and the bath attendant had slipped out the rear door again and entered that of the dry-cleaners. The store manager had to be called from the machine room, where hed been oiling a pump. As a matter of simple security, the man who took the cassette from his hand was supposed to know neither the mans name nor where he worked. He pocketed the cassette, passed over three half-liter bottles of liquor, and returned to finish oiling the pump, his heart rate up as it always was on these days. He ray ban aviator size was quietly amused that his cover

anxious eyes scanned the corridor. Wonderful things, corridors. Especially the straight, bare ones in high-rise apartment buildings. Nowhere for people to lurk with their cameras, with a bank of elevators in the middle, and fire stairs at both ends. He walked briskly past the eleva ray ban aviator size tors, heading toward the far end. He could measure the time with his heartbeats now. Twenty yards ahead, a door opened, and a man in uniform came out. ray ban aviator size He turned to set the lock on his apartment door, then picked up the briefcase and headed toward Foley. A passerby, if there had been one, might have thought it odd that neither man moved to avoid the other. It was over in an instant. Foleys hand brushed against CARDINALs, taking the film cassette and passing back a tiny rolled slip of paper. He thought he noted a

of a ray ban aviator size man accustomed to such things, his hands already bloody from his work. There was no verbal answer. The Archer gestured with his rifle as he watched a newly made widow scream for her family. Together the two men looked for wounded who might be saved. Luckily, the medical section of the camp was unhurt, The Archer and the CIA officer carried a half-dozen people there, to see a French doctor cursing with the fluency of a man accustomed to such things, his hands already bloody from his work. Six, the Archer said. He didnt mention the noncombatant casualties. It is a sign of weakness that they do this, my friend, Ortiz replied. To attack a place of women and children is an abomination before God! Have you lost any supplies? To the Russians this was a guerrilla camp, of co ray ban aviator size urse, but Ortiz

tense part. The Major made the proper signal, and the guard post waved them through. One by one the vehicle ray ban aviator size s moved across the river. The surface was frozen and the drivers had to follow a line of sticks across to keep from becoming trap ray ban aviator size ped in the deep water that lay under the crackling ice. Another five hundred meters. The base camp was on a small rise. It was surrounded by low-lying bunkers made of sandbags and logs. None were fully manned. The camp was well sited, with wide fields of fire in all directions, but theyd only man their weapons pits fully at night. Only a single company of troops was actually in the post, while the remainder were out patrolling the hills around the camp. Besides, the column was coming in at mealtime. The battalion motor pool was in sight. The Archer was in

here many times. We never knew that you Americans came here to fish also. Its a crazy world,Clarkagreed. Hows the fishing? In the summer, very good. Old Sasha took me out on ray ban aviator size his boat. This is where I learned the sea, where I learned to be a sailor. What about the local patrols? Mancuso asked, getting everyone back to business. There will be a low state of readiness. You have diplomats inMoscow, ray ban aviator size so the chance of war is slight. The surface patrol ships are mainly KGB. They guard against smugglersand spies. He pointed toClark. Not so good against submarines, but this was changing when I left. They were increasing their ASW practice in Northern Fleet, and, I hear, in Baltic Fleet also. But this is bad place for submarine detection. There is much fresh water from the rivers, and the ice

a hostage, hes a dead man. Thats not good enough, Parks said next. What do you mean? the President asked. How long does ray ban aviator size it take to turn around and blow somebodys head off? What if theyre willing to die to accomplish their mission? We expect our people to be, dont we? Arthur? Heads turned to Judge Moore. The DCI shrugged. I cant predict the dedication of Soviets. Is it possible? Yes, I suppose it is. Is it certain? I dont know that. Nobody does. I used to drive fighter planes for a living. I know what human reaction times are, Parks said. If a guy does decide to turn and shoot, even if your man has a gun on him, he might not be fast enough to keep Al ray ban aviator size alive. What do you want me to do, tell my people just to kill everybody in sight? Jacobs asked quietly. We dont do that. We cant do that.

eighteen the world is a place with horizons both near and far, depending on ones mood. So, Colonel, you have your summary of the subjects activity? Gerasimov asked casually. He seemed preoccupied, Vatutin noted at once. He should have been more interested, particularly with a Politburo meeting only an hour away. Books will be written about this one, Comrade Chairman. Filitov had access to virtually all of our def ray ban aviator size ense secrets. He even helped make defense policy. I needed thirty pages merely to summarize what hes d ray ban aviator size one. The full interrogation will require several months. Speed is less important than thoroughness, Gerasimov said offhandedly. Vatutin did not react. As you wish, Comrade Chairman. If you will excuse me, the Politburo is meeting this morning. Colonel Vatutin came to attention,