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there she developed the film and made her copies; not quite the same way Foley did, but close en ray ban 3025 sizes ough not to matter. In this case she had photographs of actual government documents. She placed the developed film in a small projector and focused the frame on the white paint of her bedroom wall. Bisyarina had a technical education, one of the reasons for her current assignment, ray ban 3025 sizes and knew a little about how to evaluate what shed just received. She was sure it would make her seniors happy. The next morning she made her drop, and the photographs traveled across the border intoMexicoon a tractor-trailer rig belonging to a long-haul concern based inAustin. It was delivering oil-drilling machinery. By the end of the day the photos would be in the Soviet Embassy inMexico City. The day after that,

the next stop anyway. Hed done nothing unusual, nothing that didnt appear normal. He would say that hed found this funny ray ban 3025 sizes little thing with the was it film, Comrade?stuff pulled out on the floor of the train, an ray ban 3025 sizes d thought it merely trash to be disposed of. In his pocket, the man was trying to pull the film out of the cassette. Whoever took it always left a few millimeters out so that you could yank all of itor so theyd told him. But the cassette was slippery and he couldnt quite get a grip on the exposed end. The train stopped again and the courier moved out. He didnt know who was trailing him. He knew nothing other than that hed gotten his wave-off signal, and that signal also told him to destroy what he had in the prescribed waybut hed never had to do it before. He tried not to look around,

kilometers every morning, and some additional men have been assigned to this case also ray ban 3025 sizes . The only information we have at present is a clean recordin ray ban 3025 sizes deed, an exemplary oneand a goodly portion of ambition. He is now the official Ministry representative to Bright Star, and as you see from the diary pages, an enthusiastic supporter of the project. Your feeling for the man? The Chairmans questions were delivered in a curt but not menacing voice. He was a busy man who guarded his time. So far, nothing that would lead us to suspect anything. He was decorated for service in Afghanistan; he took command of a Spetznaz group that was ambushed and fought off a determined bandit attack. While at this Bright Star place, he upbraided the KGB guard force for laxness, but his formal report to the Ministry

doesnt have good sound-isolation. Mancuso came into the compartment. Dallaswas a first-flight 688, and didnt have direct access from the control room to sonar as the later ones did. Instead, you had to come forward and step around a hole in the deck that led below. Probably the overhaul would change that. The Captain waved his coffee mug at the screen. Wheres the Krivak? Right here, bearing still constant. We have good water around us. Hes probably a good ways off. The skipper smiled. Jones was always trying to guess range. The hell of it was that in the two years that Mancuso had had him aboard as a member of the crew hed been right more often than not. Aft in the co ray ban 3025 sizes ntrol roo ray ban 3025 sizes m, the fire-control tracking party was plotting the position of the target against Dallas known track to determine

that it should result from being too effective than not effective enough. Alexandrov dismissed the subject with a wave of the hand. I spoke to Vaneyev last night. And? He is ours. He cannot bear the thought of that darling slut of a daughter in a labor campor worse. I explaine ray ban 3025 sizes d what is required of him. It was very easy. Once you have the confession from the Filitov bastard, we will do everything at the same time. Better to accompl ray ban 3025 sizes ish everything at once. The academician nodded to reinforce his words. He was the expert on political maneuvering. I am troubled by possible reactions from the West . . . Gerasimov noted cautiously. The old fox smiled into his tea. Narmonov will have a heart attack. He is of the proper age. Not a fatal one, of course, but enough to make him step aside. We will

that someone would notice them, and if they were noticed . . . There was little need to speculate about that. All he had to do was raise his head to watch the armored vehicles motoring along the Dangara road. There was at least a battalion stationed around here, possibly a whole regiment ray ban 3025 sizes of motor-rifle ray ban 3025 sizes troops who constantly patrolled the roads and tracks. His force was large and formidable by mudjaheddin standards, but against Russians in regimental force on their own land, only Allah Himself could save them. And perhaps not even Him? the Archer wondered, then chastised himself for the unspoken blasphemy. His son was not far away, probably less than the distance theyd traveled to be herebut where? A place he would never find. The Archer was certain of that. Hed given up hope long ago. His

locked up before beginning these sessions. The meeting officially adjourned when Allen finished his discourse, which had just been delivered for the third time, today. The usual courtesies were exchanged. Ryan shook hands with his Soviet counterpart. ray ban 3025 sizes In doing so, he passed over a note, as hed been taught to do atLangley. Golovko gave no reaction at all, which earned him a friendly nod at the conclusion of the handshake. Jack had no particular choice. He had to continue with the plan. He knew that hed learn in the next few days just how much of a high-roller Gerasimov was. For him to run the risk of the CIA disclosures, especially with the threat of a few ray ban 3025 sizes even more spectacular than Jack had promised . . . But Ryan could not admire the man. His view was that Gerasimov was the chief thug in

secrets, this is madness. Mikhail Petrovich, we have been through this, General Secretary Narmonov said patiently. Further discussion? He looked around the table. Heads nodded. The General Secretary checked off the item on his Page 356 note pad. He waved to the Foreign Minister.note pad. He waved to the Fore ray ban 3025 sizes ign Minister. The Foreign Minister whispered instruction to an aide, who left the room at once to call the chief negotiator. Next he leaned forward. That leaves only th ray ban 3025 sizes e question of which arms will be eliminatedthe hardest question of all, of course. That will require another sessiona long one. We are scheduled to have our summit in three months . . . Narmonov observed. Yes. It should be decided by then. Preliminary excursions into this question have not met any serious obstacles. And