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as mortar rounds began to drop within the airfield perimeter. A phosphorus round fell within a few meters of another Hind, its searing white flash igniting the Mi-24s fuel, and the crew leaped out, one of them aflame. Theyd barely gotten clear when the aircraft explo ray ban all black aviators ded, taking a second Hind with it. The last one lifted off a moment later, rocking backward and disappea ray ban all black aviators ring into the black night, its flying lights off. Theyd both be back the Archer was sure of thatbut theyd gotten two on the ground, and that was better than hed expected. Everything else, he saw, was going badly. Mortar rounds were falling in front of the assault troops. He saw flashes of guns and explosives. Above the noises came the other sound of the battlefield: the battle cries of warriors and the screams of the wounded.

have been. He looke ray ban all black aviators d about the room and saw a mirror, which was two-way, but he didnt know that. The room was completely soundproofed to deny him even the measure of time from footsteps in the outside corridor. His stomach growled a few times, but otherwise he made ray ban all black aviators no sound. Finally the door opened. Several pairs of eyes watched him, measuring him, his face, his determination, his intelligence. The courier was still alone in the interrogation room. The laces had been taken from his shoes, of course, and his belt, and his cigarettes, and anything else that might be used as a weapon against himself, or to settle him down. There was no way for him to measure time, and the lack of nicotine made him fidgety and even more nervous than he might have been. He looked about the room and saw a mirror,

loyalty to his people that hed learned as a young case officer. Though agents often had to be treated like children, encourag ray ban all black aviators ed, supported, and often disciplined, they became like your own children, and danger to them was something to be fought.him to fate. Its not right. Remember what this mans done for us ray ban all black aviators over the years. Ritter argued on for several minutes, demonstrating the ferocious loyalty to his people that hed learned as a young case officer. Though agents often had to be treated like children, encouraged, supported, and often disciplined, they became like your own children, and danger to them was something to be fought. Ritter stood his ground. We put all the assets in place. Agreed, but it wont be carried out until we get approval. The weather at Faslane was miserable, but at

make lists for ray ban all black aviators when we leave. So many things to remember, Id better start now. Foley bent over her shoulder. She had a pad and a pencil, but she was writing on a plastic sheet with a marker pen. It was the sort of arrangement that hung on many refrigerators, and could be wiped clean with a swipe of a damp cloth. ILL DO IT, shed written.I HAVE A PERFECT DODGE.Mary Pat smiled and held up a team photo of Eddies hockey squad. Each player had signed it, and at the top in scrawling Russian, Eddie had put, with his mothers coaching: To the man who brings us luck. Thanks, Eddie Foley. Her husband frowned. It was typical of his wife to use the bold approach, and he knew that ray ban all black aviators shed used her cover with consummate skill. But . . . he shook his head. But what? The only man in the CARDINALchain who could

constant factor in the prisoners disrupted world had to be the face and image of his interrogator. Vatutin even practiced his look in the mirror: proud, arrogant, but also compassionate. He was not ashamed of what he saw. That is a professional, he told himself of the reflection in the mirror. Not a ray ban all black aviators barbarian, not a degenerate, but only a skilled man doing a difficult, necessary job. Vatutin was seated in the interrogation room, as always, when the prisoner came in. He invariably appeared to be doing something when the door opened, and his head always had to come up in semisurp ray ban all black aviators rise as though to say. Oh, is it time for you again? He closed the folder before him and placed it in his briefcase as Filitov sat in the chair opposite his. That was good, Vatutin noted without looking. The subject

the caffeine with which his last meal had been laced. The facade he projected was hard, but brittle and thin. Filitov showed irritation now. Before, ray ban all black aviators hed shown ray ban all black aviators only resolve. Good morning, Filitov, Vatutin said, hardly looking up. ColonelFilitov to you. Tell me, when will this charade be over? He probably believes that, too, Vatutin told himself. The subject had so often repeated the story of how Vatutin had placed the film cassette in his hand that he might have halfway believed it now. That was not unusual. He took his chair without asking permission, and Vatutin waved the turnkey out of the room. When did you decide to betray the Motherland? Vatutin asked. When did you decide to stop buggering little boys? the old man replied angrily. Filitovexcuse me, Colonel Filitovyou know that you

e area, and after shooting several hundred feet of film through its multiple camera systems, the Phantom landed at Kirtland Air Force Base, jus ray ban all black aviators t outsideAlbuquerque. A cargo plane had brought additional ground crew and equipment a few hours earlier. While the pilot shut down his engines, two groundcrewmen removed the film canister and drove it to the trailer that served as an air-portable photolab . Automatic processing equipment delivered the damp frames to the photointerpreters half an hour after th ray ban all black aviators e plane had stopped moving. There you go, the pilot said when the right frame came up. Good conditions for it: clear, cold, low humidity, good sun angle. We didnt even leave any contrails. Thank you, Major, the sergeant said as she examined the film from the KA-91 panoramic camera. Looks like

their 700,000 hours of accident-free flying would be undone tonight. Ryan was already packed. Theyd be leaving right from the reception to the airport. He decided to shave and brush his teeth again before putting his shaving kit in one of the pockets of his two- suiter. He was wearing one of his English suits. It was almost warm enough for the local cli ray ban all black aviators mate, but Jack promised himself that if he ever again came toMoscowin the winter, hed remember to bring long Johns. It was almost time when a knock came at the door. It was Tony Candela. Enjoy the flight home, he said. Yeah. Ryan chuckled. Thought Id give you a hand. He hefted the two- suiter, and Jack merely had to grab his briefcase. Together they walked to the eleva ray ban all black aviators tor, which took them from the seventh floor up to the ninth, where they