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plane and was agreeably surprised to find junior ray ban sunglasses an official car waiting for him. It was a Voyska PVO car. General Pokryshkin had called ahead. The working day was over, and the Colonel instructed the driver to take him home. Hed write up his report tomorrow and present it to Colonel Filitov and later, perhaps, brief the Minister himself. He asked himself over a glass of vodka whether Pokryshkin had handledhe didnt know the Western expression strokedhim enough to create a false impression. Not enough, he told himself. The General had done quite a job of selling both his program and himself, but this was not mere pokazhuka . They hadnt faked the test, and theyd been honest in detailing their problems. All they were asking for was what was really needed. No, Pokryshkin wa junior ray ban sunglasses s a man with a mission,

He was going bald, and the shroud of hair about his ears was grayhe was an old man! He had the cassette in a moment and sprang back to his feet. Old, but spry, she thought, catching the shape of his jaw. A strong profileyes, hed be junior ray ban sunglasses a good lover, and perhaps a patient one, the best kind of all. He scurried off the train, and she cleared her mind. Svetlana didnt notice that a man sitting on the left side of the car was up and moving, exiting the car against traffic a second before the doors closed again. His name was Boris, and he was a night-watch officer at KGB headquarters now on his way home t junior ray ban sunglasses o sleep. Ordinarily he read the sports newspaperknown originally as Sovietskiy Sport but today hed forgotten to get one at the kiosk in the headquarters building, and hed accidentally happened to

the way priorities were assigned at the Ministry. It was evident that both colonels were very enthusiastic about Bright Star, and Vatutin already agreed with them. But Minister Yazov, he read, was not yet sure. Complaining abou junior ray ban sunglasses t funding problemswell, that was an old story, wasnt it junior ray ban sunglasses ? It was clear that Filitov had violated security rules by having records of top-secret documents in his home. That was itself a matter sufficiently serious that any junior or middle-level bureaucrat would lose his job for it, but Filitov was as senior as the Minister himself, and Vatutin knew all too well that senior people regarded security rules as inconveniences to be ignored in the Interest of the State, of which they viewed themselves as the ultimate arbiters. He wondered if the same were true elsewhere. Of

He always wore his boots, they knew, which was unusual for Ministry officers. But so were the three gold stars on his uniform blouse. He stood before the bureau mirror, inspecting himself. The paper went into his briefcase, and Filitov walked out the door. The last noise they heard was the key setting the lock on the apartment door. The Major got on the phone. Subject is moving. Nothing un junior ray ban sunglasses usual this morning. Shadow team is in place. Very well, Vatutin replied and hung up. One of the cameramen adjusted his instrument to record Filitovs emergence from the building. junior ray ban sunglasses He took the salute from the driver, got into the car, and disappeared down the street. A completely unremarkable morning, they all agreed. They could afford to be patient now. The mountains to the west were sheathed in clouds, and

two weeks. We can deprive him of sleep. That takes time, more so since the elderly need less sleep than the young. He will gradually become disoriented and crack. Given what we have learned of this man, he will fight us with all of his couragethis is a brave man. But he is only a man. Two weeks, Vatutin said, knowing that ten more days ought to be sufficient. Better to deliver early. Very well. Gerasi junior ray ban sunglasses mov paused. It was time for encouragement. Comrade Colonel, objecti junior ray ban sunglasses vely speaking you have handled the investigation well, despite the disappointment at the final phase. It is unreasonable to expect perfection in all things, and the political complications are not of your making. If you provide what is required, you will be properly rewarded. Carry on. Thank you, Comrade Chairman. Gerasimov

So was Gerasimov. Hed play his own game, allying himself with Alexandrov to establish his ideological constituency, blackmailing Vaneyev and Yazov to betray their master. TheSoviet Unionis not a nation of gamblers. Its national strategy junior ray ban sunglasses has always been more reflective of the Russians national passion for chess, a series of careful, pre-plann junior ray ban sunglasses ed moves, never risking much, always protecting its position by seeking small, progressive advantages wherever possible. The Politburo had almost always moved in that way. The Politburo itself was largely composed of similar men. More than half were apparatchiks who had spoken the appropriate words, filled the necessary quotas, taking what advantages they could, and who had won advancement through a stolidness whose perfection they could display around

rel junior ray ban sunglasses ated projects had died mysteriously. So there was a precedent, wasnt there? If Al got back alive . . . well, that was that, wasnt it? She had to trust her controller to run things. Too late now. She turned her attention to her friend. Candi was staring blankly at the far wall. There was a picture there, a laser-print of the space shuttle lifting off fromCape Canaveral. Not a proper picture, but something Al had picked up for free from one contractor or another and decided to hang on the wa junior ray ban sunglasses ll. Beas thoughts returned to Candace. Her eyes were puffy from all the tears. You have to get some rest, Bea told her. Candace didnt even turn her head, hardly reacted at all, but Bea put her arm around her friends shoulder and lifted her from the couch. Come on. Candi rose as though in a dream, and

ministry because of his work on strategic arms. Who could it be? There were not many men whom the KGB was unable to suspectthat was hardly junior ray ban sunglasses a condition the agency encouragedand fewer still high in the Ministry of Defense, which the KGB is supposed to regard with the utmost suspicion. But . . . Filitov? Vatutin blanched, and made a mistake: Who told you? My God, he briefed me last year on intermediate arms. I heard he was sick. Youre not joking, are you? There is nothing the least bit amusing about this. I cannot say much, and it may not go beyond this junior ray ban sunglasses table, butyes, Filitov was working for . . . for someone outside our borders. Hes confessed, and the first phase of the interrogation is complete. But he knows everything! The arms-negotiation team should know of this. It alters the whole