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Rocket Force Headquarters. Strategic Rocket Force have regiment of old rockets on alert for this. They were ready to shoot back three minutes after detecting my missile on radar. He stopped for pink ray ban eyeglasses a moment. You not have this inAmerica? No, not that I know of. But our new missiles fire from much farther away. Is true, but still good thing for Soviets, you see. How reliable is the system? Page 66 That drew a shrug. Not very. Problem is how alert the people are. In time ofhow you say?time of crisis, yes? In time of crisis, everyone is alert, and system may work some of time. But every time system works, many, pink ray ban eyeglasses many bombs do not explode inSoviet Union. Even one could save hundred thousand citizens. This is important to Soviet leadership. Hundred thousand more slaves to have after war end, he added

countered more easily than the Soviet one, and the strategic situation for which the Soviets had worked thirty years would remain in place. The Soviet government would have the best of both worlds, a far larger force of accurate missiles wit pink ray ban eyeglasses h which to eliminate American warheads, and a shield to kill most of the retaliatory strike against their reserve missile fieldsand the American sea-based systems could be neutralized by elimination of their GPS navigation satellites, without which they could still kill cities, but the ability to attack missile silos would be irretrievably gone. The scenario Colonel Mikhail Semyonovich Filitov envisaged was the standard Soviet case study. Some crisis erupted theM pink ray ban eyeglasses iddle Eastwas the favorite, since nobody could predict what would happen there, and

look for evidence of it. Within half an hour, twenty photographs were developed and were shown to the prisoner, who identified her positively. Page 138 The procedure after that was more cautious. A building guar pink ray ban eyeglasses d gave pink ray ban eyeglasses her name to a KGB officer who admonished him not to discuss the inquiry with anyone. With her name, a full identity was established by lunchtime, and the interrogator, who was now running all aspects of the case, was appalled to learn that Svetlana Vaneyeva was the child of a senior Central Committee member. That would be a complication. Quickly, the Colonel assembled another collection of photographs and reexamined his prisoner, but yet again he selected the right woman from a collection of six. The family member of a Central Committee man was not someone tobut they had

senior folks. SDIOs security chief was a Navy captain who customarily wore civilian clothes. More likely, the person were looking for is out West. What about internal security on the project documents? Wexton a pink ray ban eyeglasses sked. You mean canary traps? What the hell is that? General Parks asked. All these papers are done on word processors. Yo pink ray ban eyeglasses u use the machine to make subtle alterations in each copy of the important papers. That way you can track every one, and identify the precise one thats being leaked to the other side, the Captain explained. We havent done much of that. Its too time-intensive. CIA has a computer subroutine that does it automatically. They call it Spookscribe , or something like that. Its closely held, but you should be able to get it if you ask. Nice of em to tell us about it, Parks

didnt exist. It was the smartest course for both. Where is my man! Yazov demanded. He is in Lefortovo Prison, of course, Gerasimov answered. I want to see him. At once. The Defense Minister hadnt even paused to take off his cap, standing there in his calf-length greatcoat, his cheeks still pink from the chilly February airor p pink ray ban eyeglasses erhaps with anger, Gerasimov thought pink ray ban eyeglasses . Maybe even with fear . . . This is not a place to make demands, Dmitri Timofeyevich. I, too, am a Politburo member. I, too, sit on the Defense Council. And it may be that you are implicated in this investigation. Gerasimovs fingers played with a file on the desktop. That changed Yazovs complexion. He went pale, definitely not from fear. Gerasimov was surprised that the soldier didnt lose control, but the Marshal made a supreme

Chairman, Yazov said warily. Both men took their seats. Yazov had more than one reason to be wary. In addition to the fact that Filitov was hanging over his head like a sword out of myth, he was not a full voting member of the supreme Soviet council. Gerasimov was. That gave KGB more political power than Defense, but the only times in pink ray ban eyeglasses recent history that the Defense Minister had had a vote in this room, hed been a Party man firstlikeUstinovhad been. Yazov was a soldier first. A loyal Party member for all that, his uniform was pink ray ban eyeglasses not the costume it had been forUstinov. Yazov would never have a vote at this table. Andrey Ilych Narmonov came into the room with his usual vigor. Of all the Politburo members, only the KGB Chairman was younger than he, and Narmonov felt the need to show bustling

seemingly led nowhere pink ray ban eyeglasses . He switched off the cars lights and coasted up to it, careful to keep his foot off the brake lest his taillights betray him in the trees. Over the first small ridge, the road dropped and curved to the right. There was the Volvo. Next to it was a figure. This was always the tense part. He was making contact with a fellow KGB officer, but he knew of cases where things hadnt gone quite right. He se pink ray ban eyeglasses t the parking brake and got out. Lost? the womans voice asked. Im looking forMountain View, he replied. Thats on the other side of town, she said. Oh, I must have taken the wrong exit. He could see her relax when he completed the sequence. Page 292 Tania Bisyarina. Call me Ann. Tania Bisyarina. Call me Ann. Tired? Weve been driving since dawn yesterday, LeonidBob answered. You

the crates, one of the assault team said. One out pink ray ban eyeglasses side, one with the hostage . . . sounds good to me, Gus. Attention, this is Werner. Were moving. Everybody stand by. He gestured to the helicopter pilot, who began the engine-start sequence. The HRT leader made his own mental check while his men boarded the helicopter. If the Russians tried to drive him away, his men could try to take them on the move, but that kind of van had windows only for the driver and passenger . . . that meant that two or three of them would be out of sight . . . and perhaps able to kill the pink ray ban eyeglasses hostage before his men could prevent it. His first instinct was right: They had to go now. The teams Chevy Suburban with four men pulled onto the main road leading to the site. Paulson flipped the safety off his rifle, and Marty