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the owner of Eves Leaves, since the gunshop had an elaborate burglar-alarm system; this, combined with the malls own security staff, allowed her to maintain a sizable stock of exclusive womens fashions without an overly expensive insurance package. The shop had started shakily enoughthe fashions ofParis,Rome, andNew Yorkdo not translate well west of theMississippi River, except perhaps along the PacificCoastbut much of t ray ban aviator full color he academic community came from both coasts, and clung to their ways. It didnt take much exposure at the country clubs for Anne Klein II to become a hot item even in theRocky Mountains. Ann strolled into t ray ban aviator full color he shop. She was a very easy customer to fit, the owner knew. A perfect six, she put the clothing on only to see how it looked. She never needed any alterations, which

in the brown coat. There! He moved off, feeling a small twinge in ray ban aviator full color his left chest as he walked after the man. He ignored that. Hed quit smoking a few years before, and the KGB doctor said that he was doing well. He got within five meters of the man, and closed no more. This was the time for patience. He followed him through the crossover to the Gorkovskaya Station and onto the platform. Here things got tricky. The platform was crowded with people heading to their offices, and he l ray ban aviator full color ost visual contact with his quarry. The KGB officer was a short man and had trouble in crowds. Could he dare to close farther? It would mean pushing through the crowd . . . and calling attention to himself. That was dangerous. He was a former case officer whod operated inSpainbefore being invalided home after a

days that wouldnt have mattered, Vatutin reminded himself. In the old days we suspected everyone. Anyone could have scratched the door lock.Hed leaped to the assumption that it was the missing bath Page ray ban aviator full color 162 attendant. A former ordnance technician, he probably knew how. What if that is a coincidence?attendant. A former ordnance technician, he probably knew how. What if that is a coincidence? If wed gotten the film with a frame from such a document, Misha would already be in Lefortovo Prison . ray ban aviator full color . . What if hes being clever?What if he wants us to think that someone else is stealing material from his diary? I can take what I have to the Ministry right now, but we can accuse him of nothing more than violating in-house security rules, and if he answers that he was working at home, and admits to

Candi liked this . . . whatever the hell she was. Gregory didnt know why she rang bells in the back of his head. It wasnt the fact that she didnt like himAl didnt give a damn one way or the other about that. His family and his fiancée loved him, and all his co-workers respected him. That was enough. If he didnt fit into some ray ban aviator full color bodys notion of what an Army officer was supposed to be, screw em. But there was something about Bea that Page 200 Okay, well talk business, their guest said with amusement. I have people fromWashingtonas ray ban aviator full color king me how soon Okay, well talk business, their guest said with amusement. I have people fromWashingtonasking me how soon Six weeks, tops. Al grinned. Maybe less. When? Candi asked. Soon. We havent had a chance to run it on the simulator yet, but it feels right. It

Siemens electronics and Blaupunkt appliances were as much a part of their homes as the copies of Pravda and the uncensored White TASS news. The frame dwellings in the pine forests west ofMoscowwere as well built as anything left behind by the czars. Gerasimov often wondered what had happened to the German soldiers who had labored to make them. Not that it mattered. The official dacha of Academician Mikhail Petrovich Alexandrov was no different from the rest, two stori ray ban aviator full color es, its wood siding painted cream, and a steeply pitched roof that might have been equally at home in the Black Forest. The driveway was a twisty gravel path through the trees. Only one car was parked there. Alexandrov Page 241 was a widower, and past ray ban aviator full color the age when he might crave young female company. Gerasimov opened his own

act ray ban aviator full color ivate the warheads without which the rockets were mere fireworks. Turn this key in the proper way at the proper time, he knew, and the rockets were transformed into the most frightening instruments of death yet devised by the mind of man. Once launched, nothing could s ray ban aviator full color top them . . . But that rule was going to be changed, too, wasnt it? What was it worth to be the man who could do that? Ah. Gerasimov smiled. It was worth more than all the other rules combined, and he remembered that the Americans had broken a rule, too, in killing their courier in the Moskvich railyard . He lifted his phone and called for a communications officer. For once the longitudinal lines worked in his favor. Dr. Taussig was surprised when she saw the signal. One thing about Ann was that she never altered her

more thing remained. She sat down next to her friend and held her close, bringing her head down on the offered shoulder. It was so hard for Bea. Her previous experiences had been passing college affairs. Shed tried to find in herself something different, but the me ray ban aviator full color n shed dated had not satisfied. Her first sexual experience at the clumsy hands of a teenage football player had been so awful . . . but she wasnt one to psychoanalyze herself. With strangers or mere acquaintances it was one thing, but now she had to face herself, to face her own image in the eyes of a friend. A frie ray ban aviator full color nd in pain. A friend who needed. A friend, she reminded herself coldly, whom shed betrayed. It wasnt that she hated Gregory any the less, but she could not ignore the fact that he meant something to her friend, and in

negotiations. The Chairman has met at least twice with a senior CIA officer Who, and when? Sunday night and yesterday morning. His name is Ryan. Hes my co ray ban aviator full color unterpart on the American team, but hes an intelligence type, not a field officer as I once was. What do you make of that? Youre sure hes not an operations man? Positive. I can even tell you the room he works in. This is not a matter of uncertainty. Hes an analyst, a senior one, but only a desk man. Special assistant to their Deputy Director for Intelligence, before that he was part of a high-level liaison team inLondon. Hes never been in the field. Vatutin finished his tea and poured another cup. Next he buttered a piece of bread. He took his time thinking about this ray ban aviator full color . There was ample opportunity to delay a response, but All we have here