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earth-orbit birds move across ray ban 3025 black the sky pretty fast; something like eight thousand meters per secon ray ban 3025 black dthere are fourteen hundred meters per degree of arc; so were tracking a target thats moving about five degrees per second. Okay so far? Thermal blooming means that the laser is giving up a lot of its energy to the atmosphere. If youre tracking across the sky rapidly, you keep having to drill a new hole in the air. But it takes time for the bloom to get real badand Page 86 that helps you. On the other hand, if youve got vibration problems, every time you change your aiming point, you add a new variable into your targeting geometry, and that makes things a lot worse. Shooting at a fairly stationary target, like a communications satellite, you simplify your aiming problem, but you keep shooting

up yet. So much the better. He increased the flow of water onto the firebricks and sat down to allow h ray ban 3025 black is pounding head to clear. Three others were scattered about the room. He recognized two of them, but they werent acquaintances, and none seemed in the mood to talk. That was fine with Misha. The mere act of moving his jaw hurt, and the aspirin were slow today. The air was much cooler in the robing room, but he saw that the other man hadnt left yet. He was talking to the attendant about something or other. Misha waited patiently for the attendant to notice him, which he did. The young man came over, and the Colonel took a few steps to meet ray ban 3025 black him. Misha stumbled on a loose tile and nearly fell. His good arm went forward. The attendant caught him, or nearly did. The birch sticks fell to the

clouds of vapor. The man in charge of this part of the case decided that half a dozen Two officers would be needed just to shadow the subject for his morning runs. And theyd have to be he ray ban 3025 black re an hour earlier than he was expected to run, enduring the dry, bitt ray ban 3025 black er cold of theMoscowdawn. People from the Second Chief Directorate never considered themselves fully appreciated for the hardships of their job. Several kilometers away, another team of three was quite satisfied with their subject. In this case, an eighth-floor apartment in the building opposite the subjects was obtainedthe diplomat who lived there was abroad. A pair of telephoto lenses was focused on Mishas windows, and he was not a man who troubled to lower his shades or even to adjust them properly. They watched him go through the

least here a man could find a time for amusement and rest. He watched one of his riflemen helping his firstborn to walk. The baby could not do it alone, but with each tottering step he looked up at the smiling, breaded face of a father hed seen only twice since birth. The new chief of the band remembered doing the same for his son . . . now being taught to walk a very different path . . . There was no warningnone at all. The Archers head snapped around as he heard the crackling sound of exploding cannon s ray ban 3025 black hells, then he saw the dart-shapes of the Fencers, barely a hundred meters high. He hadnt yet reached for his rifle w ray ban 3025 black hen he watched the bombs falling free of the ejector racks. The black shapes wobbled slightly before the fins stabilized them, their noses tipping down in slow motion. The

heard the same story, then the scene withTrent. Was it really possible . . . ? A leak high up in KG ray ban 3025 black B, Platonov thought. There was a protocol, of course, for getting important data directly to the Chairman. The KGB allowed for any possibility. Once that message was sent, it would have to be followed up. Just the hint that CIA had an agent high in the KGB hierarchy . . . But that was only one consideration. Once we set the hook, we will own Dr. Ryan. Perhaps he is foolish enough to thi ray ban 3025 black nk that a one-time exchange of information for services is possible, that he will never again . . . more likely that he is so desperate that he does not care at the moment. What kind of information might we get from him? Special assistant to the Deputy Director for Intelligence! Ryan must see nearly everything!

itself, Gregory said. We can even try doing shoot-look-shoot instead of shoot-shoot-took and still save time on the back end. People! he jumped to his feet we have done it!The software is in the fuckin can! Four months sooner than promised! And that increases the Pk thirty percent all by itself, Gregory said. We can even try doing shoot-look-shoo ray ban 3025 black t instead of shoot- ray ban 3025 black shoot-took and still save time on the back end. People! he jumped to his feet we have done it!The software is in the fuckin can! Four months sooner than promised! Okay, you laser pukes! someone called. Get your act together and build us a death ray! The gunsight is finished! Be nice to the laser pukes. Gregory laughed. I work with them too. Outside the room, Beatrice Taussig was merely walking past the door on her way to an admin

search-and-rescue drillswhich explained the abnormal helicopter activity. People at Project Tea Clipper were briefed on what had happened and told to ray ban 3025 black keep this secret as close as all of the others. Gregory had been theWashingtonguest of men more important than Ryan. The Presidents first appointme ray ban 3025 black nt of the morning was with General Bill Parks, FBI Director Emil Jacobs, and Judge Moore. Well? the President asked Jacobs. These things take time. Ive got some of our best investigative minds out there, Mr. President, but looking over their shoulder only slows things down. Bill, the President asked next, how important is the boy? Hes priceless, Parks answered simply. Hes one of my top three men, sir. People like that cannot be replaced very easily. The President took this information seriously.

present kept to themselves. An attendant took their hats and coats while another walked them to a couch ray ban 3025 black , where a third asked if they wanted anything to eat or drink. Both ordered coffee and nothing more. The lounge staff eyed their clothing with envy. The cloak-room attendant ran her hands over the silky texture of their furs, and it struck her that her ancestors might have looked upon the czarist nobility with the same degree of envy that she felt toward these two. They sat in regal isolation, with only the distant company of their bodyguards as they sipped at their coffee and ga ray ban 3025 black zed out the plate-glass windows at the parked airliners. She wondered what was wrong, knowing only that it was gravely serious. Her husband had told her to be at a specific place at a specific time, to ask no