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fulfilled the first definition of a leader. He was a man with a visionand it was a vision with which Ryan agreed. Here was a senior man in uniform who hated nuc ray ban 4039 lear weapons. That wasnt terribly unusualpeople in uniform tend to be rather tidy, and nuclear weapons make for a very untidy world. Quite a few soldiers, sail ray ban 4039 ors, and airmen had swallowed their opinions and built careers around weapons that they hoped would never be used. Parks had spent the last ten years of his career trying to find a way to eliminate them. Jack liked people who tried to swim against the tide. Moral courage was more rare a commodity than the physical kind, a fact as true of the military profession as any other. Gregory reappeared with a can of Coca-Cola from a machine near the door. Gregory didnt like coffee. It

the briefest instant his eyes softened. The KGB officer looked at him in surprise that overcame the pain. His good hand took the photographs, cupping them to his chest. There was gratitud ray ban 4039 e on his face, gratitude and puzzlement. The man thought of his dead son, and contemplated his own fate. The worst thing that could happen, he decided within the cloud of pain, was that hed rejoin his child, wherever he was. The Afghans could not hurt him worse than he already was in body and soul. The Captain was already to the point that the pain had become like a drug, so familiar that the agony had become tolerable, almost comfortable. Hed heard that this was possible, but not believed it until now. His mental processes were ray ban 4039 still not fully functional. In his twilight state he wondered why he hadnt

quiet voice. Its her father, of course. General Secretary Narmonov will announce his election to the Politburo next week, the General replied in a neutral, quiet voice. Remember what he said about drinking, ray ban 4039 the General said next. Ive heard that youre hitting the bottle very hard of late. Thats one area of agreement between the Chairman and the General Secretary, in case no one ever told you. Yes, Comrade General, Vatutin replied. Of course, its probably the only area of agreement. Like any good Russian, Vatutin thought that vodka was as much a part of life as air. It occurred to him to note that his hangover had encouraged him to take steam that morning and notice the crucial coincidence, but he refrained fro ray ban 4039 m pointing out the irony involved. Back at his desk a few minutes later, Vatutin

the photographs, checking his watch. Three in the damned morning! he grumbled to himself and reached for another cup of tea. Well, that must have been the second score. She was jumping like a gazelle. Nice legs, he saw for the firs ray ban 4039 t time. As his colleagues had noted up in the rafters, she was probably very entertaining in bed. Only a few more frames till the end of the game and . . . yes, there she was, embracing Yazov that randy old goat!then hugging Colonel Filitov He stopped dead. The photograph caught something that he hadnt seen through the binoculars. While giving Filitov a hug, her eyes were locked on one of the four sec ray ban 4039 urity guards, the only one not watching the game. Her hand, her left hand, was not wrapped around Filitov at all, but rather down by his right one, hidden from view.

man too accustomed to privilege, too easily outraged at personal attack. Sophisticated, but strangely naive. What he saw over lunch confirmed it. Fundamentally, Ryan was too American. He saw things in blacks and whites, goods and bads . But what mattered today was that Ryan had felt himself invincible, and was only now learning that this was not the case. ray ban 4039 Because of that, ray ban 4039 Ryan was an angry man. All that work wasted, Jack said after a few seconds. Theyre going to trash my recommendations. What do you mean? I mean that Ernest Fucking Allen has talked the President into putting SDI on the table. It required all of Platonovs professionalism not to react visibly to that statement. Ryan went on: Its all been for nothing. Theyve discredited my analysis because of this idiot stock thing. The

ships cook, Sudets , I think his name waswell, no sense in hiding it. I killed him. Im not especially proud of that, but it was either him or me. For what its worth, he was a very courageous young man, Jack said, remembering the ten horrible minutes in the submarines missile room. Your file on me doesnt say anything about operations, does it? But Jack cut him off again. It was not yet the time for finesse. They had to jolt him, had to jolt him hard. Mr. Gerasimov, there are some things we want from you. Rubbish. ray ban 4039 Our conversation is ended. But Gerasimov didnt rise, and this time Ryan made him wait for a few beats. We want Colonel Filitov back. Your official report to the Politburo on Red October stated that the submarine was positively destroyed, and that a defection had probably ray ban 4039 never been

open ray ban 4039 conflict between KGB and CIA officers, something that almost never happened, even in third-world countries, where it usually involved surrogates killing other surrogates, and for the most part never knowing whyand even that was rare enough. The business of intelligence services was to gather information. Violence, both sides tacitly agreed, got in the way of the real mission. But if both sides began killing the strategic assets of their opponents . . . You should have refused the order, she said after a moment. Certainly, Bob observed. I understand that the Kolymacamps are lovely this time of year, all glistening white with their blanket of snow. The odd thingat least it would seem so to a Westernerwas tha ray ban 4039 t neither officer bothered considering surrendering with a request of political

three hours to close in. Closer to four, I think. I dont like those guard towers, the Major noted. Both men shivered with the cold. The wind had picked up, and they no longer were sheltered from it by the bulk of the mountain. It would be a difficult night for all of the men. One or two machine guns in each of them. They can s ray ban 4039 weep us off the mountainside as we make the final assault. No searchlights, the Archer noted. Then theyll be using night-vision devices. Ive used them myself. How good ray ban 4039 ? Their range is limited because of the way they work. They can see large things, like trucks, out to this distance. A man on a broken background like this one . . . perhaps three thousand meters. Far enough for their purposes, my friend. The towers must go first. Use the mortars on them. No. The Archer