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colossal leap forward in laser power. The rest would come in good time, Bondar polarized ray ban sunglasses enko told himself. It always did. So it appears that your main problem is computer control, both of your magnetic flux field and the mirror array. Correct, Colonel. Pokryshkin nodded agreement. And we need some additional funding and support to correct these difficulties. You must tell them inMoscowthat the most important work has already been done, and proven to work. Comrade G polarized ray ban sunglasses eneral, you have won me over. No, Comrade Colonel. You merely have the intelligence to perceive the truth . Both men had a good laugh as they shook hands. Bondarenko couldnt wait for the flight back toMoscow. The time had long passed when a Soviet officer needed to fear at the delivery of bad news, but the delivery of good news was always

assignment as a CIA agenta Soviet national working for the American intelligence agencyworked very much to his personal fiscal benefit. The under-the-counter marketing of alcohol paid him in certificate rubles that could be used to buy Western goods and premium foodstuffs at the hard-currency stores. He balanced that against the tension of his assignment as he washed the machine oil off his hands. Hed been part of this line of cutouts for six months, and though he didnt know it, his polarized ray ban sunglasses work along this line would soon be ended. Hed still be used to pass along information, but not for CARDINAL. Soon thereafter the man at the baths would seek another job, and this link of nameless agents would be dissolvedand untraceable even to the relentless co polarized ray ban sunglasses unterintelligence officers of the KGBs Second

look of irritation in the agents eyes, but nothing more than that, not even a Please excuse me, Comrade, as the officer continued toward the elevators. Foley walked straight into the fire stairs. He took his time going down. Page 160 Colonel Filitov emerged from the building at the appointed time. The sergeant holding the door of his car noted that his mouth was working on something, perhaps a crumb of bread caught between his teeth. Colonel Filitov emerged from the building at the appointed time. The se polarized ray ban sunglasses rgeant holding the door of his car noted that his mouth was working on something, perhaps a crumb of bread caught between his teeth. Wheres Zhdanov? Filitov asked as polarized ray ban sunglasses he got in. He took ill. An appendix, they think. This drew a grunt. Well, move off. I want to take steam this morning. Foley

didnt bother voicing their view of things. Hed been here too long to be objective about such matters. Only a few rifles. The rest is outside the camp already. Ortiz had no more to say. Hed run out of comforting observations. His nightmare was that his operation to support the Afghans was having the same eff polarized ray ban sunglasses ect as earlier attempts to aid the Hmong people ofLaos. Theyd fought bravely against their Vietnamese enemies, only to be virtually exterminated despite all their Western assistance. The CIA officer told himself that this situation was different, and, objectively, he thought that this was true. But it tore at what was left of his soul to watch these people leave the camp, armed to the teeth, and then to count the number that returned. WasAmericareally helping polarized ray ban sunglasses the Afghans to redeem their

the front of the lead truck. He wondered to himself why he trusted the de polarized ray ban sunglasses fected Major so fully, but decided that this was not a good time for that particular worry. The battalion commander came out of his bunker, his mouth working on some food as he watched the soldiers jump out of the trucks. He was waiting for the unit commander, and showed some annoyance as the side door on the BMP opened slowly, and a man in an officers uniform appeared. Who the devil are you? Allahu akhbar! the Major screamed. His rifle cut down the questioner. The heavy machine guns on the infantry carriers ripped into the mass of men eating theirn polarized ray ban sunglasses oonmeal while the Archers men raced to the half-manned bunkers. It took ten minutes before all resistance ceased, but there was never a chance for the defenders, not with

overheadall makes for difficult sonar conditions. Thats good to hear, Mancuso thought. His ship was in an increased state of readiness. The sonar equipment was fully manned and would remain so indefinitely. He could get Dallasmoving in a matter of two minutes, and that should be ample, he thought. Gerasimov was thinking, too. He was alone in his office. A man who controlled his emotions even more than most Russians, his face displayed nothing out of the way, even though there was no one else in the room to notice. In most people that would have polarized ray ban sunglasses been remarkable, for few can contemplate their own destruction with objectivity. The Chairman of the Comm polarized ray ban sunglasses ittee for State Security assessed his position as thoroughly and dispassionately as he examined any aspect of his official duties. Red October.

Parks turned to the President next. Sir, even if the Russians dont get Gregory, if we lose him, they win. It might be years before we can replace him. I submit, sir, that Mr. Jacobs people are trained to deal with criminals, not folks like this, and not for this situation. Mr. President, I recommend that you call in the Delta Page 313 Force polarized ray ban sunglasses fromFortBragg.Force fromFortBragg. They have the right kind of training, the General said. The President was quiet for another minute. Emil, how good are your people at following orders? They will do what you say, sir. But it will have to be your order, in writing. Can you get me in touch with them? Yes, Mr. President. Jacobs picked up the phone and routed a ca polarized ray ban sunglasses ll through his own office in theHoover Building. Along the way it was scrambled. Agent Werner,

pivoted on his heels, and le polarized ray ban sunglasses ft. He found Gol polarized ray ban sunglasses ovko in the anteroom. The two knew each other casually. Theyd been a year apart at theKGBAcademy, and their careers had advanced at roughly the same rate. Colonel Golovko, the Chairmans secretary said. The Chairman must leave now, and suggests that you return tomorrow morning at ten. But Hes leaving now, the secretary said. Very well, Golovko replied and stood. He and Vatutin left the room together. The Chairman is busy, Vatutin observed on the way out. Page 352 Arent we all? the other man replied after the door closed. I thought he wanted this. I arrived here at four to write this goddamned report! Well, I think Ill have some breakfast. How go things in Two, Klementi Vladimirovich? Arent we all? the other man replied after the door closed. I