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office box in Novosibiirskover a thousand miles away. The Captain didnt have to say that their mail would be read by the base security officers. Morozov made a mental note not to seal his envelopes. His family might be worried if they saw that his letters were being new ray ban glasses opened and resealed. Besides, he new ray ban glasses had nothing to hide. His security clearance for this posting had taken a mere four months. The KGB officers inMoscowwhod done the background check had found his background beyond reproach, and even the six interviews that hed gone through had ended on a friendly note. Boris Filipovich Morozov got off the bus an hour after sunset. He and fourteen other young engineers and technicians recently assigned to Bright Starthough he didnt even know the project name yethad been met at theDushanbeairport

feared the West. Ever since Lenin had assumed control ofand renamedtheSoviet Union, the communist government had invested billions in spying on the West. As with all intelligence functions, its prime purpose was new ray ban glasses to predict what the West would and could do. But despite countless tactical successes, the fundamental problem remained: Time and again the Soviet government had gravely misread Western actions and intentions; and in a nuclear age unpredictability could mean that an unbalanced American leaderand, to a lesser extent, English or Frenchcould even spell the end of the Soviet Union and the postponement of World Socialism for generations. To a Russian, the former was more grave, since no ethnic Russian wanted new ray ban glasses to see the world brought to Socialism under Chinese leadership. The Western

those feelings became yours to use. We begin again. The woman you meet on the trainwho is she? I do not know her name. She i new ray ban glasses s over thirty, but young for her age. Fair hair, slim and pretty. She is always dressed well, like a foreigner, but she is not a foreigner. Dressed like a foreignerhow? Her coat is usually Western. You can tell from the cut and the cloth. She is pretty, as I have said, and she Go on, the interrogator said. The signal new ray ban glasses is that I put my hand on her rump. She likes it, I think. Often she presses back against my hand. The interrogator hadnt heard that detail before, but he immediately deemed it the truth. Details like that one were never made up, and it fitted the profile. The female contact was an adventuress. She was not a true professional, not if she reacted like that.

snow cover complicate matters. Not to mention the state of the remains , he didnt add. Vatutin turned back to his principal assistant. Any who were away from quarters, I want to k new ray ban glasses now who, where, when, and why. Step up surveillance of all the foreigners? the man wondered aloud. Ill have to go to the Chairman for that, but Im thinking about it. I want you to speak to the chief Militia investigator. This is to be classified most-secret. We dont need a mob of fumbling policemen messing this affair up. Understood, Comrade Colonel. Theyd only be interested in recovering the auto parts anyway, the man noted sourly. This perestroika business is turning everyone into a capitalist! Vatutin walked over to the new ray ban glasses locomotive driver. Its cold, isnt it? The message was received. Yes, Comrade. Perhaps youd

Ritter observed. Sir Basil thinks Ger new ray ban glasses asimov wants to make a move on the top spot. He could new ray ban glasses conceivably use this toward that end, Ryan said coolly, but I think Narmonov has too much political clout now that he has that fourth man on the Politburo. He can, therefore, choose to go forward toward the agreement and show the Party how strong he is by moving forward for peace, or if he senses more political vulnerability than I see in the picture, he can consolidate his hold on the Party by trashing us as the incorrigible enemies of Socialism. If theres a way to put a probability assessment on that choice thats anything more than a wild-ass guess, I havent seen it yet. Get to work on it, Judge Moore ordered. The Presidentll want something hard enough to grab hold of before Ernie Allen starts

you know better. But they wouldnt let me say this unless everybody figured that you paid some back, Mr. Henderson. Cant you call me Peter, just once? he asked. My father was the twenty-ninth pilot shot down overNorth Vietnam. They got him alivethere were pictures of him, alivebut he never came out. I didnt know. She spoke as evenly as though discussing the weather. You didnt know a lot of things, Mr. Henderson. They wont let me fly airplanes like Daddy did, but in the Bureau I make life as hard on the bastards as I can. They let me do that. I just new ray ban glasses hope that it hurts em like theyve hurt me. She smiled again. Thats not very professional, is it? Im sorry. Im afraid I dont know what else to say. Sure y new ray ban glasses ou do. Youll tell your contact what I told you to say. She tossed him a miniature tape

three spoke perfect American English, with a p new ray ban glasses rairie twang to coincide with their identification papersthats how they all thought of their drivers licenses and Social Security cards, even though they Page 290 could hardly be called proper papers. The odd thing was that he likedAmerica, especially the easy availability of inexpensive, wholesome food. Hed stop at a fast-food place on the w new ray ban glasses ay toSanta Fe, preferably a Burger King, where hed indulge his love for a charcoal-cooked hamburger served with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise. That was one of the things Soviets found most amazing aboutAmerica, the way anyone could get food without standing in a block-long line. And it was usually good food. How could Americans be so good at difficult tasks like food production and distribution, he

the human psyche quails before the reality of unnecessary death and punishes the survivor for being alive when his victim is not. That was one price of progress, Paulson thought. It hadnt always been so, and with criminals in most cases it still wasnt. That was the difference between one community and the other. But what community did his target belong to? Criminal? No, theyd be trained professionals, patriots after the fashion of their society. People doing a job. Just like me. Checkpoint One, he said into his radio. Roger, Werner answered from three miles away. Any problems? Negative. Ready to move over the first ridge. Should have the objective in sight in fifteen minutes. Roger. Move in. Okay. Out. Paulson and his team formed new ray ban glasses line abreast to get new ray ban glasses to the first ridge. It was a small one,