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the light frequency that one wished to transmitor that was the theory. As a practical matter, the highest power output was always in about the same frequency rangeand it was the wrong one. If theyd been able to put out a slightly different freque ray ban accessories ncy the day beforeone that penetrated the atmosphere more efficientlythe thermal blooming might have been reduced by fifty percent or so. But that meant controlling the superconducting magnets better. They were called wigglers because they induced an oscillating magnetic field through the charged electrons in the lasing cavity. Unfortunately, the breakthrough that made the lasing ray ban accessories cavity larger had also had an unexpected effect on their ability to control magnetic-field flux. There was no theoretical explanation for this as yet, and the thinking of

He pocketed the cassette, passed over three half-liter bottles of liquor, and returned to finish oiling the pump, his heart rate up as it always was on these days. He was quietly amused that his cover assignment as a CIA agenta Soviet national working for the American intelligence agencyworked very much to his personal fiscal benefit. The under-the-counter marketing of alcohol paid him in certificate rubles that could be used to buy Western goods and premium foodstuffs at the hard-currency stores. He balanced that against the tension of his assign ray ban accessories ment as he washed the machine oil off his hands. Hed been part of th ray ban accessories is line of cutouts for six months, and though he didnt know it, his work along this line would soon be ended. Hed still be used to pass along information, but not for CARDINAL.

liter or two of benzin . Immediately after turning a corner, she moved expertly to the curb and her husband hopped out. The car was already moving as he slammed the door shut and moved off, not too quickly, toward the side entrance of the apartment block. For once Ed Foleys heart ray ban accessories was beating fast. Hed done this only once before and didnt like it at all. Once inside, he avoided the elevators and bounded up the eight flights of stairs, looking at his watch. He didnt know how his wife did it. It pained his male ego to admit that she drove so much more precisely than he did, and could place her car at any spot she wished with an accuracy of five seconds, plus or minus. He had two minutes to get to the eighth floor. Foley accomplished i ray ban accessories t with seconds to spare. He opened the fire door, and

Russian, feeling some regret at his death. No more. Hed never show mercy to an infidel again. His hands were chalk-white around the rifle. Too late, a Pakistani F-16 fighter streaked across the sky, but the Russians ray ban accessories were already across the border, and a minute later, the F-16 circle ray ban accessories d over the camp twice before heading back to its base. Are you all right? It was Ortiz. His face had been cut by something or other, and his voice was far away. Page 197 There was no verbal answer. The Archer gestured with his rifle as he watched a newly made widow scream for her family. Together the two men looked for wounded who might be saved. Luckily, the medical section of the camp was unhurt, The Archer and the CIA officer carried a half-dozen people there, to see a French doctor cursing with the fluency

to their Afghan brothers. There was a battalion base camp ten kilometers away, due north on the Shékábád road. The former Major contacted it on the radio, indicating that Sunflower had repulsed the ambush with moderate losses and was heading in. This was approved by the battalion commander. They loaded a few of the bodies aboard, still in their bloody uniforms. Trained former members of the Afghan Army manned the heavy mach ray ban accessories ine guns on the BTR carriers as the column moved out, keeping proper tactical formation on the gravel road. The base camp was just on the far side of the riv ray ban accessories er. Twenty minutes later they could see it. The bridge had long since been wrecked, but Russian engineers had dumped enough gravel to make a ford. The column halted at the guard post on the east side. This was the

call in a submarine. There were Russian subs about. Theyd heard two the previous day. Coffee, sir? the wardroom attendant asked. He got a nod and brought out a pot and cups. You sure this is close e ray ban accessories nough? Mancuso askedClark. Yeah, I can get in and out. It wont be much fun, the Captain observed. Page 276 Clarksmirked. Thats why they pay me so much. I Clarksmirked. Thats why they pay me so much. I I wonder how long this is going to take? Mancuso asked the overhead. May not happen at all,Clarkobserved. Almost half of them dont. The longest ray ban accessories Ive ever had to sit like this was... twelve days, I think. Seemed like an awfully long time. That one didnt come off. Can you say how many? Ramius asked. Sorry, sir.Clarkshook his head. Ramius spoke wistfully. You know, when I was a boy, I fished hereright

You mean murder him? the President asked. The President consid ray ban accessories ered that for a minute. He leaned back in his chair and sipped at his coffee. Emil, if we can find where he is . . . ? The Hostage Rescue Team is standing by. I have the men in place. Their vehicles are being flown out by the Air Force, but for the moment all they can do is sit and wait. If they move in, what are the chances that theyll save him? Pretty good, Mr. President, Jacobs replied. Pretty good doesnt cut it, Parks said. If the Russians have orders to take him out My people are as well trained as anyone in the world, the FBI Director said. What are their rules of engag ray ban accessories ement? Parks demanded. They are trained to use deadly force in the protection of themselves or any innocent person. If any subject appears to be threatening

that was now sold in theSoviet Unionand deciding what new Western fashions she would like to wear to ray ban accessories classes. She would have to learn, her mother thought, remembering that at eighteen the world is a place with horizons both near and far, depending on ray ban accessories ones mood.her father was? Or did he see her as a chance to enter the KGB? Or was he one of the new generation that simply didnt care? Her daughter was one of these. The Party was something you joined to secure your position, and her fathers post put her on the inside track for a comfortable job. She sat beside her mother in silence, reading a West German fashion magazine that was now sold in theSoviet Unionand deciding what new Western fashions she would like to wear to classes. She would have to learn, her mother thought, remembering that at