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he ent ray ban 5226 ire system had to work perfectly. One faulty segment would convert the most expensive piece of hardw ray ban 5226 are in theSoviet Unioninto a collection of curious toys. 5. Eye of the Snake Face of the Dragon Page 72 THEconverted Boeing 767 had two names. Originally known as the Airborne Optical Adjunct, it was now called Cobra Belle, which at least sounded better. The aircraft was little more than a platform for as large an infrared telescope as could be made to fit in the wide-bodied airliner. The engineers had cheated somewhat, of course, giving the fuselage an ungainly humpback immediately aft of the flight deck that extended half its length, and the 767 did look rather like a snake that had just swallowed something large enough to choke on. THEconverted Boeing 767 had two names. Originally

sure. He asked himself if this was a good idea and admitted that he didnt know. What filled his mind was the importance of this agent and his information. There were precedents. The brilliant agent Richard Sorge inJapanin 1941, whose warnings to Stalin were not believed. Oleg Penkovskiy, whod given the West information on the Soviet military that might have prevented nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And now another. He didnt reflect on the fact that alone in CIA, he knew the agents face but not his name or code name. It never occurred to him that Judge Moore didnt know CARDINALs face, had for years avoided looking at the photograph for reasons that he could never have explained even ray ban 5226 t ray ban 5226 o his deputy directors. Morning, Candi, Al Gregory said in Langley. Two thousand miles away, Dr.

briefing material on this procedure, but was skeptical. This was brand-new, and required a kind of expert assistance that hed never needed in his career. Heart rate appears to have peaked at o ray ban 5226 ne seventy-seven, no gross irregularities. How do you mute her own speech? Vatutin asked the doctor. Its new. We use an electronic device to duplicate her voice and repeat it back exactly out of phase. That neutralizes her sound almost completely, and its as though she were screaming in a vacuum. It took two years to perfect. He smiled. Like Vatutin he enjoyed his work, and he had here a chance to validate years of effort, to overturn institutional ray ban 5226 policy with something new and better, that had his name on it. Svetlana hovered on the edge of hyperventilation, but the doctor altered the gas mixture

high up in their government a government less attractive to us. Yes, Mr. President. And if this man dies because we havent helped him? We would lose important information,Mooresaid. And it might have no tangible difference in its effect on Narmonov. And wed be ray ban 5226 betraying a trust to a man who has served us faithfully and well for thirty years. Jeff, can you live with that? the President asked his national-security advisor. Yes, sir, ray ban 5226 I can live with that. I dont like it but I can live with it. With Narmonov we have already gotten an agreement on intermediate nuclear arms, and we have a chance at one on strategic forces. Its like being a judge. Here I have two advocates who believe fully in their positions. I wonder if their principles would be quite so firm if they were in my chair, if they

was now passing through sixty thousand feet, and leveled off to head southeast toward the WhiteSandsMissileRange. The pilot checked his fuelthere was plentyand relaxed after the exhilarating climb. The engineers had been rig ray ban 5226 ht. The missile sitting on the aircrafts back hadnt mattered at all. By the time ray ban 5226 hed gotten to fly the Blackbird, the purpose of the back mount had been overtaken by events. Designed to hold a single-engine photoreconnaissance drone, the fittings had been removed from nearly all the SR-71s, but not this one, for reasons that were not clear from the aircrafts maintenance book. The drone had originally been designed to go places the Blackbird could not, but it had become redundant on discovery of the fact that there was nowhere the SR-71 could not go in safety, as the

through the mountains. The border was also heavily guarded. It helped that his men were all dressed in Soviet-style uniforms. The Russians have long put their soldiers in simple but warm winter gear. Those they had on were mainly white to suit the snowy background, with just enough stripes and spots to break up their outline. Here they had to be patient. The Archer lay athwart a ridge, using Russian-issue binoculars to sweep the terrain while his men rested a few meters behind and below him. He might have gotten a local guerri ray ban 5226 lla band to provide help, but hed come too far to risk that. Some of the no ray ban 5226 rthern tribes had been co-opted by the Russians, or at least that was what hed been told. True or not, he was running enough risks. There was a Russian guard post atop the mountain to his left,

combat this, she tried driving slowly, but it was so out of character that it merely fed her excitement, and as though by its own accord the Datsun seemed to work its way up through the gears and change lanes. She arrived in the mall parking lot twenty minutes later. Al was waiting. Hed parked his car two spaces away from a station wagon, well out from the nearest store. Hed even picked more or less the right place, Bea Taussig noticed as she pulled in alongside his car and got out. What kept you? he asked. No real hurry. So now what? Bea d ray ban 5226 idnt really know. She knew what was to happen, but not how they planned to do itin fact, she didnt even know for sure that it was a they doing it. Perhaps Ann was going to handle the thing all by herself. She laughed t ray ban 5226 o cover her nervousness. Come on,

giving orders, to a person whod forgotten how to take them. Morning came slowly toMoscow. The traffic sounds of trolley cars and the deeper rumble of truck diesels were muted by the snow cover, and Ryans window didnt face in the proper direction to catch the first light of dawn. What had been gray began to acquire color, as though a child were playing with the controls on a color television. Jack finished his third cup of coffee, and set d ray ban 5226 own the book hed been reading at seven-thirty. Timing was everything on occasions like th ray ban 5226 is, Candela told him. He made a final trip to the bathroom before dressing for his morning walk. The sidewalks had been swept clean of the Sunday-night snowstorm, though there were still piles at the curbs. Ryan nodded to the security guards, Australian, American, and