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has to do with arms-control agreements or some such nonsense. For the moment, they tell us, it is enough that they feed us coordinates of our targets via land-line. We do not have to acquire them ourselves. Rubbish! he concluded. Morozov leaned back in his chair to look around. On the other side of the room, the laser-control team were shuffling about busily, with a flock of uniformed soldiers behind them whispering to themse lenscrafter ray ban lves. Next he checked the clock lenscrafter ray ban sixty-three minutes until the test began. One by one, the technicians were drifting off to Page 75 the rest room. He didnt feel the need, nor did the section chief, who finally pronounced himself satisfied with his systems, and placed everything on standby.the rest room. He didnt feel the need, nor did the section chief, who finally

terms. Compared to the electrical power that this country uses to cook food, the amount needed for a laser defense system is negligible. The trick is making it really work. We havent done that yet. Power efficiency, sir. The actual lasing occurs in a stream of free electronsthat means theyre not attached to atoms like they usually are, sirin a vacuum. You use a linear accelerator to produce a stream of the electrons and shoot them into the cavity, which has a low-energy laser shining along its axis. The idea is that you can use electromagnets to oscillate the electrons crosswise to their path. W lenscrafter ray ban hat you get is a beam of light coincident with the oscillati lenscrafter ray ban on frequency of the wiggler magnetsthat means you can tune it, sir, like a radio. By altering the energy of the beam, you can select the

tried to fight against it, but something drew her back into the body that was soon to be extinguished lenscrafter ray ban . She got there just in time. As she told her limbs to swim faster, it came up from behind. The jaws opened and enveloped her entire body, then closed slowly around her. The last thing she saw was the light toward which shed been swimmingthe light, she finally knew, that was never there. She k lenscrafter ray ban new her protest was a vain one, but it exploded from her lips. No! She didnt hear it, of course. She returned now, condemned to go back to her useless real body, back to the gray mass before her eyes and the limbs that could move only without purpose. She somehow understood that her imagination had tried to protect her, to get her freeand had failed utterly. But she couldnt turn her imagination off,

get noticed. So, Klementi Vladimirovich, you got yourself noticed all right. Now look where you are! Right in lenscrafter ray ban the middle of a power play between the KGB Chairman and the General Secretary himself. It was actua lenscrafter ray ban lly quite funny, he told himself. He knew it would be less so if Gerasimov miscalculatedbut the crowning irony of all was that if the KGB Chairman fell, then the liberal influences already put in place by Narmonov would protect Vatutin, who was, after all, merely doing the job assigned him by his duly appointed superiors. He didnt think that hed be imprisoned, much less shot, as had once been the case. His advancement would be at an end. Hed find himself demoted, running the KGB regional office at Omsk , or the least pleasant opening they could find, never again to return to Moscow

Something very odd is happening. You chaps had an Recently, Ill wager. Yep. Ryan shifted up as he took the turn off the airport road. Then lets see if you can still put two and two together, Sir John. Jack smiled as h lenscrafter ray ban e changed lanes to pass a truck. I was doing the intelligence estimate on the arms talks when I broke into it. Now Im supposed to be looking at Narmonovs political vulnerability. Unless Im wrong, thats why youve flown over. And unless Im very far off the mark, your op has triggered something very serious indeed. Vaneyev? Correct. Jesus. Ryan turned briefly. I hope you have some ideas, cause we sure as hell dont. He took the car to seventy-five. Fifteen minutes later he pulled intoLangley. They parked in the underground gar lenscrafter ray ban age and took the VIP elevator to the seventh floor.

even Uncle Ernie. I caught a few hours on the flight, and thank God for the pill they gave us. Ryan laughed. Yeah, me too. Might even feel human in time for dinner tonight. Feel l lenscrafter ray ban ike exploring? Id like to take a walk, but Travel in pairs. Ryan nodded. The rule applied only to the arms negotiators. This phase of negotiations Page 264 would be sensitive, and the rules for the team were much tighter than usual. Maybe later. I have some work to do. Today and tomorrows our only chance, the diplomat pointed out. I know, Ryan assured him. He checked his watch and decided that hed wait to eat until lunchtime. His sleep cycle was almost in synch withMoscow, but his stomach wasnt quite sure yet. Jack walked ba lenscrafter ray ban ck to the chancery. The corridors were mainly empty. Marines patrolled them, looking very

Northeastexcept on the interstates, where every Westerner felt the God-given right to race like a maniac. But he wasnt on the interstate, and on this four-lane highway the late rush-hour traffic moved placidly from light to light. He realized that his time estimate had been overly optimistic, but that didnt matter. Lenny would have no problem controlling their guest. It was quite dark, there were few streetlights, and theirs was just one more car driving home from work. Bisyarina was already five miles away, heading lenscrafter ray ban in the opposite direction. The inside of the car was worse than shed expected. A neat person, she was appalled to see that the young man had virtually covered the floor with plastic wrappers of some sort, and she wondered why the Chevy wasnt full of a lenscrafter ray ban nts. The very thought made

can ask for no more than that. It was time to build the man back up. Narmonov stood and walked around his desk to take his friends hand. Whatever they tell you, agree to it without reserv lenscrafter ray ban ation. When the time comes, you will show them what kind of man you are. As will you, Andrey. Narmonov walked him to the door. He had another five minutes till his next scheduled appointment. His day was full of economic matters, decisions that came to him because of indecisi lenscrafter ray ban on in men with ministerial rank, seeking him for his blessing as though from the village priest . . . As though I dont have troubles enough , the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union told himself. He spent his five minutes counting votes. It should have been easier for him than for his American counterpartin the